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  1. CINEGEARS Rattlesnake Long Range Wireless Follow Focus kit With High Torque Motor 1x CINEGEARS Wireless High Torque Motor 1x CINEGEARS Wireless Rattlesnake Controller 2 x Rubber Ring 1 x Single motor power cable 1 x USB Cable 1x 5cm Motor Mounting Bracket 19mm 1 x 15mm 5cm Rod Bushings 1 x Waterproof Foamed Production Case 1 x Run/Rec Cable Looking for US $ 1600 for the Kit , i will Pay for the Shipping .
  2. The Gold workshops are a five day event , you can get all about Steadicam in those days but you will get the experience later for sure , I joined the lake arrowhead in 2011 , the students were camera assistants , camera operators , experienced Steadicam operators attendees as well . I remember there was one with no film background at all and he joined cause he was just interested , may be you need to check the book by Jerry holloway and to have a hand on to the gear to get you ready to the workshop , and Good Luck :)
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