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Found 3 results

  1. For Sale Ultra 2 Sled (Full Version) with motorized stage and 8.4" Tiffen HD UltraBrite 2 monitor. Package includes: -Ultra 2 Sled (Motorized Tilt Stage) -Remote Control -Remote Charger Cable -8.4" Tiffen HD UltraBrite 2 Monitor -Monitor Power and SD Video Cable -BNC Cables -Various Power and Video Cables -Docking Bracket -Stabilizing System: Vectran TM Line (Used for very high mode) -Camera Mounting Screws -Pot Adjust Tool This is a top of the line Full Size Rig, just in to Tiffen and found in good shape. Asking $17,500 (USD) Jon
  2. ULTRA2cine System Package Includes : Hard Case for Sled : 4 section Carbon Fiber Composite Telescoping Post with range from 28 “ to 71” ( 71cm to 180 cm ) Jerry Hill docking bracket Gorelock Auto Dock with extending Dynamic Balance post Newly engineered low-friction Gimbal with “Blue Whale” tool for precision adjustment Long Dovetail Plate Short Dovetail Plate (low mode) No Tools Tilt Head 1/4 “ T-handled Allen Wrench 8" Ultrabright2 HD Monitor Motorized stage Gimbal Transmitter Charge Cable, Gimbal Transmitter Battery Mount - V-Mount 3’ lightweight BNC video cable 12V Power Cable 24V Power Cable Power Cable Red Power/Video cables for monitor (+ 1 back-up) Power Cable Moviecam Power Cable Panavision Power Cable Millenium xl Power Cable Arri 24V Steadicam Dovetail plate Support rod 2 x 15mm Motor Rod CatGriller 2 x Screw, 3/8-16 Steadicam Operator's Handbook Hard Case for Vest & Arm : Cordura bag for Vest & Arm Ultra Vest with steel connector G-70X Iso-Elastic arm with No-Tools Ride and Lift adjustability. Lifting range from 12 – 70 lbs ( 5.4 kg – 31.7 kg ) Gimbal Post, Gimbal Post, 12", G-70 ARM Ultra Arm Protective Covers, Dual Section Ultra Bottom Sled & Battery Protective Covers Vehicule mount, MIitchel-base - Socket Block Hard case battery : 6 x Power Cube battery Charger IDX VL-4S Cover set 1 Hill Pana Bracket 1 Hill 2-n-1 Motor mount, with SR5", 15mm Rod 1 6mm I.D. to 3/8-16" O.D. Thread Apaptor 1 Arri Dovetail Rod Clamp 1 Square to Round 15mm, 3.5" long Iris Rod 1 Square to Round 15mm, 7" long Iris Rod EFP Instructional video, 30.000,00 € Michel Rodas Steadiriders Paris, France
  3. Hello Everybody, As promised on a recent discussion on the forums ( http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17981&page=4 ) about super high mode conversion of Ultra2 rig, I share with you the video of me converting it to super high mode using its 4 stage telescoping post. Camera on the sled is a loaded magazine 435 along with 35mm Zeiss super speed MKIII lens and Arri clip-on matte-box. The conversion starts at 0:14. In total, going from normal to super high takes about 1 minute 45 seconds. Lens height achieved is 2,25 meters (I’m 1,75 meters tall) with the socket block raised on my Ultra2 vest and 23cm long arm post on my G-70 arm. If I were to put a 3rd battery and/or a dummy weight at the bottom of the sled I could have raised the camera another 15/20 cm using the full extent of the built-in super-post. The process of conversion is very strait forward. I first extend the telescoping posts fully –just shy of marking lines turning red- below the gimbal thus giving maximum amount of counter balance, then I extend the post located above the gimbal until I got neutral balance and I shorten it to give the rig a slightly bottom heavy balance. I check and correct the static balance using the motorized stage, do a drop test. And done! Normally I would also adjust the integral tilting stage; you can give me a time penalty of 15 seconds for it. This brings us to 2 minutes of conversion time from start to finish. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! PS for newbies: the drop time of 4+ seconds in super high mode might seem slow to you but with a sled this long you have huge amounts of inertia acting against the tilt and roll axis. So, a normal drop time of 3 seconds would be too bottom heavy for this kind of setup. PS for imperial system lovers: suck-it! Metric rules! Pun intended :) https://vimeo.com/64580595
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