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Found 8 results

  1. Preston HU2 Kit with MDR-1, Iris Control Unit (Wired), 2 x DM-1 Motors & all cables included. Comes in Peli Storm case with Trekpak interior. Kit in good condition and serviced regularly. £4200 or nearest offer + Shipping & Taxes For all enquiries please contact: ismac@me.com 1 x Preston FIZ II Focus Handset 1 x Preston FIZ Transmitter II 1 x Preston Iris Handset (Wired) 1 x Preston MDR-2 1 x Preston DM1 Motor 1 x Preston DM1 Motor 2 x 19mm to 15mm Motor Mounting Arm 3 x PCS Batteries 2 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Right to Straight) 1 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Right to Right) 1 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Straight to Straight) 1 x Iris Cable 1 x Zoom Cable 1 x Red Remote Run Cable 1 x Panavision Remote Run Cable 1 x Arri Remote Run Cable 1 x Aaton Remote Run Cable 1 x PV 24v to MDR-1 Power Cable 1 x Arri 3P RS to MDR-1 Power (Right Angled) Cable 1 x Pro 12v to MDR-1 Power Cable 2 x 4-Pin XLR to MDR-1 Power Cables 2 x Panavision Focus Dovetail to 19mm Motor Bar Brackets 1 x 15mm-15mm Offset 1 x Jerry Hill Bracket (Cut-Down) 1 x Preston Motor Offset 1 x MDR-2 Steadicam Pro Mounting Plate 1 x MDR-2 Mounting Plate 1 x Preston Focus Handset Strap 1 x Preston Iris Strap 1 x Handset Rain Cover 2 x PV Zoom Gears 2 x Canon Zoom Gears 1 x PV Iris Gear 2 x Preston 15mm Motor Mount Bars 5 x 19mm-15mm Step Downs 1 x Spare MDR-1 Aerial 1 x PAM Motor Rosette (Complete) 1 x Battery Charger 1 x IEC Mains Power Lead 1 x Pouch of BNC Cables & Phono Video Cable 6 x Marking Discs
  2. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  3. For sale is a Preston HU2/MDR2 setup. This is only the Hand Unit and Receiver. I recently completed an upgrade and no longer need these items. It was just sent to Preston for servicing, and was given a clean bill of health. Included also is a G4 Board to install in the MDR for when you want to upgrade to a HU3 later on. I am selling it all for $4000, OBO. Included in this package: HU2 w/Omnishot Battery Adaptor MDR2 G4 Board 1 - Arri Run/Stop Cable 1 - Sony F5/55 Run/Stop Cable 1 - Red Epic Run/Stop Cable 2 - MDR/P-tap Power Cable 1 - Pro2 Electronics to MDR Power Cable 2 - Batteries Battery Charger MDR2 V-Mount Bracket MDR2 Pro Bracket (Not Pictured) 2 - Preston Motor Brackets (Not Pictured) 4 - Focus Marking Discs 3 - Iris Marking Strips Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a complete Scorpio kit to sell, great condition (Third owner - all were camera assistants); 3 Heden motors - cables, brackets and backups listed below. Works flawlessly, has been fully revised by Cramped Attic from Vancouver in may 2014, the front glass has been changed. I asking 7500 usd + shipping fees (ships from Montreal, Canada). If you have any question, please contact me at g.sabourin28@gmail.com SCORPIO KIT Hand Unit Motor Driver box ( MDR) Remote Iris Iris motor Focus motor Zoom motor 10 discs 4 NP-QM71D batteries 1 BC-VM10A charger 1 strap 1 plastic pouch 1 transport bag 1 transport case 2 Lemo 5 pins to Lemo 7 pins long cable ( 1x 25’’ and 1x 10’’) for remote to MDR 1 Lemo 6 pins to lemo 6 pins long cable for remote Iris 1 case with back-ups: 2 x antennas new 2 x antennas used 3 x Pouches : 2 x motor cables Lemo 7 pins ok 1 x motor cables Lemo 7 pins (1 x 90o connector) 2 x power cable ARRI Lemo 3 pins to Fisher 3 pins 1 x cable ON-OFF Lemo 12 pins to Fisher 3 pins 2 x cables ON-OFF Panavision Lemo 12 pins to Lemo 5 pins male / 5 pins female 1 cable ON-OFF AATON Lemo 12pins to Lemo 6 pins (90o) 1 cable ON-OFF ARRI Fisher 9 pins to Lemo 12 pins 1 cable ON-OFF SONY Lemo 12 pins to hirose 12 pins 1 power cable 12V ARRI Lemo 3 pins to Fisher 11 pins 1 power cable AATON Lemo 6 pins to Lemo 3 pins (90o) 1 power cable Pana Lemo 3 pins to Lemo 1 pin male/1 pin female 1 cable Ramping ARRI Lemo 12 pins to 2 Fisher (535,435,SRIII) 4 sides long bracket 5301 1 PVN bracket 1 SVS-PAN 5325 bracket 1 FD 5305 bracket 1 5302 bracket 2 mini brackets 5 reducers 19mm to 15mm (imperial-gold) 2 reducers 19mm to 15mm (metric-blue) 3 reducers 19mm to 15mm (black) 2 rods 1’’ ½ 1 rod 4" Spare gear for Focus motor Spare gear for Iris motor Spare gear for Zoom motor (7500 US$ + shipping) OBO
  5. Anyone already has or used title max wireless lens control?
  6. Bartech for sale with M One motor with cables for every professional camera. In great shape! All cables and motor less than 2 years old. Comes with manual, original Bartech case and a cable bag. $4200 OBO.
  7. Hi everyone, We have now finally released our microprocessor controlled C100 / C300 / C500 camera Start / Stop interface. http://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com/c300-on-off-cable/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOx1d49WZY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4X9sYejHlM Works with Bartech, Preston, C-Motion remote follow focus systems using your existing 3 pin Fisher Arri Run cables Uses the 2.5mm Stereo LANC port on the camera to communicate the camera Run / Stop signal via the onboard microprocessor Green LED indicates that the cable is connected and that the Camera is Powered Red LED indicates the camera is Recording and Microprocessor continually checks the camera status via the LANC protocol to ensure that the camera is running.
  8. Bartec handset and receiver, Heden M26P motor a few cables case $2500
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