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  1. selling a GREAT video wireless system, designed in 1999 called "Diversity 2000" This has sold by hundreds between 2000 and 2010 while SD film cameras were extensively used. I was selling myself more than 75 units all over the world and have been renting my 10 kits extensively on major french movies. The idea behind this great "tailor made" system was this: GET RID of this 2.4GHz band which was constantly disturbed by wireless focus systems, other transmitters and the WiFi network. We all faced those DENZ or TITAN or other systems using 2.4GHz and ruining our shots, or sometimes driving directors or DOP's MAD because they had too much interferences, or no pictures at all ... It was designed from scratch, using the DIVERSITY technology on the receiver (two receivers in one, switching to best signal, 2 antennas, all this i REAL time with no delay at all). Receiver being powered 12-13,2v by a small battery for long hours ! The transmitter had to be very reduced in size, not bigger than a matchbox, and be powered from 9v to 30v, using multiple frequencies (10) being separated enough to give great coverage range. The band used was 1.150 GHz to 1.650 GHz; those were "free" ... well mostly ... but the power output was (and is still) limited to 100mW. iI was NTSC/PAL compatible I never had ANY TROUBLES WITH AUTHORITIES ... EVEN IN VERY SENSITIVE AREAS: NY CITY, ISRAEL, PARIS, AIRPORT, MILITARY BASES, HOSPITALS... We just had - as a safety measure - to communicate with authorities and ask them if we could use any of the (10) available frequencies on set. Those were normally restricted to use and not public, but if authorities did not want to be disturbed they would scramble their own so there would be no picture but just a black screen showing up on our receiver, so did we know it was not allowed to use that frequency ! I have been using it under the Eiffel Tower in Paris (very sensitive area, where all the Parisian Tx are located up there, including the Army and the Police), and also even on a strategic NATO airbase in Southern France for weeks. SELLING like 6 kits total, because I am retiring from sets and rentals, each one holding those: * transmitter + antenna + spare antenna + (2) power cables to various cameras (please tell us which one you prefer) (we have choice between ARRI RS-3, Arri Fischer-11, Arri mini monitor, Moviecam Fischer-2 and Fischer-3 , Panavision 12v, Panavision 24v, Aaton Lemo-6, Aaton Lemo-8, Aaton Jaeger plug, D/tap, Hirose-4, XLR-4 ... * receiver Diversity + 2 antennas + 2 (50 ohms) cables (+2 spares) * Power supply 110-220c AC for receiver * Portabrace suspension pouch w/belt (model AR-D5)(see picture) (this pouch holds the receiver, and external pouches are holding Tx + cables + Rx mains power unit for transportation) * Pelicase model #1500 see pictures attached equipment is NEAT and still FUNCTIONAL it has been used again from time to time on french pictures, and even last year, as film strikes back, and using this kit there is NO NEED to use a very expensive Teradek (or equivalent) and UP convert the SD signal to HDSI for no better results ! interested ? ---- >>> Please inquire sending PM to: realtoreel@skynet.be (Philippe Piron) REFERENCES HF 062012.pdf
  3. $7500, obo. Everything in clean, excellent shape. Paralinx Tomahawk 1 Tomahawk Receiver 2 Tomahawk Receivers w/Anton Bauer mounts 1 Paralinx Array Antenna 10 Receiver Antennas 2 Transmitter Antennas 5 Receiver to array antenna cables 2 Antennas perch mounts 2 BNC Cables 2 p-tap Power Cables 1 4 pin XLR power cable 1 2 pin power cable 2 power supplies 1 case
  4. For sale is a rock solid Boxx Meridian wireless Tx/ Rx 1:1 Anton Bauer gold mount with array, hirose to 3 pin fischer cable, AC cable to hirose, mini xlr to headphone jack, and mini xlr to xlr cables included. Also has 8 regular antennas for the Rx and 6 for the TX. It all comes with an Innerspace cut foam Pelican. Was over $13K brand new. Asking $2200obo + shipping $$ Msg me or email me at bigjohntee@hotmail.com for more photos
  5. I'm selling my Canatrans & Tandem pair. For range and reliability in Wireless Video, the Canatrans is the absolute Gold Standard as you will know. This is the rare Gobal Edition, that does both PAL and NTSC it's practically new, as you will see in the pictures. It comes with an extensive accessory list of item. refer photos Including several power cable options. Please find more info here: http://lentequip.com/products/canatrans-video-transmitter http://lentequip.com/collections/wireless-video/products/tandemtm-uhf-receiver Items included: Tandem Receiver Global Edition Lentequip CanaTrans Video TX Additional 1/4 wave swivel antenna Red Additional 1/4 wave swivel antenna Yellow Lentequip Battery mount for Sony batteries Sony dual bay fast charger Sony info Lithium batteries CanaTrans 2 pin fischer RCA audio Comes in a custom aluminum flight case. Current Prices: Global Canatrans $2,195.00 Tandem $2,995.00 Power Cables: Anton Bauer P-Tap $160.00 USD 4 pin XLR 12V $160.00 USD Arri 3 pin Fischer R/S 24V $160.00 USD Sony battery charger and 2 x batteries + Lentequip adapter Thats a total value of over USD 6000. Asking USD $3500 for the whole set. https://digitallogicau-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/hani_digitallogic_com_au/EqY_HkxGweNNmZITllkpCk4BW0y_hWCwd7A_5Mf9rHd37g?e=aZsZpB
