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Found 11 results

  1. Hi gang, Following an Upgrade to an M2 I am now selling my trusty Tiffen Clipper 2 sled. I bought this sled when I first started out in 2014 and it has served me very well on my journey from local short film shoots to working on TV and feature productions. It is basically an Ultra 1 with an Archer tilting top stage and can support full size cameras such as Alexa and Arri LT 35mm. It has had an HD-SDI line added and also has a custom 12/24 volt power system added by Optical Support in London where it has been serviced so is ready to work with modern film and digital cinema cameras. Moving forward, if/when you feel the need you can directly replace the gimbal with a 1.58" M2 Volt gimbal by removing the top stage which I can show you how to do. The sled comes with dovetails and power cables (see below), low mode monitor mount, main monitor post clamp and Tiffen hardcase. It does not have a monitor, rods or yoke as I am using those with my new sled but I could be persuaded to part with my spare monitor and yoke which is compatible if you don't want to source one yourself. It also doesn't come with docking rings or bracket as I'm using these with my new sled too. Included Dovetails: Original Tiffen dovetail Cam-Tec camera dovetail with 15mm rod attachments Cam-Tec V-lock dovetail allowing direct, vibration free, quick release attachment of cameras with sony VCT style bases such as full size Alexa Included Cables: Top stage lemo to 12v 4pin XLR Top stage lemo to 12v Alexa Mini / Amira Top stage lemo to 24v Alexa 2 pin Fischer Top stage lemo to female D-TAP D-TAP to 12v 4 pin XLR ( monitor direct power) D-TAP to 4pin Lemo ( RED DSMC power ) 4 pin Hirose to 12x 4pin XLR ( base to monitor power) 4 pin Hirose to 12x 4pin right angle XLR ( base to monitor power) 6 pin Hirose to 12v 4pin right angle XLR and BNC ( combined base to monitor power and composite video ) This is a fantastic first rig or if you're stepping up from something smaller! Asking £7k, I'm not VAT registered yet so won't need to add that. Would prefer a UK buyer so don't have to deal with all the customs/exporting fun but happy to make ready for shipping at buyer's arrangement. I'm based in London and you are more than welcome to come to see and test fly the rig, I have a complete setup with practice camera etc. If you would like to see some action photos to whet your appetite here a few from my IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CS4HxEwizqr https://www.instagram.com/p/CKNEQBqhJkF https://www.instagram.com/p/CIqeR_FhUXe https://www.instagram.com/p/BpEkRFRHJRo https://www.instagram.com/p/COFqqDXBTch Any questions please drop me a line on rupert.peddle@gmail.com. Thanks for looking! Rupert
  2. Hello fellow Steadipeople! I once saw that Chris Fawcett has a longer plate for his Archer2 and asked him where he got it. Turns out he had it made by a local machinist. Then I saw that Peter Abrahm made the "Zalex Long Plate" and was amazed to find what I need. Unfortunately it's not meant for my dwarf top stage. (also an Archer2) Even though there is a way to use it on my stage I wanted a solution that really fits. So I decided to remember my classes on mechanical design and do one myself. Now my questions to you are: Does anybody else want something like this? Do you have suggestions or improvements to the original design? Status right now: Basic design complete. (Safety pins still missing) Lenght 42cm/16.5in Same hole pattern as the standard plate. (This plate should also fit Zephyr/Clipper/Aero?) https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesteadicamgroup/permalink/10154392148416629/
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a rig, with a monitor and dock. Sachtler, or a medium sized Tiffen rig like a Clipper would be ideal. Preferably UK based. Thanks
  4. Steadicam Clipper 324 Kit in excellent condition. I purchased this kit new from Lemac after a SMPTE show. Selling due to very little use, 3-4 times in year. Check out photo to confirm. Sell $25K USD Full genuine rain covers Extra cheese dovetail plate Extra screws Extra thin BNC cables F-bracket Manual UltraBright Monitor w/Level indicator & overlay Custom cables Quad Charger & Power Cube Batteries American Steadicam Stand Refer to photos for further details. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/so25iumlcwu8mo9/AADlq5eim0LhSMVl68qtWfUpa?dl=0
  5. Steadicam Clipper 324 Kit in excellent condition. I purchased this kit new from Lemac after a SMPTE show. Selling due to very little use, 3-4 times in year. Check out photo to confirm. Sell $33K AUD, which is a bargain for my USA mates. Full genuine rain covers Extra cheese dovetail plate Extra screws Extra thin BNC cables F-bracket Manual UltraBright Monitor w/Level indicator & overlay Custom cables Quad Charger & Power Cube Batteries American Steadicam Stand Refer to photos for further details. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/so25iumlcwu8mo9/AADlq5eim0LhSMVl68qtWfUpa?dl=0
