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  1. Batteries have sold, however still looking for a new home for the Ultra to V-Mount bracket. Originally asking $1450, but certainly open to offers. If interested, please contact me for additional information or with an offer. Otherwise, it will become a very expensive paper weight. Also, would be happy to include re-facing and anodizing so this part looks like new!
  2. I've sold one of the carts. Buyer mixed & matched... so here's what would come with the remaining cart: Cart #1 - Asking $1050.00 OBO (originally $1550) * Converted Filmtools Junior Cart w/ 8" Wheel Kit & Brakes * 2x Shelves * Handles * High-Hat Holder * Small Grip Caddy * C-Stand Holder (holds 4x Stands) * Dual Monitor Shelf * 5/8" Nose Pin
  3. I have also decided to sell the battery package I use with this Adapter. Included in the package are the following: 16x IDX NPL-7S LiION Batteries with 5LED Status Indicator 2x IDX ION-4 4-Bank Simultaneous Charger 2x Dual NP-1 to V-Mount Holder 2x Single NP-1 to V-Mount Holder Pelican Case With this battery package and the Ultra Adapter listed above you can fly 2 or 4 NP-1s at a time. 2 NP-1's offers 71Whrs & 4.9AmpHrs. 4 NP-1's offers 142Whrs & 9.8AmpHrs. This is a lot of power. I'm going to try and sell this package for $3600, but would sell it with the above Ultra-1 Adapter for $4600 total. Please email with questions. Thanks, Ben
  4. I am selling two of the Filmtools Junior carts I own. I have three of these in total... one that is tricked out for Steadicam (which I'm holding onto)... and two others that were used for various applications. I don't have much need for the other two carts anymore. They have been well cared for, and besides cosmetic signs of use... are in great working condition. Wheels have been kept properly inflated, axle & brakes have been kept lubricated and nothing is in need of repair. Please see the filmtools.com website for details on accessories listed in each package. Cart #1 - Asking $975.00 OBO (originally $1450) Converted Filmtools Junion Cart w/ 8" Wheels 2x Shelves Handles High-Hat Holder Small Grip Caddy C-Stand Holder (hold 2x Stands) Dual Monitor Shelf 5/8" Nose Pin Cart #2 - Asking $875 OBO (originally $1290) Converted Filmtools Junior Cart w/ 8" Wheels 2x Shelves Handles Large Grip Caddy C-Stand Holder (holds 4x Stands) Either of these carts can be converted to Steadicam carts if you order the Mast/Bumper kit from filmtools.com which is about $275. Please feel free to email me any questions you might have. I don't have pictures available yet... but probably sometime next week. If you are local to Philadelphia, please feel free to contact me and stop by to take a look.
  5. I made this bracket a couple years ago in order to switch from the Ultra style batteries to LiION technology. I wanted to switch over slowly in order to really test the new solution to be sure it would provide enough power. This bracket was designed to slip over and connect to my already existing CP/Tiffen Ultra battery mounting plate. Now, after quite some time and confirmation that the batteries I purchased work... I'm going to replace this solution with a more permanent battery mount on my sled. So I'm looking for a new home for the parts I am replacing. Included in the sale are the following items: Slip-On Bracket w/ 2x IDX V-Mount Plates + 24v output via 4pin XLR (does NOT include hardware from strengthening system seen in pix - this accounts for the two screws with spacers & the two rope tie-downs... you can use the ones currently on your rig) Wolf Vid's Ammeter - "Battery Watcher" (has one line of dead pixels on screen) Existing CP/Tiffen Battery Mount (milled slightly to allow for slip-on bracket to fit over it) Please Note: pictures show bracket with NP1-to-V-Mount holders. These are not included in the sale, but are available. Please inquire. If you're looking to start using the LiION technology (such as the power cubes that Tiffen offers), but don't want to pay several thousand to convert your rig... then this is your answer! Simply replace your battery plate with the one provided, connect power & go. I'm asking for $1450.00 OBO for everything you need to make the switch. Feel free to email with questions. I'm posting some pix from my iPhone now... but will take better pix this week.
