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  1. Hey Matias, My G-70(x) might be available in the next few weeks - I'm also in LA. Are you still looking for one?
  2. Listing this for a friend, please do not contact me directly. Contact Stephen Siegel at steadiseagull@gmail.com Full Size Large Socket Block. Vest includes large steadicam bag and complete back up screw kit for the vest. Located in Los Angeles. $4,000
  3. Selling my used PRO Cinema HD Upper Junction Box - recently did a mod to my sled and no longer need this. Has most standard ports but also has a few upgrades, including a 12v 2-pin out and both front and rear SDI connections. It is wired for two lines of HD and includes the bayonet for mounting onto a PRO post. Recently re-wired by Stephen at SJS Cables so everything is in proper working order! $2,250 - open to offers as well!
  4. Hey all, Apex Cinema Gear just released a new 3rd Battery Mount for the M2! It's incredibly low-profile and lightweight and comes pre-wired with a Genuine Lemo Connector that provides 12v power to the sled. They are in stock now and will ship quickly with affordable options! https://apexcinemagear.com/products/m2-3rd-battery-mount
  5. Zephyr Sled Gold mount Zephyr Arm Zephyr Vest Thermodyne case for Zephyr Low mode Bracket 3rd battery gold mount Baby C stand Sandbag 15lbs 2 Gold mount batteries re celled Single gold mount charger 15lb weight plate for practice Listing for a friend, please do not contact me via Steadicam Forum. Contact Greg Acuna-Garza: Steadiflamingo@outlook.com ‭(909) 646-0115‬
  6. Posting for Stephen Siegel, please only contact Stephen using the information below. Asking $25,000 USD. Located in Los Angeles California, can ship worldwide. Please contact me at - sjscables@gmail.com +1 (707) 486-0188 (Cell/WhatsApp) I am the original owner and took delivery of this sled in January 2017 from Tiffen Burbank. Reason for selling is because I no longer operate. Everything was just fully serviced, the gimbal was cleaned and calibrated by Robert Luna. Items include - M1 Sled with Tilt Stage, 2 section post, gold mount battery base, Transvideo 8” monitor, 3rd battery mount, and hill docking bracket. Two Tiffen M series dovetail plates Alexa classic plate Alexa 35 plate Mini Lf plate 416/Sr3 plate Vct plate Base plate Sos plate w/ rbq Extra monitor post collars Universal/return monitor mount Gimbal service wrench Spare screw kit for entire sled Misc Tie down screws and hardware Two 12v XLR camera power cables Two Mini/35 camera power cables Alexa power cable Sony Venice power cable Red power cable Panavision power cable Two monitor power cables Five thin bnc cables Custom monitor loom cable Pelican case with custom foam (not shown in photos)
  7. Hey everyone! Apex Cinema Gear is excited to announce that we are now stocking Robert Luna's Arm Post Spin Bearing! This bearing can be added to any existing 3/4" arm post to allow for more free rotation on G70/x and Master Series Arms. I have personally been using one for the past few weeks and am absolutely loving the feel of it! It comes with a 3/4" post clamp that is used to secure the bearing to the post while it's on the arm. You can purchase them from our site - please let me know if you have any questions! https://apexcinemagear.com/products/luna-spin-post
  8. Hey everyone, Happy Holidays! Apex Cinema Gear has teamed up with SJS Cables to offer an Alexa 35 Universal Stabilizer Plate & 24v Power Cable Bundle! Purchase this bundle and save $150 vs if purchased separately! Apex is also excited to announce our new style of Alexa 35 Plate, which is 20% lighter and more sleek, but just as strong as the previous version. The 24v Power Cable is made with genuine Lemo Connectors and can be wired for any Steadicam Sled! Please visit our website at https://apexcinemagear.com/.../alexa-35-plate-cable-bundle to place an order. Bundle Sale ends on 12/31/2022 at 11:59pm PST and all orders will ship early January.
  9. Hey everyone! Posting this on behalf of Robert Luna - he is offering 10% off of all Arm Overhauls through the end of the year! He did my arm last year and it made a huge difference in the performance so I highly recommend you schedule a time with him. Take advantage of the slow season of production and get your gear in tip-top shape to start the New Year! Overhauls comprise of complete rework of your arm including cleaning, lubricating, and the optional replacement of worn components. - Complete disassembly of arm - All screws are replaced - Sonic cleaning and lubing of bearings - All play is removed from adjustment knobs - Springs get recalibrated and reset Make your arm feel like it did right from the factory! 3a & G Series now only $1,260 Master Series now only $1,440 Contact Robert directly for scheduling and book by 12/31/2022 to lock in this sale price! phone: (310) 621-4763 email: rlunasteadicam@gmail.com
  10. Hi Lizardo, what is the diameter of the posts for that arm? We have some 12" long 3/4" arm posts available that work with both 3/4" and 5/8" gimbal handles. https://apexcinemagear.com/products/steadicam-arm-post
  11. Hi Niknaz, we have some socket blocks in stock at https://apexcinemagear.com/products/steel-socket-block. They are made in LA by Robert Luna. Please reach out if you have any questions!
  12. In stock and shipping first week of October 2022, order one today!
  13. This Arm Connector Stop helps to create a better resting and operating angle for all Steadicam Arms coming out of the socket block. It is machined out of aluminum and anodized black - available now and shipping from https://apexcinemagear.com/products/stop-connector or alternatively you can purchase directly from Robert! Made by Robert Luna in Los Angeles, CA
  14. As many of you know, Stephen Siegel and I recently started Apex Cinema Gear, a custom cinema part manufacturer in Los Angeles. We have been blown away thus far by the support from members of the community and are incredibly grateful for each and every one of the orders. We are excited to announce our partnership with Robert Luna with hopes of making his amazing Steadicam parts more accessible to the community! We have a few of his parts listed on our website https://apexcinemagear.com/pages/luna-products and will continue to roll out more parts in the coming weeks. We will also be creating some how-to videos in the near future to educate Steadicam Operators about servicing their gear and replacing important components. We've added his direct contact information to his page on our site, as well as a list of his services offered. Please reach out with any questions!
  15. $100 off sale extended until 08/31/2022 - get yours now at a reduced price! Shipping mid-September.
  16. Hey everyone, we couldn't find a universal dovetail plate for the new Alexa 35 and Arri's rig-specific versions aren't going to be out for a while, so we decided to make one! As Steadicam Ops, it's always frustrating to have to buy a new plate for every new camera, so we are offering a discounted pre-order for the community. If you are one of the few working with the camera early and need a plate, message me directly and we will try to get you one before they are released! Check it out at our website! https://apexcinemagear.com/products/arri-35-universal-stabilizer-plate?fbclid=IwAR3sWCWon8dRjAFpuTgFfoYaGn6mju63LNvECFGmvbO0u6jVeKnbtRIzNFk
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