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Found 6 results

  1. I'm a one-man run'n'gun sorta guy; I've worked with my mirrorless out of a Ronin-M that all fits in a backpack for years. Naturally, electronics and motors being what they are, the gimbal has acted up one too many times at critical moments, making the relatively foolproof mechanics of a Steadicam rig start seeming attractive. The immediate gear-bloat makes me uneasy though. All of a sudden, flying a mirrorless on a steadicam seems like a waste, I'm going to need more batteries, look into a FIZ unit... I know they offer "backpacks" for steadicams, but I could probably fit myself in one of those they're so huge. And then, a couple thousand dollars into a rig that is merely the first rung of an entire field, one that I'm not sure I want to sacrifice my knees for. Who is the Aero-15 for? Should I look into a used Aero-30/Zephyr instead? Or just stay away from it entirely?
  2. ARRI Arrihead MK-1 Gear Head Includes: - Hand Wheels - Quick Release Plate - Tie Down Case included $12,200 USD OBO John 661 312 6441 / cell johnsosenko@gmail.com Los Angeles Area
  3. Hello Everyone, I am currently setting up to start working towards becoming a full time Steadicam operator. I started messing with Steadicam in film school after garret Brown came and gave us a small workshop on it back in 2011. After that I started using it whenever I could. Have been trying to work towards this for a while (bought a steadicam solo a while back with the arm and vest) and have been using it at work for various shoots (I work corporate video currently). I now have the budget for a new aero 30 system + good wireless follow focus system, and would really like to do it up right to get started. I've read the books and the forums for a few years now, so my technical knowledge is good and I feel like I'm good to start. I understand that I have a long long way to go but I want to start moving in that direction (not quitting my day job yet). What I don't know is any of the business aspects of doing this. What to charge for myself/the kit. Where to start marketing myself to get some good gigs. etc. Any suggestions on this as well as other topics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brent
  4. For sale: Used IDX Wevi CW-5HD Cam-Wave HD Video Wireless Transmission System. Includes a transmitter and a receiver, both configured for V-Mount battery operation. Some cosmetic wear, but fully functional. $900 If interested please send a PM or an email to sales@tcsfilm.com with any questions. Pictures and serial numbers available upon request. We have multiple units available. SDI Compatibility 150' Range Low 1ms latency The transmitter can run off a V-Mount battery or function off DC power through its 4-pin XLR input Weighs only 1.8 lbs.
  5. Hi I'm looking for some help on a glider. I'm not trying to blow an astronomical amount of money on a setup right now. I have been looking at this Glide Gear DNA 1000, and there is a guy selling one locally for 200$. I'm looking to pick it up for a weekend project this weekend, but befoer I do i am trying to decide if my 60D will be supported by this model since it is just slightly over or rihgt on the "suggested weight" of this setup. Now my question is, is that the suggested weight to be able to stabilize a camera with the included weights. So basically if I include more weights myself will it hold my Canon 60D with no issues? http://www.glidegear.net/glide-gear-dna-1000-small-camera-stabilizer-p-39.html
  6. Hi All, Just curious, I may be behind on reading all the posts here, but have we given away the standard gear rental rate of "$1,000 per day 3 Day Week & $1,000 for day play"? If we have collectively given it away then fine. I just would prefer not to come acrossed as a hard nose holding out for what I THOUGHT were the standards. I received a call for a hit ABC show and was told the rental rate was $600 for day play!? One thing I thought we were holding out on was $1,000 a day on gear. Sure our individual skill sets may affect the daily rate, but gear? Let me know if I'm crazy, but since I just did a day on another ABC show and got the $1,000, I smelled something fishy. Cheers
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