  6. Selling this kit, as It's not being used as much as it should be. This kit has everything needed to start working immediately. I am the only owner and the system has been kept in excellent condition. Never rented out, light use, G50 updated with the new X-type bearings by Tiffen in 2012. Clipper 312 (12V) Sled with motorised stage - V-lock batt. 2 x 160wh V-lock batteries - and dual charger Original Steadicam docking stand Plates (2 x Tiffen Dovetail plates and 1 x Baer-Bel Camtec V-mount) Original Transport cases (one for the sled and one for vest and arm) Cinetronic Gen1 monitor Cinetronic Gen2 monitor (NOT WORKING) Tiffen SD 7" Monitor G50 Arm (with x-upgrade) Arm Bag Low mode handle + grip Anthlers Mickey stand Sachtler Act2 Vest with small and large back pads Duffle bag (both Steadicam and Sachtler) G-zoom plus spare cables (Fuji and Canon + Bartec Focus cable. Tally System (Tiffen) Var. BNC and Power cables Original Steadicam toolkit $ 28000 USD Please email with any questions: Thomas K. Jensen thomas@jensenogjensen.dk The kit is located in Denmark, Europe
  7. Greetings all. I am Listing my baby. My Clipper 24 Sled She has served me well, but alas, i have to make room for some new toys. This is a LIVE TV rig. And has been shooting Broadcast TV here in NYC. She is 100% ready to go out of the box. All you need is an HD monitor, Batts, a BFD and you're ready to go. She is in PRISTINE condition. This is not a slacker rig. Her last mission was the 2015 NYC Marathon. Mens Elite!! This is a Clipper 24 with V-Mount power supply. Sorry all you AB Lovers, but i like V-mounts better. Completely upgraded with new HD-SDI wireing. It includes all the cables and whatever extra goodies i have that i don't need anymore. You get.... Steadicam Clipper 24 with V-Mount battery supply and Tilt Stage Docking bracket 2 Camera Plates 2 Tally Sensors 2 Monitor/Video/Tally Cables 12V camera power supply (4 pin xlr) Monitor Rods and Bracket (NO MONITOR) Steadicam Hard Case The hard case needs a little work. One of the wheels was damaged by Delta. Thermodyne is the maker of the case and it has a Lifetime guarantee. I have been assured by them that the wheel can be fixed....free of charge btw. Asking Price $12,500 OBO Email me....... Steadimanny@mac.com
  8. Hi all, We're looking to dry hire out our in-house Steadicam Clipper 312, G50 Arm, Small HD High Bright Monitor with an ARRI Wireless System WMU-3 (3 motors). Would anyone be interested in building up a relationship to rent this package from us? There are a few extras; cables, etc. Let me know if you interested. Many thanks! Steve Digital Pro www.digitalpro.co.uk
  9. Hey all! After a few years testing the water of operating with a 'learner rig' I have reached the point where it's time to dive in and do things properly, and invest in a 'proper' rig. The last couple of jobs I've been on have been a bit too much for my current gear so in order to keep progressing I need to move on up. I have the opportunity of acquiring second hand either an Archer2 or a Clipper2 for the same price and would love some advice from you guys on which would be the better option from your experience relating to operating, flexibility, performance, reliability, etc etc! As far as my operating level goes, I'm in the film world and have been working with dSLRs and also the Red Epic on an increasing number of shoots. I would also like to be able to handle an Alexa as some of my contacts will be using one later this year and have asked if I can fly one and it would open up a new area of operating for me. I was considering a Zephyr but it wont really handle an Alexa and think if I keep progressing I will grow out of it pretty quickly. I was thinking of getting an old Flyer for dSLR work when I can afford it but the immediate need is to upgrade the primary rig as my old one finally gave up the ghost on the last shoot haha. Cheers in advance for your help! rups
  11. We have a spare Ultra II vest from an Ultra IIC sled that went with a Walter Klassen setup. It's in great condition. This has never seen a feature or extended production work. Worn maybe a dozen times to supplement some smaller sleds with a nicer vest. We don't own any big sleds now so this has no place with us and needs a new home. Here's a complete detailed review of it: The key block has a couple of small, very light spots on the metal from use (purely minor cosmetics). Couple of minor scuffs on the shoulder latches. No major frays in the fabric, all velcro is solid, the foam has no dents or deformations, and the main chest plate is flawless. This is a great vest for someone looking to save a little but get something in like-new shape. Please reference the photos to see any further details. Includes the bag (slightly dusty from being shelved but never used). Give us a ring or email with any questions: $4000 + Shipping we prefer Paypal but can accept any major credit card. Open to offers or trades. Link to photos on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lnyi2dajogy8eqf/Zx4G786lYB CONTACT: 912 Nine Four Four 6111 info AT meddinstudios DOT com Ask for Jason
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