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Found 6 results

  1. Hey folks, I am considering buying one of these long “rifle” style cases for my sled, particularly the Pelican 1745 Air. I have always hated how bulky and hard to carry/ maneuver the typical Steadicam case is, especially in small New York apartments. So the idea of having a more space-saving case is very appealing to me. I would need a custom foam setup, but the sled would fit within the dimensions of the case and would still have room for docking bracket, monitor etc. The only thing I am unsure of is how much foam should there be between the edge of the case and the gear? It should work out that at the extremities there would be at least 1-2 inches of foam while the rest of the sled would have ample room. Before I pull the trigger on this I would appreciate any advice, general guidelines on case foam, recommendations, or any anecdotes; especially if you have used or considered one of these long cases for your gear. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys and gals, Selling my Archer2 SE system. It's the only Archer with factory-added Lemo3 power ports at the top stage, factory-deleted docking ring with Hill dock, and small custom sled-only case. This is the most compact, lightest weight, and most affordable VOLT-compatible rig available. SE sled with remote control stage motors, super-clean G50x arm, and lightly modified LX vest. Offered with a cache of cables, a bunch of brackets & backups, plus cases for the whole lot. Ready to go on a shoot today. One fastidious owner, check out the 65+ detail images on dropbox: https://bit.ly/2SoJA5j Here's a PDF list of what's included, PLUS a bunch of other accessories that I'll sell separately if the system buyer doesn't need them: https://bit.ly/2XXYPY3 Hoping to sell the full kit to someone looking for everything, but willing to go ala carte if the sled goes first. Located in Los Angeles, willing to show anytime, or it can be set up at Tiffen, Burbank for all to scrutinize at your convenience. Buyer pays necessary shipping. Asking $32,000 for the complete system, competitive offers considered. Email me at Steadicam@EBcamera.com with any questions or for more info. Good luck to everyone shopping for their next rig! -Evan
  3. Hi, I'm about to buy a used Zephyr without the monitor. I'm thinking of using a smallHD 702 for its brightness. Will it be able to mount securely and no wobble will happen?
  4. I made a short run of custom lightweight base plates for HyperDeck Shuttle recorders and currently have a few factory seconds left available. These plates have been milled out to keep their weight down to about the same as the stock plate that comes on the hyperdeck and adds less then 0.2" to the height of the recorder. These factory seconds are fully functional but have a few marks in the anodizing or surface finish. Offering the factory seconds for $90. I will be throwing in a set of aluminum studs with the first couple plates. I made these as a test batch and the fit is not quite perfect, but they do snap in and lock securely.
  5. So after a long wait I managed to get Tiffen to send over a few new pieces so that I could tool around with our Gen 1 flyer and make it a little more interesting -original top stage is backwards compatible with new CF extending post -new gimbal also works with original flyer arm -bypassed the "spar" at the bottom of the sled and instead have a 15mm rail system (thanks Tom Wills for supply the original basis for the upgrade on the old gen 1 post; I have changed it up in a lot of ways to accommodate the larger post) -yes that is a cute little J-Box at the bottom. Made from a standard aluminum project box. Prototype really, for 12v only. Don't think there's any reason to go 24v. -75ohm bnc at the top and bottom with hd-sdi run through the sled I designed the J-box with the idea in mind that I think it is more comforting to power things like Red setups by keeping the battery mounted to the camera. The power can be looped back through the sled from the top stage, and the breakouts at the bottom can accommodate accessories mounted to the 15mm rail system. Means less V-droop from extensive wiring. Means being able to exchange a ton of accessories from the top stage and putting them at the bottom instead (ex. going to be using a Hyperdeck 2 mounted to the bottom instead of up top). Fully adjustable, can have bottom rails as wide as you want via extensions for absurd levels of pan inertia. Any battery type easily swapped out. All 2 pin lemos, very easy to work with. You can mount anything you want to the bottom as well via those 15mm rails....example, I did a couple of 360 gopro steadicam shoots that requested there be no footprint below the cameras and the rails can be made to just a few inches and also provide mounting. Pretty neat stuff. Just a little project I had been working on this past week. It's been repair and upgrade season for me here. Next step is probably going to be figuring out a couple of circuit breaker points as well as creation of a j-box for the top stage. I've seen Brian Freesh's old implementation but I can't help but get the feeling that having a box so large and close to the gimbal must be troublesome.... Click the link for the rest of the photos. Rest of album
  6. hey yall I had just thrown up a photo of my new case on another thread and already got someone interested, so I figured Id put out a review on it. I had my case custom built by Thermodyne. It is inspired by the Archer2 case that I used to have, also by Thermodyne. Thermodyne was used to the Tiffen sleds and cases claimed to have never seen another rig, so they did whatever scanning and 3D mapping they needed. They let me meet with the gentleman who was actually doing the scanning and cutting and treated me like I was putting in an order for hundreds even though it was just one case. I had to leave my rig with them for a few days so that they could come up with a configuration. I asked them to cut the mold for the sled and to cut several cavities for aks since I knew there would be room. I can fit my plates, cables, kneepads/AB twin charger and 2 Dionics. There is enough room to keep my hyperdeck attached to the back of my monitor as well. My arm (atlas) folds in 90 deg and I had them put my spare canisters in as well. I asked for a two-tier system and the shelf is not flimsy foam, but is a 1/8" thick plastic shelf which is sandwiched in foam. The case also has an extending luggage handle and two durable wheels, as well as three very sturdy spring loaded handles for lifting. Just to let you know, the case with the rig is beefier and heavier than I was expecting, but I have come to not mind, because it is holding my first born and I feel very confident putting it on a plane, as I used to do with my Archer2 back when. So I guess second born. Here are the dimensions in the laying position (as photographed): 30" wide x 22.5" tall x 23.5" deep and its weighs in at about 40 pounds. It has 4 mickey mouse twisting clasps and a place to lock it with TSA or padlock. With tax it came to $640. The whole process from dropping off the rig to picking up the case was probably 14 days, which may have been a little long, but I think it had to do with mapping, configuring, testing, cutting, etc. They sent me the sketches along the way. So far the case has been excellent in every way, except maybe lifting. The large flat top has been nice as a small table of last resort, with a few grooves so my screws dont goin spinning around. It is heavy, maybe close to 40 pounds, and it is wide, and Im not a big dude, so I ramp it up into my truck typically and have an AC help it out of my vehicle. you can see it on the thermodyne website (thermodyne.com) It is the third picture in the slide show. I dealt with Bill Morgan, and he was super easy to work with. Thermodyne is about 45 minutes straight shot east on I-10/60. William MorganSr. Sales Thermodyne International Ltd. Ontario, CA USA CAGE Code 29724 bill@thermodyne.comP. 909.923.9945 F. 909.923.7505 If youve got any questions, let me know or contact Bill. They can set you up with this configuration for a PRO CineLive and Atlas, but if you have a different rig they may need to get it inhouse for a day or two, except maybe Tiffen rigs, for which I am pretty sure they have already built cases. brett.
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