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  1. Hi, does anyone know where to buy a compact wireless dmx controlled onboard light (transmitter, receiver, dimmer-unit) for the use on the rig during multi-camera productions. The unit should be lightweight and work together with onboard halogen tungsten lights with around 50 watts.


    Also descriptions for DIY (shematic diagram) are welcome. Thank you !

  2. Has anyone out there experience in recelling PAG NMH-60 batteries with system RTI or similar ?


    Has anyone found a procedere to reconnect the RTI electronics in a way that it will function normally after recelling? I am not shure, if it will perform a reset during power on or just quit work? Should the electronics kept powered during recelling to fool it ?


    How can the housing be opened without destroying it ?


    Some of my batteries are getting weak slowly. Recelling could be a way to save some money during long winter nights ...


    Thanks, Hubert

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