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Found 116 results

  1. Looking for someone who can built 6pin Hirose breakout cable to xlr4/BNC ( for Zephyr ). replacing SD monitor on the Zephyr for Marshall... Thanks
  2. Selling our Steadicam Zephyr, includes: Zephyr sled Iso-elastic stabilizer arm Lightweight vest Docking and balancing bracket Dovetail mounting plate 3 Merlin middle weights 1 Merlin end weight 1 12V power cable Wheeled hard case with handle Zephyr operating manual 7" HD Monitor Operating manual for monitor Rig was purchased in July 2012 and is still under 1 year warranty. In great shape, has only been used on a few commercial shoots. $8,000 Pick-up in Santa Monica, CA Email questions to jenna@dokumentfilms.com, thanks.
  3. I recently upgraded and I have a zephyr package I'm trying to get rid of. It is only a little over a year old (bought new last March) and recently checked out by Tiffen. It includes: Sled HD monitor Arm Vest Low mode bracket Collapsable C-Stand IDX endura 7s batteries Weights for the zephyr Rolling hard case It has been very nice to me, but for the past 4 months I've been using a Pro1 rig now that I'm flying heavier cameras, so it is time to part ways. I'm asking for $9,500 but feel free to send offers if they are not un-reasonable. I am based out of San Francisco so pickup is available, but shipping would have to be included in purchase. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Hi, I Sell Steadycam Zephyr package. - Sled Zephy HD - Bras Flyer LE (11kg) - Veste Flyer LE - Century tripod - weights - key allen - Cables SDI (2X) - Dock - Flycase STEADICAM 9800$ without shipping Location PARIS teva.vasseur@gmail.com +33 6 80 78 86 34 www.disquetteprod.com
  5. Hello everyone. I'm selling my Steadicam Zephyr package includes: STEADICAM ZEPHYR SD PACKAGE: Camera Mounting Chassis (sled) Telescoping Centerpost 7" LCD Monitor Iso-Elastic Arm Standard Vest AB Battery Mount Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate (with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws) Hard Case with Handle and Wheels BNC to RCA Adapter RCA to BNC Adapter EFP Instructional DVD Owner's Manual 4 x Merlin Start Weights 4 x Merlin Middle Weights Steadicam SteadiSTAND (c stand) includes: H50 Digital HyTRON 50, NiMH Battery DIONIC-90 Lithium-Ion Battery Tandem-70 On-Camera AC Power/Charger QR-GOLD Gold Mount Battery Plate Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End - 3' Male PowerTap Power Cable to Open End, (10 amp max) MATRIX Cheese Plate 15mm Rod Clamp Kit BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one (Length: 154 mm (6.06 in.) Width: 29.2 mm (1.15 in.) Height: 68.0 mm (2.70 in.) Weight: 286 g. (11.29 oz.) Connector: Lemo Type B size 1, 5 pin. Rod Collets: 5/8”, 15 mm, 1/2", 19mm w/o a collet. Lens Gears: Module/Pitch 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4m-64P, extra wide 0.8m-32P. Mounting Brackets: 19 mm universal mounting bracket, Will mount on either side of motor in either direction. Also a 2.5” universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12” & 2.12” long) Motor cable: 58 cm (23”) long. Price: 10,500 U.S. dollars I am located in Colombia (South America) shipping and taxes paid by the buyer. Any questions or offers please contact me at the mail danielbuilesm@gmail.com Best regards, Daniel Builes M.
  6. I wanted to use a Teradek bolt for wireless video (which has a 2 pin lemo connector) and power it off my zephyr's 3 pin lemo connector. Is there such thing as a 2 pin to 3 pin lemo cable or adapter? I know i can make the cable myself but I would prefer to just purchase it. I also understand that the 3 pins are: ground, 12v, 24v. If I can't find a cable ill make it but is the top pin the ground? Does anyone know of someone in New York that could make the cable for me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Ryan
  7. WTB a Zephyr package.. Would prefer the Anton Bauer kit, but the V-Mount doesn't bother me either. SD or HD doesn't matter..
