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  2. Selling a Preston HU3 G4 Blue Dot Handset, good working order Feel Free to ask any questions, Item located in South Carolina but can ship anywhere $4800. Or (£3700 Can have it shipped to London)
  3. Hand Unit 3 G4 MDR2 (2) DM2 (1) DM1 Digital Micro Force 2 (4) motor cables all on/off cables possible 50' command cable 20' Handset to Microforce cable Hill Brackets (3) 15mm (3) 5/8 (3) 19mm (6) Panavison & Arri Collets Rain Cover for Handset All focus rings and then some Gears for everything Panavision 48, 64pitch Canon & Fuji pitch It has everything you need. Make me an offer Pictures aren't the greatest. If you would like to check it out, please don't hesitate to message or email me jtbarger@hotmail.com Thanks for your time. Jason
  4. This is a complete kit ready to go onto any production, It includes a single channel controller, wireless Microforce and any cables you will need plus spares. The hand unit was modified by Panavision technicians for aerial work on Mission Impossible Fallout and Mulan and has an extra aerial meaning it now has a range of up to 1 kilometer. Kit is currently in New Zealand but international shipping can be arranged. Due to restrictions on shipping batteries the kit will come without any batteries but the charger is included. The kit is housed in 2 x Pelican Storm 2300 cases, one laser cut for the essentials and the other for back up items. Price indication $29000-$27000, all offers considered. ryanspearman@orcon.net.nz Main Components: 1 x HU3 1 x g4 MDR2 1 x Focus/Iris Single channel Handest 1 x Digital Microforce 1 x Radio microforce module. 1 x DM1X Motor 1 x DM2 Motors. 1 x Heden M26VE Cables: RS Run x2 RS "Y" Cable (power and run) Epic Run 11 pin Fischer run Red One run PV Genesis run x2 PV 12 volt PV 24 volt D Tap Power RS Power (Arri 3 pin) 24v 3 pin xlr 12v 4 pin xlr Mini EXT to RS converter Cinetape Interface cable. Motor x 4 Extension command cable RS Microforce Y cable (for stand alone zoom control) DTap Microforce Y cable Misc: Iris handset discs PV Zoom and PV Iris pitch motor gears. Pan handle converter for microforce handset
  6. This is a solid and very complete Analogue Bartec System. This is 2 separate systems with the cables to link together to power each other as well as the diving board bracket to place both together on your sled. List follows: 2x BFD receivers 2x BFD hand sets 2x M-One motors 4x motor cables 2x receiver to receiver power cables 2x Pro 12v to BFD receiver cables 1x P-Tap to BFD receiver power cable 1x direct connect receiver to transmitter cable 2x Panavision start/stop 2x ARRI start/stop 2x Aaton start/stop 1x Moviecam start/stop 13x motor pitch gears 2x gear adapters for small lenses 2x Dog bone motor extenders 2x 1/4 20 mountable rod Assorted rod adaptors 1x dual brain diving board bracket 1x single brain diving board bracket Price is $2500 plus shipping if necessary. Will mail to anywhere in the USA. Customer asumes shipping cost. Local pick up acceptable as well.
  7. For Sale Preston FIZ 3/MDR 3 with single channel (G4) $22,000 HU3 x 1 (W/ Handgrip, Sidecover, and Neckstrap) Iris Controller x 1 MDR 3 x 1 DM1X Motor x 1 DM2 Motor x 2 Digital Microforce 2 x 1 DMF Bracket x 1 Batteries x 6 Battery Chargers x 2 MDR3 Cinetape Interface Cable x 1 MDR 3 Panavision PWR cable x 2 20’ DMF Cable x 1 6” DMF Cable x 1 Motor Cables x 4 MDR 3 Arri Run Cable x 1 MDR 3 Arri 3 Pin RS Power Cable x 1 MDR 3 Y Combo x 2 MDR 3 XLR PWR Cable x 1 MDR 3 Command Cable x 1 Red Reduction Bushings x 4 Blue Reduction Bushings x 4 Jerry Hill Style Motor Arms x 3 D Clamps x 3 D Clamps Extention x 1 Hand Unit Marking Ring x 6 Iris Marking Ring x 1 48 Pitch Gear x 1 64 Pitch Gear x 1 Spare MDR 3 Antenna x 1 Inner Space Case x 1 Available for local pick up in the New York/ New Jersey Area. Can be shipped as well. Please contact with any inquiries or best offer at lmay2873@gmail.com
  8. Preston HU3 #1551 Digital microforce 1 #D7064 MDR2 # MT-2435 DM1 # 627 DM1 #1089 Heden #52878 6 focus disks 5 large Sony batteries 3 chargers 4 motor cables 2 Arri 3 pin power cables 1 cinetape cable 1 short zoom cable 1 long zoom cable (15’) 1 ‘y’ cable 3 pin power to power and camera 2 Arri 3 pin run cables 1 Sony f55 run cable 1 Red run cable with time code splitter box Camera accessories microforce to handunit bracket (frees up the 1/4 20 on back for monitor or mount brackets) handle and handle cover Pelican style storm im case with custom foam and handy lid pouch 3 cable pouches $15,000 I’m in Woodland Hills, CA email is best tylerinla at gmail dot com thanks
