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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone. First of all I apologise in advance if I make any spelling or grammar error. I'm from Spain. Lately I've been having problems with my aero-30 arm making creeking noises. I would like to know if there is a special oil/lube I can apply or if something like WD-40 would work. Back in January, the arm might have gotten a bit wet due to sudden rain. But I'm only having the problem lately so I doubt it has anything to do with that. Thanks a lot!
  2. In efforts to try and post more on the forum rather than Facebook. I am new to steadicam but I do believe to have a basic understanding of balance and have worked with 3axis gimbals for years. I have two sleds currently in my possession that are exhibiting similar but slightly different issues for what I believe to be a misalignment in the gimbal or yoke. Let’s forget dynamic balance for the moment. If I am setting up for a static balance with a 2.5 second drop time and I should be able to set the Fore-Aft and Side to Side to sit level with the lens facing forward and the
  3. An emotional sale! This rig has barely been used, as life took a different turn shortly after I bought it, and it's taken me a while to come to terms with letting it go. It's a complete Tiffen Aero-30 system, including two v-lock batteries, charging station, balancing bracket, monitor, weights, Aero-30 arm. I upgraded the vest from the Zephyr to the Exovest, which comes in its own bag. Also includes: C-Stand and a custom-made brass weight plate. Looking for £5,400 please I am based in London, U.K., but don't mind shipping internationally. It all fits in a Peli-case (S
  4. Selling my Aero 30, I was the only user, selling because of an upgrade. Sled is in lint condition, only things are an broken aircraft pin (doesn't "click" anymore), and one of the weights got bent. Kit contains: Aero 30 Sled V-lock base Aero 30 Arm Docking bracket Aero 30 Vest Sled bag Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kRDsDgLOBRistH5LQ-_b3-kQX6wEjiSG?usp=sharing Asking €4500, located in Belgium, buyer pays shipping.
  5. Our shop is looking to get our first steadicam and based on our needs I think we are looking at the Aero 30 or Zephyr. We have three C300 Mark II Canons plus an Alexa Mini so relatively light camera packages. We have a series of Canon Prime lenses so we don't have a lens over three pounds. Looking to buy new and wondering if the Zephyr is worth the extra $5k? From reading other material on here it does appear the Zephyr is a better made product. However, it appears the Zephyr can only hold three more pounds than the Aero 30 holding up to 23 lbs as opposed to 20 lbs. We need a
  6. Now Asking $4500 or Best Offer I am selling a brand new, sealed in the box Tiffen Steadicam Aero 30 System with Zephyr Vest, A-30 Arm, and Steadimate adapter. Anton Bauer Battery mount included in this package with a docking bracket. See the links below to know exactly what you are getting. This is an excellent package for someone starting out in the steadicam world or someone looking for a strong Prosumer setup. I am located in the North Los Angeles area. Buyer will pay shipping or I can meet you for local pick up. I am asking $4500 for everything (Retail over $6000) or BEST off
  7. Hi gus, so when I use my a6300, with a blackmagic mini converter for my aero 30 sled, the monitor crops the image for some reason. I'm fairly shure it's not a setting in camera, and the monitor is very limited in the amount of settings I can choose. Can someone help me?
  8. Hi guys, quick newbie question here, Can you fit the Aero 30 arm on the socket block from the LX Vest (just bought one from the market), or does it need a smaller size socket block?
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased a Steadicam Aero 30 and had the chance to test it out with a Sony PMW-500, here's one of the shots I'm pleased with. I had previously been practising with my Canon 5D which was challenging as I couldn't get a HDMI from the camera to the monitor. It took me a while to get used to balancing a heavier camera but it felt much better to use compared to a DSLR. I'm still working on keeping my corners and horizon straight. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Matt
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