  6. This is a compact & lightweight teleprompter system from Transvideo Intl. It does NOT include a computer or any other device to feed the teleprompter. Included are the following items: Transvideo 16:9 Rainbow LCD Monitor w/ Horizontal Inverse function Housing for Glass & Monitor Glass Sony Rod Support 2x Carbon Fiber Rods Doughnut I originally paid around $4000.00 for the entire package. Its in great cosmetic & working condition... I just don't use it much anymore. Asking price is $1950 OBO.
  7. I have two MDR-1 Cables available for sale. I got them a while back when buying my Preston. However, I have an MDR-2 and not an MDR-1. The previous owner had at one time an MDR-1... and just included them in the sale. Here's what I have... Command to Panavision Command to Arri 3pin I've attached a picture. They are of no use to me... so please make a reasonable offer.
  8. I'm selling a bracket I had made back when I owned a ProVid sled. Basically, its a plate drilled for (2) U-Bolts, and has a second dovetail plate mounted to it. This dovetail plate matches the dimensions of the spar on a ProVid or SK vest. Therefore, you can easily mount the bracket using (2) U-bolts, pull your socket block off your vest, and slip it onto this bracket. All without having to drill any holes into your socket block. The bracket also has a hold drilled in the center for the spring activated safety on the ProVid or SK socket blocks. I believe it cost me around $200.00 to have made. Right now, its just sitting around collecting dust since I no longer own a ProVid rig. Please make a reasonable offer and give this useful piece of equipment a new home. I attached a photo... if interested please send me an email and I can shoot you a couple more.
  9. You shouldn't have to walk any differently. As you can see above there are lots of opinions... and many of them valid. It's very important to have tuned your arm properly. The key here is that both sections are working together... so if you find one bone bottoming out before the other... then you're not tuned right. They should both hit the bottom and top of their range simultaneously. However, the type of arm DOES make a big difference in performance. Having started years back with an SK arm (only one articulating section), then going to a pro-vid arm (basically 2 x SK Arm Sections), and now owning an Ultra Arm... there's a huge difference between arms. Design is everything, and there have been vast improvements over the years. For instance, with the G50 and G70 arms you have the ability to tune your ride. This is a really powerful feature! And finally, there's operator technique. As always, you want to be flying the rig with your body... and your hands should be doing as little as possible to get the shot. If you're fighting the rig at all... you're screwed. Good Luck!
  10. I am looking for any tips people might have for flying the Sony 950 (4:4:4) on a Steadicam. I own an Ultra Cine w/ HD Wiring, but no HD Monitor (yet). So if anyone has specific expereince flying this camera on this rig... that would be even more helpful. Some of my initial questions are: 1) Onboard Recording Options (as opposed to cabling to a deck). I hear there is a lightweight/compact deck that can be flown on the rig... but this might just have been bad info. Has anyone used any CF/Ram Arrays... like the Venom? 2) Power options for Camera and/or Recording Device (deck, ram array, etc) 3) cabling to the deck/ram array 4) monitoring... is there an easy way to monitor an SD signal off the camera/deck or do you need a downconverter? 5) weight? Any other tips/insights would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  11. All gear is ready and waiting at the Tiffen factory. All (4) batteries have been recelled and serviced. Both Chargers have been serviced. Please feel free to contact Kyle Young (Customer Service Rep at Tiffen) if you have any questions. I'm sure he can provide an un-biased answer to any question regarding their condition, etc. (818) 843-4600 x17 Again, I am asking for $4800, or best offer, for this kit. Retail for the kit new is over $7500.
