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  1. looking for antlers arielsalati@hotmail.com
  2. selling a DB 2 top stage PRO GPI bought as second hand never used anymore serial number n 31 1900 USD plus shipping costs located in switzerland arielsalati@hotmail.com
  3. Which is the lightest and smallest docking bracket for a Tiffen Ultra steadicam?
  4. wanted exovest arielsalati@hotmail.com
  5. Selling Hybrid 2“ XCS/GPI PRO CineLive HD V-LOCK from 2018 with BETZ Topstage Used couples of times and look NEW Sled: - Betz Top Stage -Upper Junction Box Cine/Live - LOWER J BOX Cine Live GIMBAL (Custom from Christian Betz) see Pics - BATTERY RACK GEN IV -HD Center Post Cable - new V-Look plates - 2“ XCS Gimbal - 2“ XCS Carbon Post - XCS ERGO Handle (Goofy) - Baer Bel V-Bracket Dock: - 2"Docking Fork - Docking Rings 2.0 - Baer Bel docking bracket Cables: - Cinelive power cable - Monitor Cable Transvideo - PRO Cine HD to XLR -div. HD Pro Cable - special SKB Custom Case for the RIG Monitor: - Cinemonitor HD 6' SBL Evolution in case someone is intersted to have a full kit i can sell a tiffen ultra arm and a ultra 1 tiffen vest Located in europe,switzerland email for price: arielsalati@hotmail.com
  6. looking for a second hand cinemonitor hd 6 transvideo arielsalati@hotmail.com
  7. Hi Guys, sorry busy busy time so the exovest is sold still selling sled and arm
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