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  1. Hugo is brilliant. Helped me out massively back in the day. Hope he's reading this and is very well. Best, Rich.
  2. I'd imagine it's all techno and dolly.
  3. It's not an actual "Steadicam" arm. It looks to possibly be home made or some obscure ebay unit. Don't be fooled by the sticker that someone has put on it. I can't imagine you will find out much information. Best save up a bit more and put it into something that will retain some value and be tried and tested. I'd stay well clear. Good luck. Rich.
  4. I've had 4 blues in my arm for years. Pop 2 black in very rarely, occasionally for an AR job. I tend to be very anal about building very light camera setups tho. It's nice to have the springs working at their upper weight limit too. Rich.
  5. Optical Support make one too. Their version removes the slight upward tilt in the docking fork which the others don't. This allows you to pan flat. With the others you pan the rig in the fork and the frame goes off level. Rich.
  6. A Navtech would be your best bet. I still have mine kicking around, just incase! Let me know if you want to work out a rental thing. R x
  7. Contact Ash or Dean at MK-V directly. They will be sure to sort you out with something. They have various old stock kicking about. I'm sure they could sort you out with something and make it work. Best, Rich.
  8. I've realised the first one is a "Steadyrig" gimbal from Australia. Neither of these are made anymore. Rich.
  9. Second one is a "Pro Gear" gimbal (essentially a copy in part of the PRO gimbal) I can't imagine the company still exists, people had lots of issues (about 10 years ago) First one is on the tip of my tongue, but it escapes me at the moment. Good luck. Rich
  10. I think Optical Support have changed them to dual hdsdi on the cinema electronics before. R
  11. I use one to attach my RX to the Paralinx Array. Works great.
  12. I had issues with my XCS / PRO interface too. Rotating it 180 magically fixed it. I do wrap the threads in PTFE tape and also poked a couple of tiny bits into the holes where the 3 mating pins insert, and it's all solid now. I don't take it apart ever, I fear it won't go back as nice... Never got to the bottom of it. Tolerances between different manufacturers. Check every so often everything is very tight with the post tool and a plastic hammer. R
  13. That aside, the Cinetronic was fairly waterproof. I don't even use covers on my Transvideo now, just a bit of tape over the buttons.
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