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  1. Selling an old project sled. Never got around to doing anything with it then hung the vest up after an injury. OG Ultra 1. I think this was the first sled that Tiffen made under the Steadicam brand. Was their flagship for a while. Unsure of weight capacity, but based on the cameras of the time it would have to up in the 40-55lbs range. Takes a single Anton Bauer Battery. Doesn’t included a monitor, but comes with rods for it. I don’t have the cables to test it, but there’s a green light when I flip it on and no smoke comes out. No SDI up and down the post. It’s all analog despite the “HD” labels on some of the connectors. I intended to wire it for HD but never found the time. Some cosmetic damage on it and moving the top post and battery bracket is a touch stiff, but manageable. Battery bracket is missing a foot(Included). Some wear on the gimble from where the handle meets it. Light surface rust on some screws, but nothing significant. Gimbal itself is in good shape. Held true last I tested it. No rough spots and spins freely. The grip was replaced at some point with the ultra 2 design as the clamp doesn’t match the rest of the sled. This was common on the old master series and ultra 1 sleds as the old clamp had a tendency to snap. Top stage moves smoothly and freely across the entire range. dovetail plate holds firmly without slipping Email DCSteadicam@gmail.com Asking $6200 NET OBO, Paypal, Apple pay, Venmo, or Cash if local pickup Shipping to CONUS only please
  2. Includes Sled, Vest, Arm, docking bracket, and HD TVlogic monitor. Sled is in good working condition. There are a few scuffs and scratches, one deeper paint scrape in the lower section (pictured) but it's overall in good condition. Wired for sd, but with an HD monitor. Has Anton Bauer battery plate, but can be swapped out with a V mount for additional cost. Arm has scuff marks on the edges, there is a small click at the top of the boom range. This does not effect operation, just annoying when you put the rig on. I believe it's something to do with the bump stops, but I'm not sure. Arm includes a 1/2" post. Hanging strap has been replaced with tie line. Vest is in good condition. Small amount of surface rust on a few of the screws, but they turn freely and aren't stripped. Ratchets have plenty of bite in them. Socket block is rigid and mounts solidly Docking bracket is missing the plastic part of the thumb screw. Would be a perfect first "Big Rig" due to it's power options, and light weight, and high capacity. US and Canada only please. Asking $10,500 OBO David@DavidMAronson.com https://imgur.com/a/E9hYnwz
  3. If you need a headset and not just hearing protection, David Clark is the way to go. Otherwise, you can likely take inspiration from shooting ranges where people use both in-ear earplugs and over ear hearing protection. If you have the money, custom ones from an audiologist are great. Just pricey.
  4. I would do a chargeback on your card while you still can. MK-V has a long history of stuff like this.
  5. These are currently on sale for $1500 off list price on B&H for the next 12 hours or so. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1280906-REG/smallhd_mon_1303hdr_durable_13_hdr_ready.html
  6. Transvideo Cinemonitor HD X-SBL with Virtual Horizon 3. Not much more to say about it. Has been used primarily in studio. Usual scuffs from day to day use. Includes: Monitor SN:13LS0956 Virtual Horizon 3 SN:14JS0661 D-Tap to 2 pin lemo charging cable 8 pin to 8 pin monitor cable Transvideo yoke with mounting hardware Email David@DavidMAronson.com Asking $5200 pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kzl576b6qr3y7pr/AABqYwlSrkSS1apU4XfWKSZ-a?dl=0
  7. Tiffen makes great sleds if you can get a hold of them.
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