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  1. SMARTCAM LITE -- Steadicam Vest made in Italy. I bought this vest for my back-up rig. I've used this about 10 times in total. It's a great starter / back-up vest. $1500.00 USD (shipping is $50.00 anywhere in Mainland US) Contact: glund88@gmail.com Greg Smartcam Vest Lite Manual.pdf
  2. This was sold.  Thank you

  3. Thank you for everyone's interest. This was sold.
  4. GPI PRO Vest - My size is 6', 190 lbs, 42" chest, waist 34". The vest is in Good Condition It comes with a larger bottom pad sized for 38" waist $ 4000.00 plus $50.00 shipping to US destinations Greg glund88@gmail.com
  5. Kenyon KS-6 Steadicam Kit. Comes with brackets for MK-V sled. 2- KS-6 Gyros, 2 Bracket assembly for MK-V Sled, Inverter w/Cables, Cables to power using MK-V Sled, 3/8" Screw attachment Brackets for "any" camera use, Pelican Case, Instructions Both gyros are in excellent condition. $4000.00 plus $50.00 shipping - US destinations Greg - glund88@gmail.com
  6. Back on FOR SALE. (pending sale cancelled) I've added tow other items to the package. 1 - ARRI CCP-1 Mini Remote Display with bracket and 3 cables 1 - Weather/Rain Cover (never Used) ARRI MINI Package is -- $46,000.00 (plus shipping - 3 cases)
  7. ARRI MINI Camera Body Package with extensive Arri Accessories and 3 Custom Travel Cases Package Details: ARRI Mini Body (S/N 21881) - 1756 Hours ARRI EXTENDED WARRANTY (Through 7/25/2022) for both Body And EVF Viewfinder MINI Licenses - 4:3 License Key, ARRI/RAW License Key, MINI LOOK Library License Key ARRI EVF Alexa Mini Viewfinder (S/N 7871) LICENSE FEATURES: ARRI PL Mount-LDS-LB-Titan-CPL ProRes 444XQ MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 2K Recording (2) Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL Custom 3D LUTS (2) Mini Baseplate MAP-32-CPL 100-200 FPS (2) Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 Log C Bridgeplate Adapter BPA-4 Look Import/Export Cage Top Handle CHT-1 ProRes 422 HQ (4) 15mm (17”) Support Rods Look CDL Editing (2) 15mm (5.5”) Support Rods Auto Tracking WB (3) 15mm (9.5”) Support Rods WiFi Remote Access (1) 15mm (5”) Support Rod Prerecording BAP-1 Battery Plate Alexa Mini 3.2K Recording CSP-1 Camera shoulder Pad 4K UHD Recording Leather Shoulder Pad Add-On 4:3 Sensor Mode KC-50 Amira Straight Power Cable ARRI/RAW Recording (3) Mini EVF Cables (2) Handgrip Extension, Long LBS-2 Lightweight Bridge Support (3) CFast 2.0 Card Media 128GB CFast 2.0 Card Reader (2) Rubber Hand Grips VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket BAP-2 Battery Adapter Plate “Solid Camera Power Solutions” Anton Bauer Battery Power Distribution Box (5) BNC Cables - Various sizes (2) Arri EXT - RS Cables Vocas Wood Handles, Left & Right Vocas 15mm Rod Clamp CSP-1 Low Shoulder Bracket Pelican 1040 Case for Media Reader Pelican Media MINI Case (3) Case Cruiser Custom Cut “Pelican Style” Travel Cases $ 44,500.00. USD. This MINI has been my personal camera used on my Steadicam almost exclusively. This has always been under ARRI Extended Warranty and serviced each year since 5/9/2016. It’s in excellent condition. CONTACT: Greg Lundsgaard. glund88@gmail.com (contact me for hi-res photos of the entire package)
  8. Boxx ATOM compact ZERO delay HD Wireless Transmitter & Receiver Package: 1 - Atom Transmitter - All formats up to 1080 60p 3G (current Firmware Updated) 1 - Atom Receiver with Anton Bauer Battery Bracket AC Adapter Boxx 5-way Panel Antenna w/ 5/8" baby female adapter 5 - rubber duck antenna for Receiver 3 - Flat Antenna for Transmitter 2 - Dome Antenna for Transmitter Various Power cables for both Transmitter & Receiver BNC Cables for Transmitter Custom Case for Transport Please go to the Boxx Atom website to see the specs. This has outshined the Teradek transmitters on the set. This has always been the consistent winner for reliability in connection, picture quality, and range. This is a winner! $ 6,000.00 USD shipping, free to the US addresses. Greg Lundsgaard glund88@gmail.com Atom-Information-Sheet.pdf
