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  1. Craig, if the vest is still available, what is the serial number of the vest? Where is the vest located? Thank you for your time. Raul Ariel.
  2. Francois, if your handle is still available, I would be very interested in it. feel free to reach me at raulerivez@ gmail.com or 5124667282 thank you.
  3. Hey there Mark. I am very interested in your ergo handle. Can you shoot me an email at raulerivez@gmail.com to proceed? Thank you.
  4. Ken, I have the same sled and always wanted to put a kipp handle on the bolt that loosens the bottom portion of the sled. Was it tricky getting that on there? Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Maceo, If your vest is still available can you tell me more about it? Your height And waist size please? Thank you in advance.
  6. David, if your gimbal is still available can we have a quick chat? raulerivez@gmail.com. thank you David.
  7. Joshua, Would like to talk more about your fiz package. Would an email or phone call/text work better for you? Raulerivez@gmail. 512-466-7282
  8. Ron, Is your super post still available? If so would you sell that separately and lastly, what size is it? You can call or text if you like. Thank you for your time. Raul. 5124667282
  9. Jens, Is the superposr sold? Thank you for your time. Raul.
  10. Frederic, If this item is still available, and you wanna sell, I am interested in making you an offer. Thank you. Raul A. Erivez
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