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  1. Time to go... 800 bucks. with some run stop cables and power cables.
  2. Betz Wave for sale. D tap power cable and Pro wired power cable with case. I used it 7 times and was purchased earlier this year second hand. No issues what so ever. $6000 plus shipping Thanks for looking. I can take more pictures but its a wave... I think you all know what it looks like. Buzz Moyer
  3. Yes indeed... do you want another Wave? May let someone else have turn with it. B
  4. Alec, doesn’t that plate raise the camera even higher? I find my post is already long enough to scrape batteries on the ground with most cameras. Currently using an Millenium XL and I didn’t even consider using the wave for the job. I can see the beauty of using that piece with a lighter camera for sure... great idea. Buzz
  5. Preston MDR 2 G4 for sale. Used just enough to break it in. 1800 bucks takes it and the cables: 12 volt 4 pin xlr 24 volt 3 pin xlr artemis sled power Arri rs power Arri run cable lemo to MDR power Thanks,
  6. Great sled... still using the arm that came with it from 1994. Many add ons and tweaks possible.
  7. Jerome, He man, does that have the back pan/stabilizer in there? Buzz
  8. Adam, Is it free? You have no price that I can see my friend.
  9. Get this out of my Garage! Klassen vest for sale. Yes it's used and it has some scratches and dings, but it has recently been recovered and has not been worn for a few years. I am 6'4" but believe it has always been a bit short for me. Currently 190 pounds with a 33/34 inch waist. I purchased it when I was a 36 inch waist and around 220 (P90X and Insanity ridded me of that a few years ago.) I added padding in the front to fill in the gap and used it for a few years at that size with no issues. The price is $1999... yes folks, $1999, and if you act now I'll throw in ground shipping. The vest has been a solid performer for many years and I am reluctant to sell it, But I really haven't used it. Thanks for looking. John"Buzz"Moyer
  10. Matthias, I did see that bracket, I do however have two Artemis brackets now and thought it better to modify the bracket rather than buy yet another one.
  11. Works great for me... using a panavision XL with HD tap. Its bright...very bright. Delay is juuuuust slight but not a problem for me. No bracket available for the Artemis sled yet, so I had one machined to adapt to the 6 inch size. Lots of options that I won't use and I do miss the built in level of my recently deceased 702.
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