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  1. And the batteries. 6 x Swit (but one needs to be looked at) 3 x Pag L95e 3 x Pag L96e Thanks
  2. MKV 3.5 HD sled Good working order 2 inch 2 stage post V2 gimbal Betz Tools topstage 1 long dovetail plate 1 Sony style Cam-Tec dovetail plate 1 HD line and 1 composite line 2 V-lock battery mounts 1 x long BNC cable 1x short BNC cable 2 x MKV - 4 pin XLR cable Also comes with 3rd bottom battery mount but this doesn’t have a battery plate fitted The sled comes in the original MKV padded hard case Transvideo HD8 monitor Good working order HDMI, SDI, Composite inputs Steadicam 3A arm Mechanically fine but shows signs of use and the spring covers need re-anodising Comes with one 6 inch arm post and arm bag Steadicam Ultra vest plus spare plastic waist bands MKV docking bracket The kit is in good condition and I have used it for 10 years without any issues. I’m selling because I’ve upgraded to a new MKV kit. £18,000 GBP plus shipping Also available for U.K. buyers and European buyers if they are collected are: 6 Pag 95wh batteries and charger in a Peli case 5 Swit 190wh batteries and charger in a Peli case £500 GBP Take advantage of the Brexit chaos and the falling pound! The kit is for sale as a complete package only. Many thanks
  3. New Lower price. $20,000 plus shipping and I'll add in a Redbyte Decimator Quad HD-SDI - composite down converter to make the rig HD compatible. Thanks Curtis
  4. Now looking to sell only as a complete package at $21000 plus shipping. Thanks Curtis
  5. Hi Julian, Yes it's a Donkey Box 2 with Pro 1 SD electronics top and bottom. The lower box has been converted to take a Paglock battery. Thanks Curtis
  6. More pictures. Also forgot to mention, the arm comes with 1x Tiffen-Pro post, 1x long post and 1x short post.
  7. Hello all, I recently purchased a Pro/XCS sled from the forum but I've decided to keep my existing sled. So I've got a few items for sale. XCS TB-6 monitor with frame line generator (S/N 073). 16:9 with Duo frame lines. It works fine and comes with a Betz Tools Churchill monitor mount. There is a small ding on the underside but otherwise the monitor is in good condition. A rain/dust cover is included. $2300 with the sled or $2600 plus shipping Steadicam Master arm. Bought off this forum just over a year ago. It was serviced by Tiffen before it was sent to me. I've had a year of trouble free service. But I now have a Pro arm and no longer need the Master. It is in good condition, all the joints, bones and springs look good. The only issue is a small crack in one of the covers. It doesn't affect the operation of the arm though. It also comes with an arm bag. $7000 with the sled or $7500 plus shipping Pro/XCS sled: Pro Donkey Box with MDR Bracket (S/N 162) Pro Upper J-Box - Retrofit Gen III Pro Lower Junction Box 1-3 Battery System (Paglok) 12/24 S/N 137 Customised Betz Tools Churchill battery mount XCS 2.00" carbon fibre 19-31" Post XCS 2.00" Ultimate Gimbal with Ergo Handle (right handed) XCS Camera Plate, 2 Rods XCS 2x Docking clamps XCS Programmable Digital Level Plus (S/N 183) Assorted cables including: Two 8 pin Lemo right angle connectors Power and Video from PRO TB-6 9 Pin Fisher to 7 Pin Lemo connector fits new style ARRi 11 Pin Fisher to 7 Pin Lemo fits old style ARRI Rain/Dust Cover for Lower J-Box Anvil Hard Flight Case 1 x Pag AR-124 series-2 Charger 4 x PAGlok L95 Power Circle batteries Peli style flight case $14000 plus shipping The kit is located in the UK. Any questions drop me a line. Many thanks Curtis
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