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  1. Hi @Alex Foerderer

    I found a wrong sentence on a post about a sale announcement where you connect SmartSystem company to Easysteady one.

    I'd like to point out that the two companies have no connection between them and that SmartSystem cannot offer warranty or repair service for easysteady products (in case they need to be checked).

    Thank you so much


    1. Alex Foerderer

      Alex Foerderer

      Hi Andrea, 

      I must have expressed myself incorrectly.
      Nevertheless, I have never written that smartsystem takes over warranty or repairs.
      I wrote that the products are similar in design and easysteady can be expanded with smartgear.

      I will chance it in my announcement.

      Kind regards 


    2. Andrea Falcucci

      Andrea Falcucci

      dear @Alex Foerderer


      I appreciate your kindness.

      As you surely know, a not new equipment may need repair or service. Connecting two companies can lead to the idea that a service for the used equipment can be requested by the new owner.

      Thank you again.

      All the best


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