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  1. Hi there I have a Yaeger Junior with a mast and a Mitchell mount on it that I want to sell. Barely used. Kenny
  2. Hi there I have one with the level etc in a Cam Jam yoke in LA. Cheers Kenny
  3. Anyone want a Tiffen Blue Whale tool? Doesn't fit anything I own and too good to throw away. Think it's for a Ultra 2. I'll slow mail it anywhere (or pick up in Los Angeles) and you give $5 or equivalent to anyone you think could use it. Cheers
  4. Never used battery back bracket for Small HD 702 with friction control mechanics for Quattro monitor arm. I upgraded to a 703 before I had a chance to use this on a Steadicam. Cost $290 plus the shipping. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/battery-back-for-smallhd-702/ $160 or best offer. Thanks Kenny Brown Los Angeles
  5. Tiffen Ultra 1 sled Long and short Tiffen dovetail plates Tilting top stage(upgraded bolts and brace) HDSDI down the post (Terry West) Long nose section cut down, connectors replaced with HDSDI BNC, 12/24V 3 Pin 0B Lemo and 0B 12V Lemo (same polarity as Arri/Teradek/Preston etc). Back of the top stage still has 2 x 12/24V 2B Lemo and Hirose 12V Original 4 stage integrated ‘super post’ Gimbal upgraded with Ultra 2 latch and just serviced and balanced by Robert Luna. Bottom K section removed and rewired with custom 3D Printed Case (Allen Rencher) with switch, LED, HDSDI, 3 x Lemo 2B 12/24V power connectors for batteries, 0B Lemo 12/24V and Hirose 4 pin 12/24V power from two V-mount plates Accessory dovetail plate for Tiffen 3rdBattery mount 2 x V-mount to Anton Bauer battery plates Low mode bracket Hill docking rings top and bottom Gorelock 2 balancing/docking bracket with tilt function Gorelock 2 docking bracket for cart Power cable Lemo 2B to 12V 4 pin right angle XLR power cable (brand new) Transvideo HD6(blue knob, 1000Nits) with Virtual Horizon, Scopes etc on Cam Jam yoke (6.5mm) and rod. Note you will need a Cam Jam Quattro Monitor arm to complete this sled. Already have the custom derlin collar to fit. Comes with 3 pin Lemo power, Hirose power cables and two composite to 8 pin cables. Custom Inner Space flight case you can drop the whole built sled in. Very versatile sled and served me well for years on TV and features, now moved to M1/Volt. Los Angeles $10,500 or best offer
  6. 2 x V-Mount VL-4S Simultaneous chargers – work perfectly. 8 IDX E-HL9S 88Wh 10 Amp/120w Batteries, some branded Tiffen Powercube. 3 of these have been re-celled by Ritter (July 2017, Dec 2017 and May 2018). The others are older and work but I’m sure they don’t provide anywhere near the capacity they should. Ritter charged $165 a piece plus shipping to redo these batts and I recommend them. 1 x Sharkfin to put 2 batteries on one mount Pelican 1600 padded case to hold everything and room for more. Located in Los Angeles, buyer pays shipping. $1400 OBO
  7. It fits well in-between the bottom of camera and top plate of the head. I don't have a photo but if you're looking at the back of the camera the microforce cable goes off to the right and the handle just lies down horizontally in there. You can put hard side velcro on both sides to stop it slipping around. As for operating, it's always a bit awkward, but I just hold the wheel handle between my pinkie and ring finger, then operate the microforce with the other fingers and thumb as usual. Cheers Kenny
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