  8. I'm looking for complete Zephyr HD Steadicam kit. Im also interested in other Steadicams, as long they can carry as much weight as Zephyr or more (like Archer etc. but have to set in same price range as used Zephyr). I live in Finland, and i hope your offer includes shipping. Sami Harjunen
  9. I just wanted to share my last creation for my Zephyr. A recorder mount on the battery hanger to place my Hyperdeck Shuttle. I used to place it under the post, where the second battery should go, but I wasn't satisfied. This is a first prototype made with what I could find in my local hardware store, an alluminium 3" L bar a few screws, a hack saw, a metal file and a drill. Feel free to share if anyone has an idea to improve it (and I know there is a lot that could be done)
  10. Just a tip for Zephyr owners who are not using the bottom 1/4"x20 battery/accessory mount and who want to try the "Mickey" / 90 degree dynamic balancing method for getting the bottom half of the rig balanced: Turns out the 1/4"x20 tap is coincident to the axis of the post (thanks Tiffen engineering!). A short 1" or so 1/4x20 screw, bearing with 1/4" internal diameter, and a nut allows you to "do the Mickey" incredibly easily. The Zephyr lower post isn't round, so the external roller method isn't going to work... Just screw 'em in there, and hold the post up by the bearing at 90 degrees as mentioned elsewhere. Top stage empty and centered. Spin, adjust, add weights as necessary. Works like a charm! Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere... and not sure if other sleds have this particular mounting location as well. -Chris
  11. My first post! (and yes, one of those whichstedicamforme topics)! Background: I'm looking forward to start serious steadicam-operate training, and lack of possibilities of joining to different workshops, im planning to get used steadicam and start training at my school with help of teachers and steadicam handbook and DVD. I have possibilities to shoot with schools Red One so I think I'm going to need steadicam which can fly such a thing. So, heres the question: Is Steadicam Zephyr good choice for Steadi-newbie like me? Is it enough to fly Red One? I have watched some youtube clips where operators fly One with zephyr. Thanks for any advices and tips! -Sami
  12. Hi everyone. I have a complete Steadicam Zephyr SD V Mount package for sale. The package is purchased during December 2011. Condition is good, a bit of a scratch on the vest, nothing major, minor scratch on the arm due to usage, no dents or whatever. Travelling case has scratches due to storage and transport, but no malfunctions at all, everything is perfectly intact!! Package includes: 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Mounting Plate with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws 1x SD 7" Monitor, with DIN Connector - 6pin Hirose connector cable, brand new unused 1x Zephyr arm ( minor scratches ) 1x Standard Vest (scratches at the front spar area, usual signs of wear and tear, carbon fibre material waist pad was replaced by Tiffen during Dec 2012) 1x Docking Bracket with aircraft pin 4x Merlin Starter Weights, 4x Merlin Mid Weights 1x Transport case (minor scratches at the side, no knocks) 1x Manual, EFP DVD Additional goodies. 2x 3pin Lemo - 4pin XLR female Power cable 2x 45cm HD-SDI ultra thin "spaghetti" cable 1x 1m HD-SDI ultra thin "spaghetti" cable 1x Tiffen Original HD-SDI cable 1x 6pin Hirose - 4pin XLR female power cable (I use this exclusively to power my Marshall 651STX, i run this to power the monitor, and an additional HD-SDI line for the signal, super small footprint and keeps cable management at its finest. if you are considering to use a monitor that takes in 4pin XLR power, this is the cable for you) Asking for $8500 USD OBO Please email me at wanzw89@gmail.com if you have any enquiries. Thank you for reading! -Zhong Wei
  13. is there such a device where you can continue to keep your Rig powered when docked for an extended period of time, during lunch hour, coffee breaks, etc. so I could dock and plug my rig into a standard 12VDC power supply, and walk away for a bit without losing sync to my wireless transmitter, or not having to powering down the camera, or pull the battery out, etc. especially for single battery rigs... (i presume with the big rigs you can easily hot swap batteries since they use more than 1 battery.)
  14. I've recently sold off my own Zephyr in order to upgrade to a larger rig... and now I'm finding that I miss it. I may have a DSLR shoot coming up this week traveling to Ohio (by car, ugh) that would be better suited on the Zephyr and was curious if there were any Brooklyn based operators who have a rig they may be interested in renting out from time to time. This shoot is not yet confirmed, but I know there will be stuff in the future that involves traveling where the lighterweight 'everything is in one case' Zephyr fits the bill for traveling, etc... Feel free to post here, because who knows, others may be interested in the list of available rigs, but also feel free to email me with 'Zephyr Rental' in the subject. - KWullschleger(at)gmail.com Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I've been looking for a pretty good rig out there to start off with and I've been looking toward the Zephyr. It seems to be a pretty good solid rig to start with. If anyone is selling one I'd be interesting in hearing more from others. Feel free to respond here or my email thanks a lot. -Matthew Perez mperez135@hotmail.com
  16. On sale: Tiffen Steadicam Zephyr HD in perfect condition. Price: 6.700 EUR excl VAT Jonas Torp info@jonastorp.dk Denmark Includes the following equipment: - Sled - Vest - Arm - Hardcase - Docking bracket - TVLogic VFM-056WP 5,6" HD monitor (the premium model with waveform etc.) - Extra power cables - F-Bracket for low mode About 1 year old. All in perfect condition! More pictures at www.jonastorp.dk/zephyr
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