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  1. Great work Neal ! I've already cleaned my G-70 according to your video Thanks !
  2. Dmitry Butenko

    G-70 arm

    I use my G-70 for 4 years and have got kick back spring broken twice.
  3. Hi Dougie I've been using Heden motors in temperatures lower then -10 degrees C (hope you know what Russian winter is ) and never had any problems with them . Good luck
  4. Hi Have been working with this device on TV shows an football matches for two years and find it very nice. You have very compact zoom control that works accurate and affordable price at the same time. Best
  5. Hi Looks like I'm not the only one who has that problem. I have the low stage boards cross check done without any success. The other FLG box installation did not help. Seems to me there is something wrong with whole electronic. Best
  6. I have the same problem with my Ultra Brite (s/n 000012) but it happens differently. Not at the very beginning. There is a problem with FLG, on-screen horizon level and composit signal when I use 8-pin LEMO cable as well. I've changed monitor's software several times but it didn,t help.
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