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  1. got here too late! If anyone else reading this needs, I have Decimator MD-HX's that will do the job.
  2. Oy. Sorry man. It makes no sense...that's like $2000 less than the Teradek 1000 with twice the range. Still a very capable transmitter. Hope you can sell it soon.
  3. That's a pretty cool feature, Mike. Would there be a possibility of having it talk to the the desktop software to render a more sophisticated real-time graph of the spectrum, so for instance a DIT could use it as a frequency analyzer without having to use other hardware?
  4. Mini package is $1300, the Fusion receiver $1000. Check with Media Blackout on the rest of it.
  5. A little update: Had three Mini sets in action on the last show. A and B camera each got a Mini transmitter (in the housing shown above) and were set up in a 1:2 configuration with a Connex Fusion receiver (the original full-size Connex receiver, with current firmware update able to communicate with the Mini transmitter) on a panel antennae array, plus the Mini receiver in housing for the AC's. Overall the performance was comparable to a Teradek system, which is to say there were sporadic and seemingly random breakups at different times which were often fixable by power cycling the system in question. Range was decent. Best scenario came when one of our characters was on a hoverboard traveling half a city block. With the antennae array pointing down the street, the system held a line-of-sight signal for a solid 450 feet (the entire block) with no issues. At other times we did see breakup even at short distances. Having two units in close proximity seems to be a little problematic. I have the antennaes the prescribed 4-5 feet apart on a mast but they still seem to fight with each other a little. Good news is that like the latest Teradeks, if signal is lost is will quickly restore, much faster than the previous generation. Overall, performance is roughly on a par with the current generation of Amimon-based transmitter systems but at a much lower price point. For me it is absolutely necessary to have SDI in and out so I went to Media Blackout to have them design the housings seen in previous posts. This certainly upped the cost but still, substantially less than commercially sold versions with SDI.
  6. if anyone is selling a used 2-riser American Steadicam stand with their casters (not the pneumatic larger ones), please let me know.
  7. If you can, get yourself an S2H to test on cameras that output 23.98psf before you buy. The Connect requires that you push a button to initiate the conversion between psf and p (aka, 2:2 pulldown) and I was told that it must be re-enabled if the unit is powered down (didn't get a chance to test this for myself though). It would be easy to forget since the Ninja Star doesn't have a monitor. I would recommend either the Decimator MD-HX or the AJA Hi-5 Plus SDI to HDMI convertors (HX is around 300 and the AJA is a bit more, but smaller), which will do that conversion automatically without having to activate.
  8. I had high hopes for the $99 Decimator MD-LX introduced at NAB since it listed 23.98psf but once again--thwarted. It doesn't convert that signal. However I have opened a request with them to see if it can be remedied via firmware update.
  9. One note I'll add about the Feelworld convertors, as I tested those last winter as well as did Rich Greb from Camera Motion Research. They do list 23.98psf in their spec, however their converted output is not 23.98p or 24p, it's some oddball frame rate that some monitors may not be able to display (48i....?!) Otherwise they seem like a good unit for the price.
  10. Due to copyright issues relating to the soundtrack, my old Youtube link above is not viewable any more. Here is the classic video now on Vimeo.
  11. YES!!! So the shopping list would be: - Model 1 (or 2)...probably best with modern battery mount, cant imagine there are any working NC12's at this point and monitor needs to fire up! - 3A arm - 2C, four baffles would be fantastic, 3 would be OK also. BL1 or 2 would be sort of hilarious. Eyepiece tap, preferably with tube camera (Jerry Holway may have). - lens--anamorphic would be ideal, vintage of course to match the camera! - long throat mag (I have the SL cine ARRI 3 mags but would be even better with original converted mag--not going roll film through, just has to be able to mount)
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