  12. I am selling my 24v Battery Kit. It includes: (4) Tiffen 24V Batteries w/ 5 LED Meter (1) PAG 301 Charger (Single Charger) (1) PAG 304 Charger (4 Bank Charger) (2) Charging Pads Anvil Case Everything is on its way to Tiffen. The (4) Batteries will be re-celled and will be "virtually" brand new when you get them. Retail on the kit is around $7500.00. My asking price is $4800 OBO. My Terms are as follows: I'll accept Personal/Company Checks (5 day hold), Cashier Checks, Money Orders, or I can accept Visa or Mastercard through my business. Shipping will be from Tiffen in LA, so please figure shipping rates based on that. Please email with any questions. Thanks, Ben
  13. Items haven't sold yet so I put them on ebay. Starting price of 1999.00 so if interested please bid. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...eName=WDVW&rd=1 Also selling some NP-1's http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...eName=WDVW&rd=1
  14. I am reducing my asking price to $4400 OBO. Please see attached pix.
  15. Seitz Equipment: - Transmitter - (2) Receiver/Amplifier Sets (2 channels each) - (2) Receiver Antennas - Mounting Brackets for Reciever/Amp - Ultra Power Cable for Reciever - 4p XLR Power Cable for Receiver - Misc Power Cables and Adapters - (4) Chocolate Bars (batts for Transmitter) - (2) Chargers for Chocolate Bars - Aux 12v Power Adapter for Trasmitter BFD Equipment: This is the Prototype of the BFD System, purchased from Garrett Brown. The system is compatibile with current BFD's. It is in great working condition. It has been serviced by Jim Bartel at Bartech Engineering (and he will continue to service if needed). - Transmitter (Prototype) - Transmitter Antenna - Receiver (Prototype) - Prototype Receiver - MKV/Pro Power Cable - Ultra Power Cable - 4pin XLR 12V Power Cable Heden Equipment: - (2) Heden M26P Motors - Various Motor Brackets - Slave Motor Bracket (drive same gear w/ 2 motors) - Add on Gears (48, 62, 32) - (2) 8' Motor Cables - (2) Short Motor Cables - (2) Master/Slave Motor Cables (Y Motor Cable) Pelican Case Included. Asking $5500.00 OBO. Items are ready to go. I've just recently upgraded to a Preston. This is a great package for any newcomer to Steadicam, or to anyone that wants a reliable backup. In addition to accepting personal checks (5 day hold), cashier's checks, and money orders...my company accepts Visa/Mastercard. Please contact me if you have any questions. I will try and get some photos together that will be available via email.
  16. I think the G70 will be the way to go. Have you tried the G50 yet? Quite impressive.
  17. Jason, The G-50 and the ProVid arm are night and day. Lots of friction in the ProVid arm...you won't see any of that in the G-50. No pulleys...one spring per section and thats it! Good luck. Ben
  18. For those of you that weren't at NAB, Tiffen has released a new arm designed by Garrett called the G-50. I'd like to share my thoughts on this new design, but must first preface them by letting anyone that reads this post know that I was asked by Garrett to post my HONEST thoughts on the new arm. I stand to gain nothing from a postitive or negative review of the arm. So here it is... The G-50 offers operators several features that you won't find on any other arm. First, its extremely light. This was acheived using extruded aluminum to build the articulating sections. I believe the arm weighs a total of 10lbs or so. The arm also boasts a 32" boom range, without any added length (i actually think its shorter than the Ultra arm). This is 8" more than the Ultra/Master series arm. When you get in the rig...you immediately notice the difference. Its quite liberating. The arm also has an operating load of 10 - 50lbs (iI think this is gross weight)...which means no more cages for lightweight camera! However, probably the most impressive feature of this arm (which I think was given the least amount of attention at NAB) is the iso-elastic adjustment of the arm. Basically, you can tune the "ride" of the arm based upon the type of shot you are executing. So if you need silky smooth isolation...you got it. Or if you are executing a running shot and need the ride to be hard...you got it. I think this offers operators a whole new dimension of control. Finally, the arm buffers you to the stop as you reach its extremes. I can't tell you how great this feature is. No more slamming at the top of bottom of your boom. The arm tells you that you are about to reach the end (with some increased tension)...and buffers you to a stop. So, to say the least...I think its great...and its on my list to buy. I think its perfect for prosumer video, pro-video and lightweight film...and I believe there was talk at the show about a G-70 model. (I might hold out for the G70 since I am starting to work with heavier, and heavier loads). If you have any questions...please email me. Ben Semanoff steadicam@tophatsteadicam.com
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