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  1. Hey Guys, I am the unofficial Facebook manager for the Tiffen 6 day Lake Arrowhead Workshop (March 9-16) to train the newest newbies. I think it would be cool if a few of the verterans here could drop by the Facebook page and offer up advice/stories/links to favorite shots/ whatever you had wished some veteran Steadicam Operator had shared with you when you took the Workshop. Stories of your workshop experience would be great too. These are the new guys and gals who are taking the time (and money) to do it right and learn from the masters themselves. The process of learning Steadicam operation can all be a little overwhelming and I'm sure we'll welcome all the help we can get. Why not take a little time to give them some pregame encouragement? http://www.facebook.com/pages/2013-Arrowhead-Steadicam-Workshop/101416403378319 Thanks, Alan Future Steadicam Operator
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    New in LA, on the lookout for rental rigs

    ummmmm, what? Compared to Boston, I mean. Welcome to the toughest, most competitive market in the U.S. Did you mean to say that you moved down to LA, Louisianna, or out to the left coast and L.A. Los Angeles (which I'm guessing is the toughest market in the country)? Alan Los Angeles