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  1. Hello, Tom Thank you very much for your tips, I understand that it is dangerous to use arms and sleds to the extreme edge. It sounds like Zephyr Arm and A30 Arm are essentially the same total payload, I will confirm with Tiffen again when I buy! Thanks Wei
  2. Excuse me Are the payload capacities of Zephyr Sled and Zephyr Arm both 23 lb.? And the A30 Arm payload capacity is 30 lb.? If the A30 Arm is 30lb. In theory, using the Zephyr rig with the A30 Arm is the best performance? I am a novice, and I might choose Zephyr as my first rig. I have read a lot of discussions on the forum and I still don’t understand the problem. A few used Zephyr kits sold are equipped with A30 Arm instead of Zephyr Arm. Will this be an option? Can anyone give me a pointer! Thanks
  3. Hello Thanks for the tips,Give me great help.
  4. Excuse me What are the different functions of the different models of ARCHER SP /S-SP /V /SPV described on the Tiffen website? There is not much narrative on the website. https://tiffen.com/pages/archer-2sp Most of my usual work works with Alexa Mini, Mini LF, Red. Due to my budget and weight, Archer2 may be suitable as my first rig, Which model is suitable for SP /S-SP /V /SPV? Can you provide me some comments. Thanks
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