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  1. HI, what tilt head is recommended for my aero 30 sled? Thanks, Joseph
  2. I would like to ask for advice! Just got an aero 30. I have a Canon c200. When mounting on steadicam do you mount a shotgun mic? Did you mount a light? Also, important question. I am considering buying Zacuto pro baseplate with the idea of bottom to top...steadicam, then tripod plate, then pro baseplate, then the canon c200. Then, I could balance. Then, I could shoot on the steadicam. Then, I could take the camera out of the quick release plate on the pro baseplate. Then I could directly mount onto pro tripod dock which I could mount directly on a tripod. With that, I could go quickly from the steadimate to the tripod. ALSO, now here is a big question. I could take the camera with the pro baseplate and be able to put directly onto my shoulder. Here I need advice. I would need to move the display from the C200 forward from the current position on the handle of the C200 because without moving it forward I would be unable to view the display because it would be too far back on the baseplate which would be directly on my shoulder. Please give me a suggestion on this position of the display. I called Zacuto and their solution is complicated and expensive. See this on Adorama to look at components. https://www.adorama.com/zchpvctb.html
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