  9. ARRI LMB-25 2-Stage Matte Box includes: 1 - LMB-25 Basic Matte Box Set 2 - 4X5.650 / 4X4 Filter Trays 1 - Flag Holders Set Brackets 1 - 4X5 Top Flag 5 - Hard Matte Set 1 - 144mm Clamp-On Adapter ARRI FF-5 Cine Kit Pro - Focus Package includes ( NOTE: You need to purchase either the 15mm or 19mm BP Adapter for your choice of systems) FF-5 Cine Base Focus Knob - Left Focus Knob - Right Flexible Focus Whip Focus Lever 6 - Round Marking Disks Large Gear Small Gear BP-9 15mm Bridge Plate Set includes: 300mm (12") sliding dovetail Plate 2 - 15mm Rods Bridge Plate Case Cruizer Custom Case This package is in excellent condition. I've used this only several times with my Mini Camera. My MINI was primarily used on my Steadicam. This was part of my "Studio" Package", which is why it was used only several times. $ 5,000.00 plus shipping $100.00 ( or provide your Fed Ex Acct ) Greg Lundsgaard
  10. Angenieux 16-40 & 30-76mm Optimo Style Zoom Lenses. Both Lenses are in excellent condition. Both of these lenses have PL & Panavision Changeable Mounts. Also, the Angenieux Wide Angle Adapter 0.75x for use on both lenses. Custom cut Case. I've used these 2 lenses on my Steadicam personally. They have been the perfect combination of focal lengths needed for most shots. Unlike the regular Optimo Cine series lenses, these can be used with 4K full sensor cameras. The 16-40 lens has recently been discontinued from the Angenieux catalog. With a wide focal length and weight of approximately 4.2 lbs, it's an extremely valuable lens. Besides the use on the Steadicam, they're excellent choices for gimbal, drones, and the Nauticam Underwater Housing. $ 30,000.00 plus shipping
  11. I've used this control panel with my MINI while on my Steadicam. It completely eliminates the EVF (eyepiece). All functions work similar to the EVF. It can be used with or without the EVF Eyepiece. The package includes the following: CCP-1 Control Panel ARRI L-Bracket 19" cable, 29" cable, 59"cable $ 2,200.00 USD shipping $25.00 You'll love this accessory!
  12. IB/E Optics Doubler 2 XX Extender for PL Mount Lenses Absolutely beautiful 2X's Extender for PL mount lenses. This is in like-new condition. I only used this for one short project. Used with Angenieux zoom lenses. Works perfectly. Beautiful images. INFO from the manufacturer: While most extenders can only physically fit on a limited range of lenses, the design of the PLx2 accommodates more spherical and anamorphic PL mount lenses than any other doubler on the market. This is achieved by designing the extender with a deep-set optical assembly, thus, making it possible to use lenses with long protruding rear elements. The PLx2 will mount perfectly to any digital camera with a native PL mount. It will also clear the spinning mirror on ARRI and Aaton 35 mm cameras. Optically, the PLx2 projects an image circle large enough to cover all commonly used 35 mm formats including 5K on RED Epic and 4:3 full frame on ARRI Alexa. There is a list of compatible lenses on the website for your inspection. The Light Loss is 2.0 stops. (filter factor) $ 2500.00 USD shipping- 25.00 to the US PLX2 Datasheet.pdf
  13. Matthews CamTank Camera Rocker Plate This is one of the best, simplest designs in a rocker plate I've seen. I've used this on a TV show for several years. It's great! It's in excellent condition. You just can't hurt it. $ 1000.00 (shipping 35.00 to USA destinations)
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