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Found 5 results

  1. Selling my DJI Ronin 2 Professional Combo it's 2 years old and show some signs of use but overall in well cared for condition. 1 owner kit available in London at £4750.00 Plus shipping. Please message with any questions, thanks. Kit includes... 1x Ronin 2 Gimbal 1x Grip 1x Remote Controller 2x TB50 Intelligent Battery 1x TB50 Battery Mount 1x Battery Charger 1x Battery Charger Power Cable 1x Quad Charging Hub 1x Ronin 2 Power Hub 1x Camera Top Cross Bar 1x Camera Base Plate 1x Accessory Mount 115mm Rod 1x 15mm Focus Rod Mount 1x Ronin 2 Universal Mount 1x Top Mounting Block 1x MotionBlock 1x Neck Strap 1x Water Tight Protective Case (with custom foam) 1x Accessories Package (Screws and Hex Keys) 1x ARRI Alexa Mini Power Cable - * CP.ZM.00000060 * 1x ARRI Alexa Mini Start/Stop Cable - * CP.ZM.00000046 * 1x RED Power Cable - * CP.ZM.00000042 * 1x RED RCP Control Cable - * CP.ZM.00000053 * 1x Ronin 2 Power Cable - CP.ZM.00000052 1x 2-pin Power Cable - CP.ZM.00000039 1x DC Power Cable - CP.ZM.00000035 1x Triple P-TAP Breakout Box - CP.ZM.00000050 1x SDI IN Cable - CP.ZM.00000038 1x SDI OUT Cable - * CP.ZM.00000048 * 1x USB Type-C Data Cable - CP.ZM.00000041 1x UART to D-BUS Cable - * CP.ZM.00000030 * 1x Multi Tool 5x Camera Screw 3/8-16 5x Camera Screw 1/4-20 8x Screws M4-10 4x Screws M4-14 4x Screws 1/4
  2. Armor man II, one year old, EU based, hard case, 1100 Euro plus shipping. It was used for one project, 30 days, great condition. https://tilta.com/shop/armor-man-arm-t01/ www.dce.hr
  3. We are launching a new camera operation tool on Kickstarter March 6 2017 and would love to hear everyone's feedback. My skin is actually rather thin, but feel free to be brutal! ;-) The website: https://www.kinehawk.com/ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/187986811 The Kickstarter preview (becomes a live link march 6): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...token=416bca38 It is designed to be a kind of camera operation multi tool. Support and spatially stabilise gimbals, attach to a vehicle or trackless dolly for stabilised tracking, attach to a fluid head for a different kind of hand held or add another module that gives it "easyrig " functionality. It also has quick release connections and toolless adjustment for speed of use on set. The gimbal can be inverted on the arm and the arm can be raised or lowered along it's support shaft, to achieve very high, or very low angles or allow you to move under, and close to overhead structure like doors or branches. It also has a fairly narrow silhouette for moving through narrow doors or passages. So yes. Really looking forward to what you guys have to say.
  4. Basically thoughts and possible difficulties of this? Cinemilled offers an adapter which forgoes the need for a sled, just DJI Ronin with its stabilization straight to the armpost adapter. Pictures and video from the Cinemilled Site. http://vimeo.com/105086034 From: Cinemilled It seems to have lowmode ability as well. Looks like a good idea to me. For the more advanced operators. Would this work with a cheaper vest and armpost setup something offbrand. Any manufacturing deficiencies or precision due to not being Tiffen Steadicam should easily be compensated by the DJI Ronin itself I would think. *edit - nevermind that, they have recommended weight restrictions either way the X-10 looks to be the best bet. Looking to use this instead of a typical steadicam rig for more versatility. Thanks in advance! --- Alternately to save money I can get different weight springs. Thoughts on taking out existing springs from the merlin steadicam arm and vest and putting new ones in for heavier weight. ---
  5. A video I shot at NAB in case you haven't seen it: Would love to get input on SteadiCam style adapter features that you would like included on a Pro Gimbal. This product is in final design phase so please post your thoughts here or over on RED User here so the fine engineers at DJI can maybe add the options: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?115115-DJI-RONIN-Group-Buy&p=1361848&viewfull=1#post1361848
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