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  1. Yes this will work with the Trinity the same way as a standard size post.
  2. For Sale asking $1750 MDR 2: -G4 -Blue Dot -updated firmware -comes with cine tape cable and sony/red command cable Excellent contidion Cosmetic signs of wear Feel free to ask any questions or for more pictures. eacamera@yahoo.com Thank You, Eli Aronoff eacamera@yahoo.com
  3. Hi There, For Sale: Artemis HD Cine Broadcast Super Post -1.8" -hight range: 44" - 74" (without Top and Bottom stages) Shipping Case included Excellent condition Thank You, Eli Aronoff eacamera@yahoo.com $2,500 Thank You, Eli Aronoff eacamera@yahoo.com
  4. Kenyon 4x4 Gyro set for Sale: 1. 4x4 Gyro 2. Anton Bauer Mount 3. Kenyon Mount 4. KI 14-6v inverter 5. cable from gyro to inverter (XLR) 6. Cable from inverter XLR to AB Dtap for power 7. Pelican case Great Condition $2,500 eacamera@yahoo.com
  5. Hello, I'm selling my Tiffen Jerry Hill Docking Bracket and Mag Doc. They're in good, fully functioning condition with cosmetic evidence of use. About 3 years old. Selling both together for $999 plus shipping These docking brackets can fit any rig. ***You would have to order the correct rings and stud if its not a Tiffen sled*** Included: 1. Jerry Hill Docking Bracket (Gorelock 2) 2. Jerry Hill Mag Doc 3. 1.685 Docking ring 4. 1.580 Docking Ring $999 plus shipping. Thanks for your interest. Pictures below. -Eli -Eli
  6. Eli Aronoff


    That's great to hear Andre. Thanks for the input! -Eli
  7. Eli Aronoff


    Hello, I am currently in the market to buy a new sled. I've heard nothing but great things about the Sachtler Artemis 2. I would love to hear from some owner/operators about it and where you get it serviced if you live in the US. Thanks for your time!! Eli
  8. looks great! who did the video upgrade?
  9. I'm interested as well. Is it still available? If not, where can I get one? Thanks, Eli
  10. Hi there, I'm wondering where I can find the thinest BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 video cable to run from the camera to the hyperdeck? Or do they make BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 adaptors? Since the hyper deck doesn't have a BNC input/output and it's kind of big (for steadicam), I'm a little disappointed. I'm sure once it is up and running it will be ok though. If anyone has any info about thin cables, connectors and or adaptors please let me know. Have a great Labor Day! Thanks, Eli
  11. Thanks. I'll look into that
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