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  1. Super post for 1.8 inch for sale. Old style cable connectors so you will need to contact Arri for the correct cable for your sled if not the older connectors. $2300.00IMG_6825.HEIC Thanks, Buzz
  2. Do this 10 tens each leg for 5 reps. Then pull your knee across and under your body alternating with extending your knee outside your body level with your hip. Begin without being on a bosso ball or medicine ball to get your core used to it. This will also help with balance and will work all the parts of your core muscles. buzz Sorry for the previous attempts at loading the video... IMG_2730 (1).mov IMG_2730.mo
  3. IMG_2730.MOV IMG_2730.MOV IMG_2730.MOV IMG_2730.MOV IMG_2730.MOV
  4. Tyson, Have you solved the issue? Try turning up the tension a bit. Buzz
  5. Time to go... 800 bucks. with some run stop cables and power cables.
  6. Betz Wave for sale. D tap power cable and Pro wired power cable with case. I used it 7 times and was purchased earlier this year second hand. No issues what so ever. $6000 plus shipping Thanks for looking. I can take more pictures but its a wave... I think you all know what it looks like. Buzz Moyer
  7. Yes indeed... do you want another Wave? May let someone else have turn with it. B
  8. Alec, doesn’t that plate raise the camera even higher? I find my post is already long enough to scrape batteries on the ground with most cameras. Currently using an Millenium XL and I didn’t even consider using the wave for the job. I can see the beauty of using that piece with a lighter camera for sure... great idea. Buzz
  9. Preston MDR 2 G4 for sale. Used just enough to break it in. 1800 bucks takes it and the cables: 12 volt 4 pin xlr 24 volt 3 pin xlr artemis sled power Arri rs power Arri run cable lemo to MDR power Thanks,
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