  9. Selling Camera & WCU-4 system, perfect condition. More pics by request. $95K USD for both. Contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com 1 Arri Alexa Mini Camera Body 1 Alexa EVF 1 MVB-1 Viewfinder rod bracket 1 CCH -2 Center Camera handle 2 MAP-2 plate 2 MSB-1 1 BPA-4 1 Wooden camera power box distribution 1 BP-9 1 18" sliding base plate 2 Arri Alexa Mini Viewfinder cable - medium 29" 2 Arri Alexa power cable - 3 pin XLR - 6ft 1 7 pin to 3 pin RS 1 Arri Alexa either net cable 1 Codex C Fast card reader 2 RMB-3 Arri rod mounting bracket + 15ml bushing 1 Inner Space Alexa Mini Studio Case 1 WCU-4 handset 1 SXU-1 handset 1 C Force plus lens motor 2 C Force mini lens motor 1 WCU-4 plate 1 Handset monitor bracket 1 UMC-4 Universal motor controller 1 AMC-1 Active motor controller 6 Sony MP-FM500H - 7.2 volt batteries 1 BC-QM1 battery charger 1 HPS-1 Handset power supply 4 Arri LBUS - 30cm motor cables 2 3 Pin RS cables - 20 inches 1 SMC-EMC cable 1 RS In to D Tap 5 Marked focus disks / 20", 14", 12", 8", 3.6" 3 Blank disks 2 Lanyards 1 Pelican 1510 case w/padded inserts
  10. Preston FIZ Kit w/MDR1 - good condition - US$11,900.00 OBO - will add RFID 1 x FI+Z II hand unit 1 x FI+Z II transmitter 1 x V+F Microforce control 3 x NiMH batteries 1 x fast charger - also comes with 1 x Omnishot Dual Quick Charger, Car Adapter, XT Adaptor and 2 batteries – (1 x Standard Batt, 1 x Extended Batt) 1 x MDR-1 motor control unit 3 x DM1 lens motors Cables: 6 x motor cables (3 x straight & 3 x 90 degree) 2 x DC Power cable for MDR 3 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (6”, 1 short, 1 long) Assorted camera run cables (PV, Arri, Moviecam, Sony, Canon) 1 x neck strap 1 x Pelican case Brackets: 1 x MDR-2 mounting plate 1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket 6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths) 3 x 19-15mm adaptor bushings 3 x PV adaptor bushings 5 x focus marking rings Assorted motor gear adaptors (PV, Zeiss, Fuji, Canon) 4 x antennas (Trans & RX) See full description - Mention Black Friday Sale https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlx5hoimqx009m3/Black%20Friday%20Sale%20181123.pdf?dl=0
  11. For sale: A Preston DM1 Motor (Ser# 1019) with Bracket and Motor Cable. Please see photos. Asking $1195 USD
  12. Hi Everyone, Helping out a fellow assistant. Selling a Preston DM2 Motor in excellent condition. It was from his back up Preston kit and has been lightly used and well cared for. The motor is currently in Toronto, Canada and can be shipped anywhere at the buyers expense. Asking $1900 USD You can contact Ben directly at isoar@me.com or send me a message here on the forum.
  13. Varizoom remote focus 3 motors 3 batteries 2 chargers Handset Motor ctrl box 2 power cables 5,600.00 Great condition Same as pictured in Zarizoom ad on the forum Reply to GrtExp2015@gmail.com
  14. Selling a 2 Channel Digital Bartech System with 2 motors and extra cables. New: $11,000 CAD Asking: $5,500 CAD Package List: 1 x Bartech BFD Handset (with 2 channel upgrade) 1 x Bartech v2-1 Digital Receiver 1 x Bartech v1.0 Digital Receiver 2 x Heden M26VE Motors w/ .8 Pitch Gears (both recently serviced at Heden) (These are $3150.00 CAD new at the moment, so the motors alone are a steal) 2 x 19-15mm Collet (only one shown in photos) 3 x Standard Antennas 2 x Long Range Antennas 2 x Motor Cable (only one shown in photos) 1 x Red Start Stop 1 x Arri Start Stop 3 x P-tap Power Cable 10 x Focus Strip 1 x Pelican 1500 Case Buyer pays shipping (DHL, UPS or FEDEX) Email me with any questions: dmtwood@gmail.com
  15. Varizoom 3 channel fiz Complete w/ following: 3 motors Handset Motor ctrl box 2 antennas 4 different pitch gears (total 12) 3 batteries Case 5900.00 Reply to grtexp2015@gmail.com
  16. Preston HU2 w G3 Board. A cheap way to build a 3 channel preston system. Buy an MDR with the blue dot upgrade and swap the boards, then when you're ready to make the step up to HU3 put the G4 board back in easy. Kit comes with: PRESTON HU2 14x Marking Rings 1 x Iris Slider 3 x Preston Batts 1 x Preston Fast charger with IEC power cable ( Aussie plug) 1x Preston G3 Board 900 AUD or 750 USD. Buyer to pay postage.
