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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know the size of the Grub screw that goes in a G50 arm post? Many thanks, Rob Turner
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for the words of encouragement. Cheers Ron for adding the pictures, and Mike thanks for the declaration, big smiles at Base Camp ! The wind here is not so bad as Base Camp is sheltered on 3 sides. The weather is crazy here, blistering bright sun in the morning and then generally about 3pm the cloud sets in and we get the odd bit of snow fall. Protecting all the kit is an issue. it goes from about -15C overnight to +35/40C within about an hour in the morning. condesation forms on anything exposed. So all the kit must go into is case overnight... a bit of a pian in the ass. I'm using Anton beauer Hytron 140 batteries with the camera, and Steadicam power cubes on the rig - because both of these are Lithium ion the cold is not really an issue. The new power cubes are great. We are using head cams (model POV1) on the climber we are following, in their inital climbs we got some amazing/scary pictures as he went over the ladders in the icefall. he starts the climb for real tomorrow weather permiting. Ron, I'm not a climber but like to think I'm pretty fit. The reporter and I got this gig because we followed the same guy last year as he climbed the North face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps. It was there I first used my rig at any kind of height near the top of Mt. Blanc. - cable car all the way, lol. I'm not going any higher than Base Camp, but I do think you have to be a special type of crazy to go up the hill... I might not be it, but still think anyone who can get to the top has to have our respect. Rob
  3. hey again, you can now see pics if you are outside the uk and video within at http://www.itv.com/News/newsspecial/Everest/default.html I'm really hoping to be the highest op in history - i have to at least have one claim to fame in my otherwise normal existance - but im sure its just a matter of time untill somone comes forward to knock me off my perch. Base camp has been rammed with people, over 300 climbers this year and their window has been cut short by the Olympic torch. A few teams have left already although most look like they will be going over the next 2 or 3 days. Im just here working, but i guess you would love it mate. Rob
  4. hey Ron, I'm still up here and the connection we have is slow but i will try to upload some pics soon - Extreme Steadicam takes on new heights... Rob
  5. Hello all... I have been browsing these pages for a while but have never really had much to shout about... I wanted to see if anyone had used their rig above 5350 meters (17,550 feet) I'm at Everest Base Camp and have been using the rig to provide daily content for the ITV news back home. There is less than half the oxygen than at sea level here, and just rolling over in bed leaves you breathless, but i was not going to miss the opportunity of getting some incredible pictures off my Archer SE. I have only been in the rig for 30 mins at a time but it has left me almost useless for the rest of the day. Any comments welcome. Rob
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