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  1. "Hello everyone ! from the Canary Islands, Can anyone that has experience changing out the internal potentiometer in a FMG.6 motor help me out with the method of doing it. Thank you very much in advance." Jim ?
  2. Thanks Alan, it worked using Imgur.com Joe, See the trace that goes to the 6 pin RF Filter labelled FLT1 that is your RF Connection point. You will have to solder to the Centre Pin of the RF connector to the centre PCB Board land and not the ones that are close by on either side. I pulled the SMA connector so that you can get a better view of the PCB land that you will have to attach to. Just remember that we are at 2.4Ghz here so take care both not for overheat the trace as well as NOT placing a large solder blob at the connection point as both will lead to RF impedance mis-match and could decrease your range. You probably will get away with it somewhat seeing as the PCB is a fiberglass FR4 0.062" which works ok at these frequencies. ( Please disregard the Capacitor above the label L41. fixed that after I took the photo ) Hope that this does help. Marc
  3. Hello Joe: I have images for you and can email them direct to you as I cannot seem to get them to upload here on the forum. You will have to solder to the Centre Pin of the RF connector to the centre PCB Board land and not the ones that are close by on either side. Also, what is the easiest method for uploading images on the forum for next time ? I tried to Image to URL converters that are free online but the Forum would not allow the extensions. Marc
  4. Hello Everyone, Every motor we sell comes with a 0.8 gear. Rarely we get a request to purchase a separate 0.8 gear so we have to custom order these from Heden, We checked again and our cost for the 0.8 Gear is actually More than the entire 0.4, 05, 06 Gear Set to buy.
  5. We verified that the On - Off work on the Red EPIC 4.0.18 release as well as on 5.1.23 Beta two weeks ago. ( The camera rental house only temporarily put Beta on for our test and then reverted back to 4.0.18 Release as soon as our test was finished ) You need to ensure the following in the menu of the camera Brain GPIO Menu Camera Input: General Purpose In Brain GPI In High Record Start Brain GPI In Low Record Stop Camera Output Sync Out Cheers Marc
  6. Yes, we are glad to work with Alan by supplying him with the camera run and protection circuits and will soon also supply the cables that Alan has designed through our Webstore as well. Thank you again for everyone's feedback on how we can improve our Digital Receiver for the Bartech, we really appreciate it. Regards, Marc
  7. In response to all of the people PMing Yes the system works with the Analog Bartech as well ! Cheers Marc
  8. Hi everyone, We have now finally released our microprocessor controlled C100 / C300 / C500 camera Start / Stop interface. http://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com/c300-on-off-cable/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOx1d49WZY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4X9sYejHlM Works with Bartech, Preston, C-Motion remote follow focus systems using your existing 3 pin Fisher Arri Run cables Uses the 2.5mm Stereo LANC port on the camera to communicate the camera Run / Stop signal via the onboard microprocessor Green LED indicates that the cable is connected and that the Camera is Powered Red LED indicates the camera is Recording and Microprocessor continually checks the camera status via the LANC protocol to ensure that the camera is running.
  9. Hello Faiz Could you please post a picture of the J7 with the connector. The issue is most likely a bad cable connection if you do not have either function working. Likely the Power or Ground connection has broken. Where are you located? Most likely there will be an Electronics Technician in your area that can do the repair Try either a TV or Stereo repair shop. The repair will probably cost about $40 to $60 if it is just a simple cable issue. Hope this helps, Marc
  10. Yes, This is the plan for the future. I have just added them into the wireless protocol. Best Regards, Marc
  11. Hi Jess, I wrote the software for the Bartech multi-channel handset upgrades to send Focus and Iris on the same Channel That way you can have multiple systems on the same set in multi channel mode The Digital receiver has 16 switch positions to choose from 0-9,a,b,c,d,e,f 0 to 7 are for focus A = channel 0 iris B = channel 3 iris C = channel 7 iris So when you have a 2 channel Focus /Iris handset you can for example set the Handset to Channel 0. on the Focus receiver set the Channel to 0 and on the Iris receiver set the Channel to A Cheers, Marc
  12. About 3 years ago I got to ski this rig for "The Big Year" some shots made it also into the Trailer This was the only time I have ever worn a camera, and I happened to work part time as a Ski Patrol Medic on the mountain that the show was filming at so I was approached to ski the rig. it was good times knowing that at over 25 Mph on an Icy run and chasing 2 stunt skiers that falling definitely was NOT an option :blink: Someone else was operating the camera remotely. Gladly everything turned out well... this is one day that i did not want to fall :D
  13. Hi Robert, Great to see you again today !! Here is that antenna: Preston MDR tranceiver 2.4 GHz Antenna: ANT-2.4-CW-RCS Marc
  14. Hi All, Several people have called recently that wanted to get replacement antennas quickly. I have used Digikey for the past several years as they ship overnight! I just wanted to post this list of common antennas. From www.digikey.com Bartech Handset Transmitter 900 Mhz antenna : ANT-916-CW-QW Bartech Digital Receiver 900 Mhz antenna: ANT-916-CW-RH Bartech Analog Receiver 900 Mhz antenna: ANT-916-CW-RH Link 1 Cini Remote Wireless 900 Mhz antenna: ANT-916-CW-RH Preston MDR tranceiver 2.4 GHz Antenna: ANT-2.4-CW-RCS Cheers Marc
  15. The analog Bartech works with the G Zoom. The digital Bartech will not work with the G-Zoom as there is no analog input to the BDR. The difference between the Analog and Digital Bartech receivers are the types of motors that each work with. The Analog Bartech works with motors such as the M-One analog and Heden M26P that have a potentiometer that detects the position on the output shaft of the motor. These motors use a 5 pin Lemo connector. See this article: Potentiometer The Digital Bartech works with most industry standard lens motors such as Heden, Preston, Scorpio and M-One Digital. These use use Digital Optical Shaft Encoders connected to the Motor itself that generate Digital pulses that are used to derive the position of the output gear of the motor and this is used by the Digital feedback circuit in the receiver to position the motor. These motors have a 7 pin Lemo connector on them. Here is a great article: Optical Encoder Hope this helps, Marc
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