  17. Digital Bartech V2-1 Receiver. Recently checked and serviced by PLC in Canada, great receiver tested and reliable. $750 OBO.
  18. Complete Preston FIZ System w/ HU-3 & MDR-2 for Sale A Complete itemized list and photos below, but highlights are: - MDR-2 G4 with latest firmware installed (3-channel Motor Driver) - HU-3 G4 with latest firmware installed - 3 batteries and 2 chargers - Three (3) DM-2 Digital Motors - PAM Brackets and Arms for all motors - Complete set of all motor cables, run/start cables, power cables - Beautiful custom Pelican hard case This is a complete three channel Preston FIZ system in beautiful condition with the latest firmware and updates. Most importantly it sells with three DM-2 Motors - critical because many used systems for sale come with DM-1 motors which are obsolete and no longer serviced by Preston. This is a fantastic system. It was my personal system for my steadicam. An identical new system would go for $27,400. Asking $19,500. For fastest response, please contact me directly (do not post here): Stephen Consentino film.maker@me.com
  19. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  20. Analogue Bartech M-one motor plus back up Asking 3000$ USD Summer of 2015, I serviced everything, the handset, the receiver and both motors. It's a single channel system and it comes with a back up motor. ... I probably used it 5 times since then. This is why I'm selling it. Buyer pays for shipping. 1x Bartech handset + 1 antenna SN: T1.0396 1x analogue receiver + 2 antennas SN: 09319 1x m-one motor + 19mm bracket, gears:.8,.4 pitch SN: M-1.0524 1x FMG motor + 2 short 19mm brackets, gears: .8,.5,.4 pitch SN: 09319 1x red 19mm-15mm collar 3x 19mm brackets 1 x short rods 4x motor cables 1x Alexa 2 pin Lemo power cable 1x Dtap power cable 1x 4 pin Hirose cable 1 x panavision power 12v 1 x panavision power 24 1x Alexa start/stop cable 1x Res start/stop cable 1x 50' remote cable 1x handset ring 4x focus strip 3x net bags 1x spare hand set screw 1 x Hardcase Located in Vancouver, Canada
  21. Hi, I'm selling an MDR-2 (blue dot and G4 upgraded) and two DM-1 motors. Arri and Panavision power and start/stop cables included.
  22. Added pictures and details. Have a G4, BD MDR-2 and two DM-1 motors for sale, $5500. Cables included: Arri 3-pin combo power on/off Arri 3-pin power Panavision power Anton Bauer Power 11-pin Fischer Camera Genesis Camera Canon camera Panavision camera Arri 3-pin camera
  23. HANDSET AND MOTORS - 2 channel Bartech Handset with Iris slider 2x Digital fSTOP 2.1 Bartech receiver with short 90 degree antennas. 2x Heden M21VE-L Digital motors with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 Gears CABLES - MOTOR 3 x 7pin digital motor cables (2+1 backup) POWER CABLES 1 x 3pin Arri power 1 x D-tap power 1 x PRO power cable RUN/STOP CABLES - 1 x Arri 3 pin 1x RED Epic 1x C300 2x Panavision with 24V inline Regulator power/run stop 2x Arri 11pin Fischer power/run stop ACCESSORIES - 3x Aluminium Handset rings 3x Plastic Handset markup strips Spare 900Mhz antennas - 2x short straight 2x short 90 degree 2x long range 1x Stubby handset $5700 OBO Email for more info and photos cameraworksvr@gmail.com
  24. Preston remote focus and separate remote iris control. Includes Handset 2, MDR2, 2 Batteries and Charger, Remote Iris Control w/10ft cable, 12 Focus rings, 3-pin Power cable (red), 3-pin turnover cable (blue). Pelican 1500 Case with dividers also included. When ready to move up to FIZ3 purchase Handset 3 and upgrade this MDR. I am the original owner. Recently recelled batteries. Excellent working condition. Add Preston or Heden motor and your ready to go. $5900 or highest bid. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Preston-Cinema-Remote-Focus-FIZ2-MDR2-HU2-For-Arri-Panavision-Red-/331967313669?
  25. Used Heden Motors - Perfect shape - Perfect Function - clean - Excellent Condition - ALSO BRAND NEW UNITS AVAILABLE Also for sale BRAND NEW HEDEN MOTORS - Complete kits with - 4 snap-on gears, modules 0.8 - 0.6 - 0.5 - 0.4 and inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods and mounting bracket - PRICE IS: less than $1999.00 + Shipping / CUSTOMS USED Motor M26VE - $1650.00 + shipping USED Motor M21VE - $1630.00 + shippingUSED Motor M21VE-L - $1660.00 + shipping ALSO FOR SALE - MISC. Preston and Bartech RUN/Stop cables - 15mm - 3" long - lightweight INSERT RODS - great for extension or hard to get to lenses when mounting FIZ Motors - 15mm Mini Rod - "DOG BONE" Mounting Bracket - great for extension or hard to get to lenses when mounting FIZ Motors - This bracket allows you offset or adapt your motor mounting. This is handy for getting the motor into those awkward places. Available with adjustable handles. SEE PICS EMAIL DIRECT: TIM@CINOFLEX.COM
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