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  1. Thank you but I first wanted to ask if somebody is selling one.
  2. Hello, I want to buy a rain cover for my Pro Titan Arm. If possible in Europe. (I'm located in Luxembourg) Thank you Greetings Oli
  3. Hello, I want to buy a GPI Pro titan arm rain cover. If possible in Europe. (I'm located in Luxembourg). Thank you
  4. Thanks Joel, I now also find the best way for me to go low mode with this bracket, but it is difficult to position the monitor on the fly because you have to adjust 3 screws. The pro is that you can place the monitor anywhere you want.
  5. Hello, I have a ted churchill monitor bracket on a Betz RIG. I always wonder which is the best/fastest method going low mode, with the bracket. Until now, I did not find a optimal way to do this. How do you guys do low mode with the churchill bracket? Thank you guy and greetings from Luxembourg
  6. Hello, My questions probably seem to be a bit noob but I want to be prepared: I have my first "Live on Tape" Gig on Thursday. It's a TV-Show. I'm new to TV stuff, I normally do fiction, so I don't really know the shooting procedures. The cam is a Sony DXC with Triax. I get a Triax adapter cable and I know how to run the cable. The chief of the broadcasting van told me, the cam would be around 12 kg (26,5 lbs). I this a normal weight for TV cam? (Unfortunately I do not have a special camera plate, so I have to use the tripod plate.) How does the shooting normally proceeds? How long is an "usual" take on TV respectively how often can you dock the rig? Any tips and tricks? Thanks in advance for some constructive answers for my newbie questions Best Regards, Oliver Waldbillig http://www.oliver-waldbillig.lu/ https://vimeo.com/120611295
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