  6. This is a private owned HDSDI video transmitter/receiver kit, available in PERFECT working conditions, MINT ... including all this : Transmitter w/V-Lock mount (or Gold Mount, at your own choice) 4 antennas (13cm) + spare antennas (gain +3dB) 1x power cable D /Tap 1x power cable XLR4 Handheld receiver w/V-Lock mount (I don't have 2 sets of Gold Mount plates, sorry) 5 antennas (13cm) + spare antennas 1x mains power supply for Rx 1x power cable XLR4 1x PANEL antenna (ANT505) + connecting cables for Tx or Rx (a mix of +13dBi and +19dBi gain) 1x Pelicase #1450 PRICE: € 6600 may consider deal if both BOXX kits or if one kit + BOXX Tallis are sold together to same client shipping is not included, I can quote it using FedEx, to any location in the world ! please contact direct my colleague: philipiron@gmail.com or realtoreel@skynet.be
  7. available for sale, private owned, in PERFECT working conditions (MINT) including all this : Transmitter w/V-Lock mount (or Gold Mount - your choice - please select !) 4 antennas (13cm) + spare antennas (gain +3dB) 4 antennas (30cm) (gain +16dB) 1x power cable XLR4 Receiver « broadcast » (studio/EFP mode) fitting on lightstand + mains power supply + power cable for battery use 5x small panel antennas (ANT505) (gain +13dBi) 2x medium panel antennas (ANT2020) (gain +19dBi) 1x omnidirectional antenna (ANT201) (gain +10db)(coverage 360°H, 8°V) 2x offset cables (7m) for panel antennas + mounting brackets 10x swivel adapters to mount antennas on receiver 1x Pelicase #1700 PRICE: € 6600 may consider deal if both kits sold together to same client please contact my colleague direct: philpiron@gmail.com or realtoreel@skynet.be
  8. TERADEK BOLT 1:1 KIT - TX/RX WIRELESS HD SDI VIDEO SYSTEM - USED - $1570.00 Always checked and had current firmware loaded by Teradek in Irvine, CA Units are used but in PERFECT WORKING ORDER and paired by certified Teradek technician at time of sale - for no hassle perfect plug-and-play use by customer contact direct for instant response: SALES@CINOFLEX.COM OR TIM@CINOFLEX.COM Extra Receivers available if you'd like, please ask. INCLUDES - TX UNIT - SDI - RX UNIT - SDI - Pelican Case - custom made for Teradek Bolt - (2) P-Tap PWR CABLES - AC Adapter Power UNIT - (2) SDI Video Cables - Hardware kit as Originally Bought - various 1/4-20 and 3/8 hardware - not pictured but included Product Highlights Uncompressed Video & Audio Transmission Supports Resolutions up to 1080p60 300' Distance with 1ms Latency Uses License-Free 5 GHz Frequency 3G-SDI Input & Loop; 3G-SDI Output Internal Antennas Transmit uncompressed 1080p video wirelessly over 300 feet with the Teradek Bolt Pro-SDI Wireless Transmitter-Receiver Set. Included in this set are a Teradek Bolt transmitter and receiver both equipped with 3G-SDI ports. The units in this kit are compact and feature internal antennas so they can fit on your camera rig and in your video village, DIT cart, or director's monitor rig. When transmitting uncompressed video, latencies of less than one millisecond can be achieved if no other video processing is necessary. Unnoticeable latency is important for directors and focus pullers to see the action at the same time the camera does. The Teradek Bolt SDI Wireless Video Transmitter accepts SDI signals and can transmit them to a Bolt 300 Receiver up to 300 feet away in optimal line-of-sight situations. The Bolt system supports uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Because the Bolt system uses the 5 GHz wavelength, it does not require FCC licensing. Included with this transmitter is a shoe adapter to mount the unit to a camera's standard accessory shoe and a D-tap to LEMO power cable so you can power the unit with an onboard battery with a D-tap output. The Teradek Bolt SDI Wireless Video Receiver accepts video transmissions from a Bolt 300 transmitter up to 300 feet away in optimal line-of-sight situations. The Bolt system supports uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Because the Bolt system uses the 5 GHz wavelength, it does not require FCC licensing. Aside from being able to output video via 3G-SDI, the USB 3.0 port can stream the uncompressed video directly to a PC for recording with the GRAB Engine. Included with this transmitter is a 1/4"-20 thumb screw to mount the unit to a video rig and a 1/2"-20 adapter to secure the unit to a small light stand.
