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  1. Hey I will buy your 2-pin lemo to 4-pin XLR cables if the 4-pin XLR Is 90 degrees Alex@LAIR.tv
  2. Hey, I am really curious which Volt Upgrade package did you use? was it the M1 (1.75" Post) Upgrade Part called "Volt kit M1-V" Or the newer one Which instead of $6,750.00 is over $10K and part number is called "VOLT-GK1" But is made specifically for the Arri 1.74" Sled and gimbal?
  3. What size is your Pro Vest Made for? 917 992 0510 Alex@LAiR.tv
  4. How Much? and does it come with the Flex vest or just slingshot
  5. Ahhh Gotcha. So does that mean your kit comes with the following: -Pneumatic Pipe Module -Seat plate w/ adjustment lever -Four 3 inch riser posts
  6. On their website standard Kit is $1000 and deluxe model is $1,600... I am interested but not for more then the retail
  7. Hey, When you say you switched to a Volt post do you mean a Tiffen Volt post? or the Arri Volt Post? And M-2 Gimbal is made for 1.58" I thought it has to be an M-1 Gimbal thats 1.75"
  8. Hey, lmk if you want to part out. I would be interested in buying the Ronin 2. But I already own Alpha wheels and Ready Rig.
  9. What kind? If they are Michelle mount and Ronford baker...I will take them...where are you located... Alex@LAIR.TV 917 992 0510
  10. Hey, still available? I will buy it from you. Alex@LAIR.tv (917)992-0510
  11. Hey, Very interested, just want to confirm that other gold mount battery brands will still work on this charger?
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