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  1. Damn that sucks. Do these storage companies assume any financial liability for break-ins? Do they sell you insurance like the car rental companies do?
  2. Thanks for sharing that. Walter and Jen have been great in any dealings I have had with them.
  3. Would you consider selling 1 of the all in one headsets with battery?
  4. Not sure how this would work without a stabilized head. Think it would induce more movement, unless maybe you added a Wave.
  5. Did you ever sell the NB arm?

  6. Just curious about this: The Titon batteries are designed to handle a 10 amp load. What were the Dionic 90's designed to handle?
  7. Used Bolt 2000 kit for sale. Just serviced at Teradek. $5500. Reasonable offers accepted. email me @ doc6598@gmail.com if interested Includes: 1 Bolt 2000 Transmitter with 2 Standard Antennae 1Bolt 2000 Receiver (2nd Gen) with AB Battery Cage and 5 Antennae 1 Bolt Sidekick Receiver Various Power cables, AC Power Supplies, BNC Cables, Case, Extra High Gain Transmitter antennae, Receiver baby pin mount. I have more photos but I can't seem to load them here.
  8. Great, Jerry! Is it possible to make a shorter gimbal handle? I hold the handle at the curve which makes it difficult to reach the tilt lock button with my index finger in mid-shot without releasing my grip and influencing the frame. My PRO handle was much shorter.
  9. Sorry I misunderstood your problem. Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Clearly the Volt is not designed to sustain the forces present below the Equator.;-)
  10. I believe it comes with some spare double-sided adhesive strips in the box.
  11. Check your low-mode bracket. The hole in the handle made specifically for PRO sized posts is stupidly 90 degrees off from where the holes are drilled in the PRO arm posts and PRO gimbal handles.This is where you might place a retention pin to keep the arm post in place if turned upside down.
  12. Ebay or if you can wait for 10 days I think I have one at home.
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