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  1. I know him. He repair my motor M1. He did good job carmize@hotmail.it
  2. I would like to thank carmine zecca for fixing my odissey 7+. Avoiding to send in USA , If you need his contact is: carmize@hotmail.it I know he does tv logic aswell and more....
  3. Try Carmine in Italy Contact: carmize@hotmail.it Is good engineer,
  4. Hello i had same problem with dm1 ...Preston doesn't service anymore, the only One Who still does service to that motor( and others) Is Carmine in Italy. His contact : carmize@hotmail.it
  5. Ask to Carmine, in Italy he Is an engineer and he build for me all cable wich i Need. carmize@hotmail.it
  6. Yes heden motor are good. I send my One the both analog and Digital to do service to an italian engineer , he done GREAT job. His contact Is: carmize@hotmail.it He Is in Rome.
  7. Hello,Carmine in Italy modified my ultra 2, for serial-parallel battery, also i Can change batteries while shooting( hot swap). His email Is: carmize@hotmail.it
  8. Contact Carmine in Italy. He do a lot of modification and he Can solve software- hardware problem, he Is an elettronica engineer, he modifiche my tiffen for hot swap battery while shooting His email Is: carmize@hotmail.it
  9. Any issue on tiffen, i think Carmine in Italy fix my One, also he develop a sistem to use a hot swap battery , for selecting serial- parallel, so you Can change battery while shooting, his email Is: carmize@hotmail.it
  10. E l"assistenza la fa uno a Roma ; carmize@hotmail.it Di nome carmine
  11. Si, รจ fantastico .....
  12. Need good servicing.i know Carmine in Rome, Italy. He Is a service engineer he fix a lot of my stuff , he does also arri. carmize@hotmail.it
  13. Contact Carmine in Rome he Is a good engineer, he build a special cable for trigger. carmize@hotmail.it
  14. Arri lf only work from 19 to 35 Volts ....no 12 Volts . I know an italian engineer Who build converter to use with 14 Volts battery He Is : Carmine from Rome. carmize@hotmail.it
  15. I had the moreor less same problem. I send the steady to Carmine in Italy. He found that the SDI signal was jittering, so for the monitor was a problem to lock the signal. He fix perfectly.... He is in Italy, e-mail is : carmize@hotmail.it He do many service on cinema equipment plus develop software AMD hardware project....
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