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  1. $1900 OBO. Located in Los Angeles. Boland 7" BVB07 DayBright monitor, extremely low hours, pristine condition, no scratches anywhere! Anton Bauer gold mount plate 24" 8 pin power cable included Mounting kit for Quattro monitor yoke
  2. Hi Kyle 

    Can you please tell me if your monitor and bracket are still available .


  3. Selling 2 IndiPro 98wh Gold mount batteries with a dual charger. I have never used these on a job, they were only used for practice at home. Recently upgraded and no longer have a use for these anymore. Perfect condition, no scratches or scuffs. Everything works perfectly. This kit sells for $589 new. Listing for $475 OBO. Located in Los Angeles. Buyer pays Shipping.
  4. Brett, thanks for the great feedback. One of the many reasons I am considering Transvideo is because of their reputation for excellent customer service (although my experience with SmallHD's customer service has been a good one). Have you used any of Transvideos 7 inch models and would you consider them a viable option? I.E. StarGate V2 or Rainbow? I think I will also take another look at the 6-inch models... Deke, do you run a bubble level on your Boland? Do you wish you had a digital level? Thanks again for the replies!
  5. Hey all, I recently upgraded to my first big rig (PRO Cinelive sled, Atlas arm, Exovest) and am looking at switching to a different monitor. The Boland BVB07 is on there currently, that's what came with the rig. My question(s) are for the folks who have used monitors with built-in digital levels I.E. Transvideo, etc and monitors without digital levels. I am stuck between spending the extra money for a Transvideo or something like the SmallHD 703 and adding a bubble level. I currently own a 703 and am very familiar with it but I haven't used it as a Steadicam monitor yet. I guess my real question is if I were to go the Transvideo route, is the extra money worth it over something like a 703 and which models should I be looking at? I really like the Stargate V2 for its form factor and size, does anyone have experience with this as a Steadicam monitor? Or should I be looking more towards the CineMonitor 8" models? For those of you that are using something like a 703 or a DP7, do you regret going that route? What are the benefits you see in using those monitors, what are the drawbacks? Has using a bubble level or no level at all hurt your operating or make you wish you had gone with a monitor with a built-in level and the features that come with monitors at a higher price point? I look forward to hearing from all of you, this place has been a wealth of knowledge for me over the years, so thanks to all who contribute!
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