  9. Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a link to the new Tomahawk2 wireless system from Paralinx. We redesigned the Tomahawk with a lot of the customer feedback in mind and I hope you gals and guys find some of it to your liking. New Features: • Compatible with original Tomahawk, Teradek Bolt 2000 and Teradek Sidekick (1st Gen). See chart below for exact compatibility of features • Ultra-compact Rx: >60% smaller than original Tomahawk, rugged machined-aluminum enclosure Manual channel • Wider input voltage on Tx (6-28V DC) so no more worrying about overpowering the Tx via an Alexa 3-pin cable or dealing with regulator cables • Dual video input on Tx (HDMI & SDI) • Initiate pairing and manually select channels using a built-in joystick and on-screen menu (no more IR cable) Here's the product page with a super cool video of me talking about the product: http://www.paralinx.net/store/paralinx-tomahawk2 -greg
  10. FOR SALE Canatrans Wireless Video Transmitter Includes: WIreless Transmitter 2 antennas Instruction Manual $450 OBO For questions or offers please contact me via email at: swift2412@aol.com
  11. I have two Paralinx systems up for sale to the highest bidder on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paralinx-Ar...862?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27fc652de6 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paralinx-Ar...391?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27fc68970f One is New, Never used and 1:3 system (1 transmitter, 3 receivers), and the other is a 1:1 System that can have more receivers added if you want. Great units, i just need to give them a new home. Thanks - Jeff
  12. Compared with wireless video transmission in professional areas, customers usually have more choices in consumable electronics area. Different products are based on different solutions: WHDI, WIFI , WIHD etc. WHDI is no latency while is the most costly. WIHD is still having a long way to go for wide applications. WIFI technology is with great promise as almost all smart devices are supporting this standard. It is currently moving to 5Ghz standards for applications. Here is my question, if for WIFI solution, 1080/60Hz, >50M transmission for consumable applications which can replace the current most popular solution, what cost are you willing to pay? https://plus.google.com/115568999535734913007/posts/B3eHrtcdnaK Jeffery
  13. Switronix Recon Ultra wireless HD video kit (v-lock). Can take HD SDI or HDMI inputs. Includes soft case, ET docking bracket, gold mount to v-lock adapter plate, xlr power cable, p-tap to xlr power cable, 2' bnc, and 5 antennas. In good working condition, recently had serviced by switronix. Asking $2,000 OBO. Email me at: Steadihandluke@gmail.com
  14. There is a Group Buy thread here: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?116352-GROUP-BUY-TERADEK-BOLTS! Great opportunity to get the current and new Bolts, for wireless transmission, at a discounted price point. Thank you very much Fury
  15. Hello everybody im looking to sell my Transvideo 6" Cinemonitor III (SuperBright) in very good conditions and a Pegasus Video Receiver (SD) from Transvideo incl. Antenna and Transvideo Handle with V-Mount Plate. + Modulus 3000 Transmitter + Power Cable for Modulus (AB/4pin Hirose) Located in Germany 600,00 EUR 832,20 USD excl. shipping feel free to make a offer for more informations or any pictures feel free to pn regards
  16. Hi Guys, I have some exciting news. Teradek is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of zero delay wireless video transmitters, the Bolt Pro 2000. Priced at $7990, BP 2000 offers up to 2000ft of range, 3G-SDI input + loop and outputs, and support for 1080p60. Like our current line of Bolt transmitters, BP 2000 has less than 1ms of delay, performs best when line of sight, and has a number of mounting options suitable for just about any camera rig. There will be limited quantity on hand when it begins shipping on December 16th. The preorder notification page can be found here: http://www.teradek.com/pages/bp2k-sign-up Let me know if you have any questions! Mike
