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Found 7 results

  1. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    Hey everyone! I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a meet-up and practice? I'm still a newbie, so I'm trying to get more time in the rig practicing with other ops to help give/get tips, advice, network, etc... I want this to be mutually beneficially for everyone! I'm located in Los Angeles. Please let me know! Have a great day!! Kevin
  2. Jonas Bragi Thorhallsson

    Los Angeles Insurance

    Hi fellow operators, I'll be moving to Los Angeles soon and wanted to gather information on where you are insuring your steadicam equipment. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jonas
  3. DECIMATOR 2 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter with Built-In NTSC/PAL Downscaler & Analog Audio Outputs Autodetect & Signal Switching 10-Bit Data Path SDI Loop Through, HDMI & Composite Out Selectable Down Converted NTSC/PAL Out Whats included: - 1 Redbyte Decimator 2 - Power input has been upgraded with a Lemo 2 pin hermaphrodite - AC Power supply upgraded with a Lemo 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 Power cable 5” Lemo 3 pin to 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 Power cable 18” Lemo 3 pin to 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 set of mounting brackets Selling my used Redbyte Decimator V.2 - (used) and in excellent condition, the power port has been upgraded with Lemo connector eliminating the nasty connexial connector. Asking $280.00 Buyer pays all shipping and handling. Respond via TEXT: 281-658-3086 - Thanks Thanks
  4. Cameron Lee Michael

