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    Hi all; Over the years I've been good and terrible at this. Have a pen and pad available wherever u are to make notes and give yourself an outlet for the emotions of what you're thinking and hearing There is no crime in saying "hey, let me take a minute and call u back in 5 min." You can take a breath and weigh your options then call them in under 5 min. Don't dilly dally it's got to be quick. What do u think? Janicr
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    Hi Janice, nice topic! This reminds me about a very important moment in my professional life: I was frustrated because I did´t got what I expected to be paid .Normally I was sitting with my clients in a meeting room, discussing the job and then give a approx. quote before leaving the round table. Often I did´t asked enough because it was a interesting job and I was exited about it. I wanted to change my behavior, because I knew it´s me and not the clients wallet who was responsible for my "underpaid feeling" (I was often working as a freelancer in advertising for big companies). I spoke to a good friend about it. He is in psychology. He told me the next time I should leave the meeting room without giving a quote and tell them I' ll phone them the next day. It took me all my courage to do so, but I did. My client was a bit shocked, he said I should be professional enough to give him a quote straight away...I was tempted, had a budget in my head, but I kept myself back....before I left the meeting room my client turned too me and told me about the budget he thinks to spend for the job to be done . I still resisted to give him a answer. The next day I told him that I would gladly accept his offer....Well, I should add, the budget in my clients head was exact the double from mine! Now, I always wait a bit before I give my quote.

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