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  1. please email me the price if you were to sell the sled alone. thanks! ironsidesmotion@gmail.com
  2. Interested! Send me an email please. ironsidesmotion@gmail.com
  3. Cherry hand unit. 100% working and latest firmware. Ended up acquiring another in a combo sale so don't need this unit. ironsidesmotion@gmail.com
  4. Check to make sure the belt motors are tensioned. If they slack out at all it will cause a slight twitch.
  5. Time to let her go! Great Pro Cinelive/XCS combo. From top to bottom... Betz Top Stage Betz 12” plate Pro Cinelive upper electronics (2) Hill 2” docking rings XCS 2” carbon fiber post with orange HD inner cable XCS 2” Gimbal XCS Ergo handle standard side Pro Cinelive lower electronics Pro battery hanger version III Also... 2 jumper blocks Spare Pro AB battery mount Gimbal tool Post tool $23,500 Local pickup in LA available upon request. Will also ship of course. ironsidesmotion@gmail.com
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