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  1. I'm looking for a Arri/Sachtler steadicam artemis Cine Broadcast or artemis EFP HD with 3 V-mounts. Let me know if you sell yours. Thank you
  2. This kit will be sold in one part,I don't sell the G70 separately. For pictures http://wattez.be/Steadicam_operator_%26_lighting_cameraman/For_Sale/Paginas/Steadicam.html
  3. For sale ! Sled Sachtler Artemis EFP HD The artemis EFP HD includes:
Modular design
Dual-Dynamic-Balance 1.5“ Post 1.5“ Gimbal 12V High Capacity Wiring Hot-Swap Technology HD SDI & SD Video Focus Power Out Tally-Function 8“ Camera Plate Post Tool Hex Keys 3 x V-Mount batterie mounts Focus bracket Docking Bracket Post Tool D-Bracket 10" set Donut 400g Cables : Campower 12V XLR Monitor Cable BNC en power Center post cable spare rain cover spring arm Large metal case with wheels Manual Monitor Transvideo Cine monitor III 6" Monitor Green screen Arm Tiffen G70 with bag Whole kit for 16.000,00 € Pictures will follow.
  4. Greenscreen for steadicam Switch between 4/3 and 16/9 500€ + transport ?
  5. Payload is 19kg but can be upgraded by Sachtler to 26kg This arm is the first version so ACT-1
  6. Hi Cheng, I would offer arm, bag and vest for 4500€ and 250€ for shipping to Hong Kong. Let me know if you need more info. Regards Koen
  7. Used Steadicam vest Sachtler Artemis made by Petrol 1200€ + transport costs or make me an offer.
  8. Steadicam arm + protection bag Sachtler Artemis steadicam arm in perfect condition ! Please make an offer.
  9. Great book Jerry ! I love it ! The missing manual ;) Thanks Koen
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