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Found 13 results

  1. GPI PRO D-Box II w/ PRO plate and diving board/T-bracket for sale (mounting screws included but not pictured). Selling because I upgraded. The stage was serviced by Jack at PRO right after the last time I used it, so it's clean and ready to go. Trim knobs turn as they should and overall it's in very nice condition. Asking $1,800 shipped CONUS. Local pickup in Seattle, WA also available. International buyers will need to cover extra shipping costs. Thanks for looking!
  2. This is an original db2 from gpi pro systems, serial number 025. Includes Hill diving board. Comes w/ a 12” Pro Vertical Displacement camera plate. I have had no issues with this donkey box in the 5 yrs of owning. I got it serviced by Jack when I first bought it, and serviced again on 12/05/19 in preparation for being sold. Minor cosmetic abrasions, but no mechanical issues. Great for a new operator, running rig, second rig, or any other top stage needs! I am upgrading to the DB3s, which is why I am selling. $1750 obo. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
  3. PRO DB2 plus extras Comes with; -9" Pro camera plate - Pro Follow Focus Bracket Dovetail -XCS Preston MDR 2 Bracket -4 x Mounting Bolts Used but in very good condition. Serviced by Optical Support London in September last year. No vibrations, all in very good working order. Perfect for someone building there first rig. Located in the UK. Will ship anywhere, buyer pays. Prices is £1580 plus vat. tomwilliams@me.com
  4. For sale is a pro donkey box 2. Looking to get $1800 buyer pays shipping, PayPal fees. The side adjustment knob is slightly bent from the original owner but it doesn't effect the function. Included are the mounting screws, an extra fore/aft knob and pin, and extra locking screws. I bought a new sled that has a DBIII on that is why I'm selling this one. Located in Los Angeles
  5. Selling my Pro DB II with the smaller MDR fork as well as mounting screws. The side-to-side thumb screw has been upgraded to accommodate the larger CineLive upper electronics box, so the original smaller thumb screw is included. The donkey box is in great working condition despite some cosmetic wear and tear. Had it serviced about two years ago. Located in North Hollywood, CA. Buyer pays shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Price: $1,800 OBO
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for steadicam vest and gimbal, DB2 (for my 3a and master arm) If has it someone, just let me know (expected price and condition of them, and etc) Thanks a lot for your attention (My e-mail is lomoon5@naver.com)
  7. Hi All, Selling a Pro 2 SD sled, with an additional HD line down the centerpost + some other goodies. Pro 2 SD Upper Pro 2 SD Lower Pro 2 SD Cable Pro DB 2 (s/n 34) Gen 2 Battery Hanger, Anton Bauer Pro Dovetail, Short -- not pictured (3) Jumpers -- two of them not pictured Low Mode Bracket -- not pictured Pro Gear Gimbal, 1.5" MK-V Gen 2/Berkey Systems "Franken-Jam" monitor yoke. (see below) (2) Jerry Hill Gorelock 2 Rings, 1.5" Post Jerry Hill GAD2 Dock, with Tilt Pelican 1650 (everything fits in one case) I WOULD LIKE TO SELL IT AS A COMPLETE PACKAGE! Some notes about the rig : I modified this Pro 2 SD rig with an HD line down the center post. You can see the pics for reference. Line is Belden 179DT -- very thin, very flexible. It is attached to the center post cable, and follows the coil of that cable so when you extend or retract the post, the HD line follows suit. Rated at 75 ohms, so it carries whatever signal you want to send down. Will tide you over until you do a full, proper HD conversion. The line pops out of a hole I drilled into the upper post, and comes out the slot cut out of the bottom post. The upper post is an original Gen 1 (matte black finish), and the bottom post is a newer Gen 1 (glossy black) With this arrangement, the rig retains all native power connections, SD Line, and modularity. You can remove upper and lower j-boxes. The gimbal can also be removed, but there are a few specific steps that need to be followed, and which I can detail to you if you need to know. The post stages stick a little, but once you break the seal, as it were, it slides smoothly. Gimbal is a Pro Gear gimbal. Yes, that Pro Gear. If you're not familiar with Pro Gear, search the forum a bit. Apparently it's a copy of GPI Pro's gimbal. Is it as good? I would never say yes, but the gimbal works well, from what I can tell. Problem is the company's out of business, so there's no customer support. You're on your own if something goes down. On the other hand, it is field serviceable, and if you know your way around a gimbal, you can clean, and or replace the parts as necessary. With the matte finish on the upper post, you kind of have to crank down on the quick release kipp handle to keep it from sliding, but once locked in, it's seems solid. DB2 side to side screw is slightly bent -- happened when it was packed the wrong way in the Pelican it comes in. DB works fine, everything moves like it should, and is vibration free, but you can feel it a bit when you turn the knob. Should be an easy fix, if you want to send it in to GPI. The monitor yoke is a hodgepodge of pieces. As you can see it's just Berkey 15mm rods and rod ends arranged to mimic the flexibility of popular monitor yokes like the Cam-Jam. It's NOT in any way a replacement for a Cam-Jam, but it works. It allowed me to get the monitor in a place where I liked it, and with little to no vibration. The post clamp is a Gen 2 MK-V for 2" posts, with a 2" to 1.5" step down donut that was 3d printed for the job. There are two screws missing from it (and which I can't find at the hardware store -- see pics), but it doesn't seem to affect the stability of the platform. With those caveats in mind: $9000 obo. Buyer to pay shipping. Drop me a PM or mail me at beau800@Gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks for looking! Pics to follow.
  8. Hi All, Looking for a DB2 or equivalent, if you have a spare one laying around. Let me know if you do! Thanks! Beau
  9. I'm selling my PRO DBII with upgraded MDR T-bracket and long adjustment knob It is in great mechanical condition, and works flawlessly (purchased brand new from PRO 8 months ago) Pleas e-mail me for pictures and more details - pcombesk@gmail.com Asking : $2,000 or best offer USD/buyer pays shipping Located in Los Angeles for local pickup Thanks! -Pascal
  10. PM me with your email address if you want photos PRO Donkey Box 2 in excellent condition PRO Gen 2 battery rack PRO HD electronics NOT Cinelive, the old style with one line of HD and one line of SD PRO SD electronics Preston MDR2 and 3 brackets
  11. I'm selling my PRO DBII with upgraded MDR T-bracket (from pro) and long adjustment knob (for use with CineLive electronics) It is in great mechanical condition, and works flawlessly. Pleas e-mail me for pictures and more details - valko.steadi@gmail.com Asking : $2,000 or best offer USD/buyer pays shipping Located in Los Angeles for local pickup Thanks! -Thom
  12. Great shape, just repaired and over hauled by Chad at GPI. With "H" Bracket. $2000 Mike 818-207-8156
  13. Hi folks I was upgraded to DB3 so I'm selling my DB2 It was serviced by Jack at GPI 3 months ago was replaced upper stage, warm gears, and shaft that charged 700US$ Currently almost new condition Works great and has no play both of fore/aft and side/side axis. Included focus receiver bracket and old parts as pics shown. Located in South KOREA, will shipping worldwide. Asking 2000US$, Buyer pays shipping and taxes. Email is more better than PM. steadi7@naver.com
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