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  1. I am using Transvideo's Virtual Horizon 2 in a 8 inch CineMonitorHD eSBL with real time movment compensation and shock filtering , it is amazing because the movements of the level are fluid like a liquid bubble but with the very usefull on screen reads . shock and accélération compensation let you have a very quick response leveler without the problems of a bubble trembling. In hard mount configuration it’s absolutely necessary. i've see that Transvideo introduced during IBC a new 9 axis wireless version, I'll try it as soon I can and tell you about it just right here :)
  2. I can tell about my experience using the transvideo cinemonitor sbl 6 and 8 under the rain and with salt water near me and not one time , many times, many years. i made lot of live work and sometimes the rain comes from nowhere and put you like in a shower in 5 minutes. i have never had problems with this monitor , i was afraid , because you are in live , and you can do absolutely nothing , just pray but the transvideo cinemonitor never let me down. when i know it's going to rain , i use plastic kitchen film and gaffer but not on the glass of the monitor , i let the glass free , absolutely no water comes inside, the glass is absolutely waterproof. i've use it also near salt water many times and the problem was not with the monitor but with the G50 arm :blink: as the big screws/bolts have rust all over the arm. the transvideos monitors got stainless screws :) herve
  3. I just tested this new horizon in Transvideo in an 8-inch, :) I have not seen anything equivalent before that. With reading and perfect fluidity, Removing micro parasite moves and inertia variations without affecting the quality of the horizon is impressive. It is fully customizable including the type of bubble desired. Contrary to what many see on the forum, this is not the race to the cheapest monitor, it is the race for the best monitor in the world. i watch to post a video of this soon , but if you can test it somewhere, try it ! because it is an evidence when used, but not obvious to see on a video of use.
  4. Looking for a sachtler artemis efp pro or cine hd complete or sled only .
  5. at this time you are right , the camera is not controled by vision tech , but i know that transvideo guys are working to make it possible in first for the lens iris on fuji,canon and angenieux lens thats why you have a rs232 on the TX and the data are in two way in/out on RX/TX. what we do now , we match the camera with the others before the show, and we work iris and focus with RF. but you cant ask to do the same things on a 9K€ system as another one at 10 or 20x more price. all the TV do not have CNN budget, you know what i mean. for me, at this price i do not know another system that can do the same quality job.
  6. i've try other setup for SNRTrdoff to see what appen , but i think you can see realy what appen when you are at the limits near when the signal shut down . after 50 meters for me. this setting make a ratio between details and noise (if there is some) for what i have seen when you stay in the safty area , this setting dos not change the aspect of the picture. In the middle, level 1 is good for me. i want to try the multiple receivers joined with one TX option. it will be very interesting for me. ps : ask jacques to put a locked horizon in the RX , then the directors will be happy all the times :D
  7. hi chris and all. i just want to tell you my experience with the titan hd , i use the titan HD for 3 months now and i make steadicam live TV work with it. the link was extremly robust if you stay in a safe area of 50 meters with normal antennas around the receiver. You can get more distance with other antenas i think. i've made 11 TV shows at this time with the titan HD, sport, music and news events and the titan have never break the link, the picture was absolutly exellent. there is no delay , i've use it in multi camera setup the lip sync was the same as the câble camera. it's very important to trust in your setup when you do live TV work , small cracks in the picture are not allowed. this is absolutly perfect for me.
  8. The Transvideo Cinemonitor HD 8¨is re-listed on Ebay at a reduced price $5100 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170348810410
  9. the rainbow II are sold. the cinemonitor HD 8¨ is waiting for a new home.
  10. some pictures of the Rainbow II super bright . some pictures of the cinemonitor hd 8¨
  11. Transvideo monitors for sale here: the first is a couple of Transvideo rainbow II super bright with TITAN RX and TX inside the second one is a Cinemonitor HD Full option. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170342485384 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170342511751 both are in exellent condition.
  12. I have work with this system for a long time to get a good balance with lcd monitors on the master .
  13. every 5 seconds watching this video , that sound comes from my mouth : " oh lala , outch olala"
  14. you can adjust it as you want , you set the 100 % point and you set the start of orange warning on the picture , it works like a zebra on camera . another tool is the black level it works in the same way for the black .
  15. hello herve isn't this the "artemis pro hd sdi" rig you have the transvideo monitor on in this picture Hi mark yes it's the artemis pro hdsdi
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