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  1. Matt Petrosky

    One Shot Music Video

    Agreed. Well done.
  2. Matt Petrosky

    Preston to Red Epic remote start/stop cable

    Chris made me a custom RED Epic/Scarlet cable that was EXACTLY what I ordered, delivered expeditiously, and works perfectly. I found him to be technically-knowledgable and very understanding of our crazy schedules. +1 -Matt
  3. Matt Petrosky


    Good for you and good for us Michael!
  4. Matt Petrosky


    I second everything that Randy said above—one of the best/most versatile tools in my kit. It's a really smart design, and with Backstage's stellar customer service that has been supporting me for years. I've also used it for crazy handheld shooting for running/chase sequences. It's great! -Matt P.S. Vote for Ron Baldwin
  5. Matt Petrosky

    Preston to Red Epic remote start/stop cable

    Hey Alec, not that you can ever rely on this, but I thought most Epic/Scarlet cameras came from the rental houses with this breakout cable as a standard item? Or perhaps in lieu of another standard item for 30+ years, a leveling eyepiece? I think I'm going to buy a 2nd cable, although a different version that doesn't require the breakout cable. I love how RED has again deviated from it's own non-standard. Good call guys!
  6. Matt Petrosky

    Preston to Red Epic remote start/stop cable

    I've been successfully using Preston's Epic/Scarlet run/stop cable connected to the white BNC on the RED medusa-cable plugged into the SYNC port. Make sure you have the RED's menus setup correctly for the port to function as desired. The negative of this setup is that I am reliant on having an Epic BNC medusa-cable, and there are a crap-ton of extra cable bits to dress on the rig. Positive is that it doesn't eat up the port for other things, like wearing a clock-it full-time (as we have discovered we need to if we want to keep time-code). -Matt
  7. Matt Petrosky

    power cable for red epic

    Terry just made me a couple Epic/Scarlet cables as well. Fast turnaround! -Matt
  8. Matt Petrosky

    Mt. Whitney as a day hike?

    Oh, forgot to add... This is the website for Mt. Whitney info: http://www.whitneyportalstore.com/ check out the forum link—lots of valuable info and current reports and hiking logs of conditions atop the mountain.
  9. Matt Petrosky

    Mt. Whitney as a day hike?

    I'd like to hike it in a day, later in the summer when the snow is gone. I've hiked it twice, once with Mr. Baldwin, and we took a ton of gear and it was three days of slogging though the snow, post-holing most of the way—amazing workout! Apparently (this is a bit of a gamble) you can usually get multi-day permits the day-of at the ranger station on non-holiday weekends because of no-shows and cancelations. I'd be up for either, but hiking it lightweight in a day is appealing as it would be new and different. I know Tom has done both. It's about a 22-mile round-trip with over 6K in elevation change. It's a beautiful hike the whole way. Tom and I have also been talking about Kilimanjaro, but we've never gotten it together—anyone else interested? -Matt
  10. Matt Petrosky

    New Fawcett/Tiffen exoskeleton vest

    Ron I am surprised by your association with noble gases. And Doc, call me crazy, but I like using the superpost. Setup is a PITA, but it's fun to fly.
  11. Matt Petrosky

    Landau/Filmtools/Backstage steadi-cart

    If you want to build Erwin's "Case Cart" I have the only other inner frame frame built Have you built this one Eric? I'd like to see it in person. Last time I talked with Erwin he was not happy with this cart-version either. Shipped it once and as soon as a case got a little bent he said it would not fit together properly. Also said he spent a small fortune on it. Of course Erwin never goes small on this stuff!
  12. Matt Petrosky

    Landau/Filmtools/Backstage steadi-cart

    I have one of the original 5 prototypes of this cart that Erwin/Backstage designed. I love mine and it's held up well over 7+ years of shipping and truck ratchet-strap abuse. It almost always gets ogling and positive comments from ACs, sound guys, and VTR–it just does what it does well. I will say that one of the best things about this cart is the service behind it. Backstage is AWESOME. Sig, Manolo, and their guys are great, and to this day if I wanted to change/fix something on this cart, or anything else that Backstage makes, they would happily accommodate, and that includes major changes that require welding and re-painting, etc. Can't say enough good things about having that kind of custom support. And they will make/modify it to your needs/liking before delivery. Say you didn't want that "shin-buster Ron Baldwin-style" handle on it. No problem, just tell them and they'll make you one without, or perhaps in a different style. Also worth mentioning, the Backstage design easily allows a custom shelf height/spacing. For example I have my top shelf just hight set enough above my lower shelf so that I can stack two 1650 Pelican cases on the bottom self. Will Arnot has (or had, he was one of the original 5) this cart, and being a tall fellow, he set a tall man's comfortable shelf height. Easy to do and easy to change. FYI, mine is 130lbs. shipping weight, still within the realm of FedEx and UPS. Cheers, Matt
  13. Matt Petrosky

    Cmotion vs Preston?

    Check in regularly, they often get parts completed faster then expected. Also they may be ready to ship everything in a few weeks, excepting a DM-2 motor or something... obviously not a complete setup if that was included in your order, but you could get started, or get a DM-1x and DM-4, etc. Just depends what they are behind on. -Matt
  14. Matt Petrosky

    Cmotion vs Preston?

    YES and YES! And I don't think it's a four-month lead time now, maybe four weeks, but call Preston, and if you are needing something quickly they can probably figure something out. And I'll add that while there are some ACs who may still prefer the HU2, the majority of ACs I work and talk with now like the HU3, it's been out for years, has proven itself, and they prefer it. My 2¢, Matt
  15. Matt Petrosky

    Balking at Certificate of Insurance

    YES!!! What Eric and Alec said: Steadicam is simply NOT A BOX RENTAL. This distinction is an important one.