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  1. Speaking of New Kid(s) On The Block and Steadicam...this was a long cold night 25 yrs ago.
  2. Yep, I have that one too, but as I mentioned I don't like using a surveillance headset so I have that one cut apart to take advantage of their circuit in there that mutes the comtek when there is walkie transmission. Have been trying to work with that company to make a headset-agnostic version but they aren't interested.
  3. I spoke to a Bolero rep this week. There are some really cool features to their system, including the Bluetooth connectivity David Thomas mentions above, plus a nice looking display to switch between multiple channels (I've long envisioned an infrastructure where A and B cam have their own channels, the 2nds and loader have another one etc, so operators don't have to wade through the chatter). But it's really expensive and I'm not going there. Last year I took a hard look at the Unity system which leverages phones (I would have supplied Ipod Touches) as the interface, it has many great fe
  4. David Thomas, have you worked with the Bolero? Would love to hear some specifics on performance, functionality, quirks etc.
  5. But surely with a much later Derose battery mod?!
  6. Terry, what was the story with that rehouse in the last post? I get the battery mod but the sled and monitor rehouse...was that a Model 1 originally?
  7. From this day 25 years ago, here are the tributes to Ted from the original Steadicam board on AOL. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nqO_ukpSfbu-EN4v2ONu2JWnPhvrJwS/view?usp=sharing
  8. got here too late! If anyone else reading this needs, I have Decimator MD-HX's that will do the job.
  9. Oy. Sorry man. It makes no sense...that's like $2000 less than the Teradek 1000 with twice the range. Still a very capable transmitter. Hope you can sell it soon.
  10. That's a pretty cool feature, Mike. Would there be a possibility of having it talk to the the desktop software to render a more sophisticated real-time graph of the spectrum, so for instance a DIT could use it as a frequency analyzer without having to use other hardware?
  11. Mini package is $1300, the Fusion receiver $1000. Check with Media Blackout on the rest of it.
  12. A little update: Had three Mini sets in action on the last show. A and B camera each got a Mini transmitter (in the housing shown above) and were set up in a 1:2 configuration with a Connex Fusion receiver (the original full-size Connex receiver, with current firmware update able to communicate with the Mini transmitter) on a panel antennae array, plus the Mini receiver in housing for the AC's. Overall the performance was comparable to a Teradek system, which is to say there were sporadic and seemingly random breakups at different times which were often fixable by power cycling the system
  13. if anyone is selling a used 2-riser American Steadicam stand with their casters (not the pneumatic larger ones), please let me know.
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