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  1. When using a remote focus device for cameras on a Steadicam, what is your preferred brand? Do Steadicam operators need to worry about the weight of the controller and motor like on a Movi? Are operators still using Bartech or are most using CMotion or the Arri CForce mini motor? We carry Preston Single Channel and FIZ units, but they are too heavy for most operators. We have one Arri CForce mini motor that can be used with our Arri SXU-1 controller or by itself on the Arri Mini. Are there any brands that Steadicam operators would like to see carried by a rental house? Thanks everyone! -C
  2. Here are some very nice useful items. 1 Zacuto Jeep 15mm/19mm rod adapter to adapt 100mm spacing to 60mm spacing $150 1 Lee Utterbach 15mm Adjustable Rod Adapter, Adjustable Vertically and Horizontally $100 1 pair 18" 15mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Rods, Very Sturdy $75 1 pair 8-3/4" 15mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Rods $50 Cintronics Digi-Tach for Arri SR1 and AR2 Cameras Very nice digital speed control $250 Arri Speed Control for SR1 and SR2 Cameras $100 Original Arri NCL SRIII NiCad Battery Charger for SR1 or SR2 NiCad Batteries Transvideo Frame Line Generator $100 Contact me if you are interested.
  3. In great shape 2 axis Weaver Steadman Head, recently serviced, all knobs work as they should. $3,900.00 Located in LA
  4. 15mm Baseplate - DALSA DIGITAL standard Arri dovetail 12" - DALSA DIGITAL 15mm rods 10" stainless steel Adjustable 15mm Lens support Low Bridge Ronford Baker QR Plate standard size All items in PERFECT working Order These items were manufactured by Dalsa Digtal, and are better than the Arriflex BP-9 / BP-7 equivalent in every way. MUCH STRONGER!!! available separate or together total price $999.99 ----------------------------------------------------sales (AT) cinoflex (DOT) com---------------------------- for info and direct sales
  5. For sale is a complete BarTech Follow Focus System. Here is what's included: BFD Receiver BFD Transmitter (4) Extra Antenna Price New: $2100 M-One Motor (6) Lens Gear Pitch Rings (2) Motor Cables (5) Rod Adapters Price New: $2500 (1) BFD Receiver Rod Mount Price New: $150 (1) RED Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) Arri Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) D (or P) Tap Motor Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Ultra to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) BFD to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Extra Long Motor Cable For Mounting BFD on a jib Price New: $225 (1) BFD Gimbal Control Price New: $200 (1) Plastic BFD Case Price New: $150 Plus some mounting accessories to attach other systems to the rod adapter. The whole thing was recently services by Jim Bartell from BarTech Engineering and Don Wetzel from Palomar Engineering, Inc. Asking for $3100.00 Buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  6. I have a few surplus Bartech cables for sale. All are in good condition. High quality Mogami cable and genuine Lemo, Fischer, and Jupiter connectors. $50 per cable (I have two of each cable) or $250 for all ... US priority mail shipping included. International shipping extra. At these prices, it's worth it for the connectors alone! 1. Panavision power/run cable 24V w/ 12V step-down regulator for analog BFD (2 available) 2. Arri power/run cable 12V (11 pin Fischer) (2 available) 3. Aaton run cable (4 pin hermaphrodite to 2 pin hermaphrodite) (2 available)
  7. Hello i'm selling an unused ALEXA + ENG Steadicam ANTI VIBRATION bracket.from http://cam-jam.de it has a few paint scratches from sitting in my box but i've never used it due to having other plates. Sale includes the extension kit which is 22 euros + tax. the bracket new is 250 euros + tax, with the extension kit costing extra. For sale at 200 euros all in. thanks for looking :)
  8. Hi all! Looks like I have the opportunity to work with an actual film camera for the first time, the Arriflex 416. I have a Clipper 2 Steadicam so the weight should be fine but I don't have the 24v upgrade yet so would need to run it with the on board battery. I've had a look at the manual and can see it's got a built in video tap and FIZ brain so reasonably happy that I can physically mount and fly it without much trouble. Should I use any adapters to mount it like the Alexa? Does anyone have any hits, tips, suggestions or other comments about operating with this camera or film in general? I've read that depending on how the film magazine works it can affect the balance as it spools through which makes sense but how much of an affect does it have? Is it just a matter of tweaking the balance between takes? Cheers guys looking forward to it just want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible :) rups
  9. Hello everyone, Does anybody know if the Teradek Bolt Pro SDI will transmit LDS meta info from the Alexa wirelessly to a Transvideo monitor? Tethered it will display but curious what happens when a Bolt Pro is between. The latest version of the bolt pro v2.2.4 supports rec flags and timecode so I'm just curious if it will also transmit LDS. Any info or confirmation on is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hello Everyone! After extensive research, I have come across this dovetail plate which stands out for me, to be the best option. Although expensive, I made the purchase. Very happy. Thought I would share with you all: http://www.cameragak.com/products/61-ARRI-Alexa-Steadicam-Baseplate/ Camera Positioning Systems www.cameragak.com Kind Regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia T: +61-3-9898-6298 F: +61-3-9898-6218 W: http://www.steadyrig.com/
  11. Hi, I have an arri wireless system and I am trying to upgrade my 2-Axis 2012 WCU-3 remote to wcu-4. I am not currently seling anything else than the remote (WCU-3) since the rest of my system is compatible with the new remote, however I can sell the wcu-3 at a more affordable price which would still give you the advantages of the arri system: - lightweight quiet motors - lightweight receiver (UMC3-A) - never failed on me - integration with Alexa (motors plug in straight to Alexa Plus, M, Studio - camera info on screen) - smooth focus and iris knobs - very lightweight remote WCU-3 is 2 axis but can be upgraded to 3 axis with an extra zoom control. I know most people are more familiar and/or interested in Preston. The arri system is a very good alternative if you are looking to get good reliable system right now. All the AC's I have worked with have been very happy with it and at least equally comfortable with it as with Preston. Here is a picture and link for more info. http://www.arri.com/pro_camera_accessories_legacy/wireless_remote_system/wireless_compact_unit_wcu_3.html Price:negotiable Thank you very much for your interest Please contact me at c.ancelle@hotmail.fr
  12. Hi folks. Does anyone have 1 or 2 4x5.650 filter trays laying around you'd like to sell? Standard horizontal versions. let me know what you have. Send me some pics and what your looking to get. Looking for 2, but I'd buy one if thats all you have to spare. Thanks, Ozzie Ozzie@silverafilm.com
  13. What are the basic Steadicam accessories that you would expect the camera house (that is renting the Alexa to your production) to carry?
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