    Pro/3A Hybrid Rig COMPLETE

    One Steadicam Sled includes: — Cinema products battery base #571 — Marell video monitor #HB 020 — XCS monitor bracket — GPI post — CP IIIA Gimbal — Mark V handgrip — GPI upper junction box — GPI D-Box #166 — BarTech mounting Bracket — (2) Anton Bauer mounts — (1) GPI Docking bracket — (3) T-handle allen wrenches (5/32, 7/64, 3/16) — (1) Marell monitor hood — (1) Balancing offset arm Baby Pin Cables — (3) 12v Arri/Aton power cables — (2) 24v Arri power cables — (4) 24v Panavision power cables — (2) 24v Moviecam power cables — (2) remote motor cables — (2) BarTech antennas — (1) Arri 12v run cable — (1) Arri 24v run cable — (1) Panavision 24v run cable — (2) BFD to GPI power cable — (1) BFD to BFD power cable — (1) Modulus 3000 antenna — (2) Modulus 3000 power/video cable — (2) 8pin Monitor power/video cable — (1) Seitz receiver antenna — (1) short CP amp power/servo cable — (1) long CP amp power/servo cable — (1) CP amp jumper cable — (1) 12v XLR4 Seitz receiver power cable — (3) Seitz 4pin – 4pin servo cable — (1) Steadicam vest #370 (CP) — (1) Robert Luna IIIA arm #309 — (1) short arm post — (1) long arm post — (2) post bearings — (1) titanium socket block Batteries — (1) charger power cables — (1) Anton Bauer dual 2722 charger #000000005032 — (10) Anton Bauer Dionic 90 (1 in need of servicing) Remote Focus / Iris / Zoom — (1) BFD transmitter #T1.0731 w/ antenna and (3) marking strips (switch needs attention but is completely functional) — (1) BFD receiver #R1.0731 w/ 90 degree antenna adapter — (1) Seitz transmitter 8710A w/ (2) antennas — (1) Seitz 8725A servo amplifier — (1) Cinema products servo amplifier — (1) Seitz receiver — (1) Seitz servo distribution block — (2) HEDEN motors S/N #M26P-20103 S/N #M26P-81312 — (7) motor gears — (2) Seitz batteries w/ (2) chargers — (1) XLR4 12v power adapter for Seitz transmitter Wireless Video — (1) AJA HD Downconverter — (1) CIT Modulus 3000 #608079 — (1) TV Genie transmitter — (1) CIT SharkFin antenna — (1) RCA 2-1/2” TV #02A0303207 w/ portable case/sunshade — (1) Sony TV tuner TU-1041U S/N #2014207 w/ remote and PWR (CPU) cable Mounting Hardware — (3) GPI camera plates — (2) GPI Iris rods for plates 6” — (1) GPI D-bracket w/ 8” post and 4” post — (1) Heden swing bracket — (2) Heden 3-hole mounting brackets — (1) Jerry Hill panavison motor bracket — (2) GPI 3” doglegs — (1) 6” rod — (2) 3” rods — (1) 5” Jerry Hill square-end rod — (1) 7” Jerry Hill square-end rod — (4) GPI post collars — (1) GPI post retaining pin — (3) monitor mounts — (5) 4lb. steel weight plates w/ bag — (1) Jerry Hill vehicle (Garfield) mount w/ hardware — (1) steel socket block — (1) CP motor amp mounting cage — (1) Jerry Hill Arri Iris rod clamp — (1) Jerry Hill 2-in-1 motor mount — (4) camera plate screws (3) 3/8 16th and 1-1/4 20 — (1) Arri locating screw Raingear — (1) GPI arm cover — (2) clear monitor covers — (4) CP electronics covers Cases — (1) large 13-1/2”Hx29”Lx12”D metal case — (1) 11”Hx31”Lx16”D arm and vest anvil case — (1) 10”Hx33”Lx23”D sled anvil case — (1) 11”Hx31”Lx19”D pelican 1650 case — (1) 8-1/2”Hx23”Lx18”D pelican 1600 case — (1) America grip equipment steadicam stand w/ casters Turn Key Rig in the Los Angeles Area. Out of town buyer pays shipping. Asking Price: $31,500 Cameron Michael cammichael@yahoo.com (937)935-4240
  5. Hello Steadicam Forum, Over the past few years, Teradek has found an appreciation for the community and individuals here in the SteadicamForum. Whether it be excellent technical discussions regarding our technology or feedback to create new products like the Bolt Sidekick! The value of direct client and user interaction has become one of our top priorities and we look forward to creating more opportunities to continue this type of synergy. That being said, we're excited to announce the Grand Opening of the new Creative Solutions Los Angeles (CSLA) showroom. The event will be on October 16th, 2015 5pm-10pm at 5329 West San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA. We've been working together with the Paralinx crew to provide the next level of direct connection between manufacturer and client. Not only will CSLA be a hub for Teradek products, but also our sister companies Paralinx, SmallHD and other Vitec Videocom brands like Anton Bauer, Litepanels, O'Connor, Sachtler to name a few! Below you will find our "formal" invitation to the grand opening event. We will have all of the latest products from the previously mentioned brands, including all of our IBC announcements. And of course, food, beverages and goodies! I hope to see you all there and to finally meet you in person! And don't forget to RSVP: shopcreativesolutions.com/rsvp Cheers, Andrew Ng Director of Marketing, Teradek __________________________________________________________ CSLA Invite We are pleased to extend an invitation to the Grand Opening of the Creative Solutions Los Angeles showroom on Friday Oct.16 from 5-10pm. Vitec Videocom’s Creative Solutions unit consists of the Paralinx, SmallHD, and Teradek brands and the showroom opened last month as a way to help educate and support customers looking to learn more about emerging technology. In addition to the U.S. debut of the exciting new Creative Solutions products launched at IBC in Amsterdam, the Grand Opening will feature an open bar and gourmet tacos from Mexicali Taco & Co. Featured Products: Teradek Cube 600 Series, Vidiu Pro, Sidekick companion receiver for Bolt systems Teradek Connected Set featuring COLR, LOKR, and more SmallHD 702 Bright 7” monitor Paralinx Ace SDI or HDMI wireless system For safety reasons, guests planning to consume alcohol are encouraged to use Uber, Lyft, or a taxi for transportation to/from the event. RSVP is required. Please see the attached invite for event details. www.shopcreativesolutions.com/rsvp See you soon, The CSLA Team
  6. Hey guys and girls, I have an ULB music video shoot Friday night (September 25) and just found out that we're sub-renting a camera package from another production which includes the Alexa XT, Hawk Anamorphics (potentially V-Lite), a remote focus and Teradek Bolt. Though in the past two years I've been able to push my Flyer LE to it's maximum and then some without any problems, this setup is several to ten pounds over the weight capacity of my system. Does anybody have a rig more commensurate to this camera package that you could rent out for the night? Any advice is also appreciated. Best, Greg Arch
  7. I have two Anton/Bauer Dionic 90's for sale. I bought these in 2011, and they're still going strong. I store my batteries on the charger to prolong shelf life. Make me an offer for one or both. I'm located in Los Angeles. Alanjrencher@gmail.com