  17. Hi Forum Members, I have a Transvideo Titan microwave system with 3 transmitters, 1 receiver, 3 Panasonic battery pack adapters, 1 AC power supply, cables, fitted Pelican case. Good condition. Here is the Ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281259575605?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Also available: - Marshall V-LCD70P-3GSDI 7" Production Monitor w/ HDSDI and Analogue inputs - Blackmagic Desgn HDMI to HDSDI Mini Converter Email me for more info: rick@hipfilms.com
  18. Hi! Selling a set of Idx CW-5HD wireless. (Europeen) Private used, about 2 years old in good working order. Asking price $1600 USD + shipping. Fedex shipping available Pictures: http://www.fokusfilm.no/idx-cw-5hd-for-sale.html Contact Roger@filmfotograf.no Fokus Film AS Norway
  19. Hi! Selling a set of Idx CW-5HD wireless. (Europeen) Private used, about 2 years old in good working order. Asking price $1600 USD + shipping. Fedex shipping available Pictures: http://www.fokusfilm.no/idx-cw-5hd-for-sale.html Contact Roger@filmfotograf.no Fokus Film AS Norway
  20. Canatrans in excellent condition - lightly used. Includes low and high range antennas, two Panavision to Canatrans power cables, one PRO to Canatrans cable, shark fin antenna, and video receiver with power supply, remote control, and cables. Asking $1400. You can contact me directly at camera -at- dancoplan -dot- com.
  21. Hey guys, After the week of in events in Las Vegas (NAB) and Frankfurt (PLS) we want to get the newest information to you. Of course there is our UltrLiteCam Stadicam System, full HD with camera telemetry, with a weight of less than 7 kg with lens and battery. Actually we can show you the new solutions for the HDC 2400/2500 system camera. As an one-piece unit and mounted in just 5 minutes to a standard 2400/2500 camera we are proud to deliver the best solution. Aft the set ups in the last year we doing a lot of jobs these year, like Tv-Shows, Football Games and other events. Our system is ready and working well. At this moment we have more than 6 systems in our rental stock. Call us for more informations for the "1609" integradet wireless system, or visit www.HDwireless.tv. Kind regards Patrick
  22. Camera Motion Research would like to loan out a Radian Pro or Radian MC wireless HDMI set for up to 3 weeks to an experienced steadicam operator to evaluate. If interested please email me at rich@camotionllc.com and we'll select a "lucky winner" Rich Greb Camera Motion Research
  23. Canatrans in excellent condition - lightly used. Includes low and high range antennas, two Panavision to Canatrans power cables, one PRO to Canatrans cable, shark fin antenna, and video receiver with power supply, remote control, and cables. Asking $1500. You can contact me directly at camera -at- dancoplan -dot- com.
  24. Hallo! Transvideo Titan, for anyone interested. Very nice condition, Price at 600 Euros. For any details, email me to: kalothetos@me.com Thank you! Stefan. :)
  25. Hi everyone, VISLINK are proud to annouce the INCAM - a world class integrated wireless transmission and telemetry system for the SONY 2400,2500,2550 series camera. Features • Built into the Sony HDC-2400, 2500, 2550 series camera, low weight adds only 470 grams to the camera. • Includes built in wireless camera control module. • Full HD, 3G SDI capable (upgrade option) • Superb and exclusive NEL broadcast quality 1080p, 1080i, 720p H.264 encoding. • Ultra Low Delay down to 20ms H.264, plus Low and Standard Delay, with adjustable GOP (4 to 31). • Data rates up to 39Mbit/s, • Available for either COFDM DVB-T or LMS-T or ISDB-T (with time interleaving) - factory options. • Linear distortion pre-correction of COFDM RF carrier for improved spectral re-growth and cochannel performance (option). • Add on PA Barrel Booster option. • Camera control compatible with Sony RCP Gigawave OCP5. • Full control via the camera viewfinder. • Fully compatible with Gigawave and Link L2174 receivers Contact us for more details! sales@vislink.com Kind Regards, Rob
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