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  1. after all that... I didn't even include the model or link... https://www.smartsystem.it/product/smartcam-monitor-sm7-3k/ Happy Browsing
  2. Just wanted to reach out to any of those out there that are on the hunt for an alternative monitor to the current choices. I recently bought direct from the manufacturer in Italy, "Smart System". Im very pleased, actually impressed with the build of this unit. Super solid Aluminum billet casing. Actual buttons (some programmable) for functions. Easy access to menus. Optional Battery mount installed. 2 SDI BNc inputs. HDMI input if you need. This company seems to cater to a DSLR using crowd. They offer sliders and even a reasonable looking full sized Steady Rig with a really interesting looking Arm. But don't be put off by all that, this is a much more professional build than you'd expect, feels more "pro" than Small HD honestly- and I don't mean to put down Small HD, the 703 is great, but it needs an additional kit to make it yoke mountable. I don't put too much stake in NITs, because we all know that mirror effect of glass trumps almost brightest...that being said, this monitor offers a 3000 NIT rating. My ONLY detracting point for this unit is that it employs a standard glass face which reflects like all of them. Its got a substantial bit more weight than the DP7 I also use as backup. which I believe the DP7 is the same or close weight to the 703. Its not as weighty as my now defunct Cinetronics Gen1. Which I miss. I really like the extra weight to help me preserve my monitor extension options. I am working on designing some weight system to put on a Gold mount plate that will help me tune it up for a little extra weight. As far as the company is concerned. Lara and Andrea were my two main contact in the process of purchasing. They were extremely communicative never letting more than 24 hours pass before responding to my emails. I paid with a bank transfer wire which I'm used to some after purchases of WAVE and and other items over the years. Not my favorite mode of transacting, but these guys really did leave me confident in their dealings over email. They also make a version of this monitor that incorporates a integrated digital level. they also offer that digital level as a separate unit. another Operator friend has purchased that level and feels like it is a really well conceived and executed unit. I cannot say enough about how high end this monitor feels. And now the clincher. With the optional gold mount batt plate installed, international shipping, and an included power cable (which they did custom for me at no extra charge) I paid less than $2300 USD. It mounted almost perfectly in my CamJam yoke set up for DP7. I added a slightly thicker set of delrin washers to big the 1mm or so gap. Just wanted to share this.
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