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  1. Hey Osvaldo, The ZOE doesn't come with anything special. It is basically new as I have only used the unit about 5 times. I am selling it with two turn around cables. The ZOE controller is 8 pin Fuji native ($544.00), the turn around cables are 8 pin Fuji to 12 pin Fuji ($194.00) and 8 Pin Fuji to 8 Pin Canon ($194.00). So over a $1,000.00 with taxes brand new. Asking... $750.00 OBO Thanks. Mike
  2. J7 Zoom Controller, Excellent condition, 8 Pin Canon and 12 Pin Fuji... Asking: $500.00 OBO ZOE Zoom Controller, Excellent condition, 8 Pin Canon and 12 Pin Fuji... Asking: $750.00 OBO mike@mikeheathcote.com Thanks! Mike
  3. Hi there, I have two 3015 Ultra/Vector/Clipper/Archer/Flyer Bartech Power Cables. They retail for $125.00 new I would like $100.00/each OBO. Mike
  4. Hi there, Looking for a Bartech Follow Focus to XCS sled power cable. Thanks. Mike
  5. Hello, I have a couple more items for sale: - Video Low Mode Cage, 12" Posts (x3), Excellent condition: Price... $Best Offer - J Bracket for 5/8" Post: Price... $Best Offer - De Rose 1.5" Docking Bracket, It does not have a balancing stud unfortunately but you could order one from Jerry Hill: Price... $Best Offer Please contact me if interested: mike@mikeheathcote.com or 416 565 1300 Thanks! Mike
  6. Ergo Handle - on Hold. XCS Dual Rod Support Arm - Still Available $900.00US Zoe Zoom Controller with additional cables - Still Available $800.00US Mike
  7. Hill Balance Bracket with Gorelock One. Fits 1.580" and 1.500" posts. The balance post swings freely as the lock has been worn down. $Best Offer. mike@mikeheathcote.com 416 565 1300 Thanks! Mike
  8. Hello, I have a few items for sale: - XCS Dual Rod Telescoping Monitor Support Arm, It has barely been used, looks new: Price… $900.00US - Bebob Engineering ZOE Zoom Controller 8 Pin Fuji, Also two additional cables, 8 Pin Fuji to 8 Pin Canon and 8 Pin Fuji to 12 Pin Fuji: Price… $800.00US - XCS Ergo Handle (one of the original), currently at XCS waiting for service. It needs $335.00 of service for new Bearings and Shaft: As is… $750.00US Please contact me if interested: mike@mikeheathcote.com or 416 565 1300 Thanks! Mike
  9. Hello, I have a Bebob ZOE III Zoom Remote for sale. It is 8 pin Fuji. I have two additional cables: 1) 8 Pin Fuji to 8 Pin Canon 2) 8 Pin Fuji to 12 Pin Fuji It is in excellent condition and has only been used twice. Asking $800.00CDN mike@mikeheathcote.com Mike.
  10. I will include a Protective Hardcase with Custom Cut Foam as well. It was cut for the PRO 2, the CineMonitor 3A, a Quad Charger and four batteries. Dimensions 13.5" H, 16.5" W, 33.5" L. Mike
  11. I have had a couple inquiries regarding a monitor as well. I would be willing to negotiate a deal and include my Transvideo Cine 3A Super Bright. It is in excellent condition and has been used as a backup monitor. Mike
  12. I am considering selling my PRO 2. It is in excellent condition and has been fully serviced by Jack at PRO. I would be selling the sled only, PRO sled tools, PRO Monitor arm bracket and numerous Camera power cables. Original owner was Bob Gorelick, I am the second owner. I would be asking $25,000.00. Mike Toronto, Canada Please call if interested. 416 565 1300
  13. Still available. Excellent condition and just recently serviced by Tiffen. $13,000.00 US OBO.
  14. Hello, I am selling my Master Series Elite Sled only, no monitor. It has been well taken care of and recently serviced by Tiffen. This sled comes with the following: 1 Master Series Dovetail Plate 1 Master Series Docking Station 4 Master Series Elite Batteries (All Re-celled this year, 2010) 2 Lentequip Batteries for 24V cameras (This is an upgrade that was done by Emery Soos at Lentequip, they slide right onto the base of the sled) 1 Master Series 4 Port Charger for the 6 Batteries above. 2 24V Arri (SR3, 435, 535) Power Cables 2 12V Arri (SR1, 2, BL3, 4) Power Cables 1 Dual Telescoping Monitor arm 1 F Bracket for low Mode 1 set of Master Series Rain Covers 1 Owners Manual 2 Large Protective Cases. One Large Custom Black Case for the Sled/Batteries and One Black Pelican 1650 for the Accessories. Please email me if interested. I am located in Toronto, Canada. Asking $13,500.00 US OBO. mike@mikeheathcote.com Thanks! Mike
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