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  1. Sven Joukes

    WTB: Sled and Accessories

    Hi Alexis, are you still looking for a sled? I have a MK-V Evolution for sale with Transvideo 6" Ultrabright monitor. V-Lock battery plates, dovetail plates, docking bracket. Betz tools topstage. Electronics re-done by Betz for HD. Lots of cables for monitor and power for different cameras. Sled and docking bracket plus all acc fit in a Peli 1700 case which comes with the package. Looking for 10K Euros. I can send more and better pics if you're interested. Best regards, Sven
  2. Sven Joukes

    Full EFP or G-50 arm wanted

    I have a G-50 I could part with... PM
  3. Sven Joukes


    Hi Robin, Just out of curiosity, how do you plan on doing a five and a half day workshop in just 3 days? ;) Anyways, have fun there! I know I did in Ischia. Hope to see you at the IBC. Best, Sven
  4. Sven Joukes

    tiffen.com website

    Works fine, here in Europe...
  5. Sven Joukes

    Last minute madness!!!

    I can imagine... If I had read this thread on time, I would have flown over just to be part of it. Jealous, Sven
  6. Sven Joukes

    sachler act 2 vest...info..

    Hi, I tried the vest last year at the IBC and I can also say it is probably the most comfortable FM vest I've ever worn (I'm a BM user). Very well padded and very adjustable. I'm sure it can andle heavy cameras. Best, Sven
  7. Sven Joukes

    Are these the right Lemo Parts?

    Hi try googling 'unipole and multipole connectors lemo'. This took me to a comprehensive Lemo catalogue with lots of helpful tips and tricks about Lemo connectors, plus an explanation of their not-so-simple parts and pieces code. Good stuff! Cheers, Sven
  8. Sven Joukes


    Amando, Looks nasty! Glad to hear you're OK...
  9. Sven Joukes

    Tally Output LDK 8000

    Hi Andreas, My guess is, connect the 2 leads that go to your photo cell to pin1 (GND) and pin2 (tally). What I make up from the manual is that internally these two are closed when the camera is on air (the same thing that happens in the photo-cell, when it is hit by light). It doesn't matter which lead connects to which pin, it's just a contact that opens or closes inside the camera. The LEDs do need external power. But that's just my guess... :rolleyes: Ask a trained professional to be sure! Best, Sven
  10. Sven Joukes

    Any operators in Madrid?

    Watch out for Amando... He's trouble! ;)
  11. Sven Joukes

    Awkward Operating Technique

    Great pics! Great memories! Great time!
  12. Sven Joukes

    Titan HD

    Hi Hervé, How about camera controls (colors, iris,...) on multicamera shows? Don't know about France, but over here these settings get tweaked constantly by the vision/tech department. With the TitanHD, I would think you can't control the camera. Or would you use the RS323 data signal for that? With most OB facilities providers heavily invested in wireless Thomsons and Dcams, I don't see how the Titan (with it's lack of camera control) would be a match...? I'm sure it's great for single cam stuff, don't see the point in using it for OB/multicamera. Would love to hear your thoughts. Best, Sven
  13. Sven Joukes

    BVE Steadicam Operators night

    Hi guys, I wish I could be there, but I'm not going to make it... :angry: Have fun though! Sven
  14. Sven Joukes

    Flying with the Klassen Harness

    Hi Bryan, I've taken mine on a transatlantic flight and a 'domestic' European flight as it is, no bag or anything. Just asked the flight attendant to store it in a closet nearby, or put it in the overhead compartment. All I did was remove the carbon arm , which I put in my checked bags. Another thing I did was take a copy of the invoice with me along with a picture of me wearing the vest and the rig, in case of questions... which were never asked. I'm sure some people would think I'm nuts doing this, but it worked great... Have a safe trip! Sven
  15. Sven Joukes

    3a or EFP top stage

    Hi Eugenio- I have an MK-V standard topstage here, that I would be willing to sell. http://www.mk-v.com/?p=63 It is basically the same as a 3a topstage. If you're interested, I can get you pictures. Let me know. Best, Sven