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Found 6 results

  1. Never Used: Easy Rig Adapter for Klassen Vest. $400USD https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/easyrig-adaptor
  2. Used but not abused Walter Klassen FX rear mount harness. This was the legendary operator Stephen Campenelli's vest that came with the package I purchased from him. I am slightly taller so I ordered a new vest. This should fit a person around 5'10 with no problem. Spruce it up with some new covers currently on sale at Klassen. $2800.00 IMG_1966.heic IMG_1967 2.heic IMG_1968.heic IMG_1969 2.heic IMG_1970 2.heic IMG_1971 2.heic
  3. Front and back mount in the same vest. If you're not familiar with this design, it was made at the request of Garrett, who liked the support but wanted to keep the front mount option. I'm 5'11, 190lbs 34-36In waist, and it fits well, could fit someone bigger or smaller fine also - I used to run the bladder only a little inflated. Leather and sockets still in very good condition. Comes with standard arm and vest bags from Klassen, and spares kit pictured. Located in Australia but no problem to ship worldwide. $3800 USD or the equivalent in your currency. Email is richkick@gmail.com
  4. Get this out of my Garage! Klassen vest for sale. Yes it's used and it has some scratches and dings, but it has recently been recovered and has not been worn for a few years. I am 6'4" but believe it has always been a bit short for me. Currently 190 pounds with a 33/34 inch waist. I purchased it when I was a 36 inch waist and around 220 (P90X and Insanity ridded me of that a few years ago.) I added padding in the front to fill in the gap and used it for a few years at that size with no issues. The price is $1999... yes folks, $1999, and if you act now I'll throw in ground shipping. The vest has been a solid performer for many years and I am reluctant to sell it, But I really haven't used it. Thanks for looking. John"Buzz"Moyer
  5. I currently have a demo flex vest but I can not find a comfortable fit. I have made a scribble to help explain. I am used to operating my U2 vest so this is completely alien. At the moment it feels like (when loaded) it hangs on to the top front curve of my hip bone area. When the vest is closed, there is no more space left on the ratchets to close further. It has a slight bias to angling the top towards in instead of out. I have worn the vest for a few hours tops but I have been told that it is not uncommon to tighten up as the day continues because of foam warming. I have all supplied foam in the vest. When I was wearing the vest I was also curious of where the back section foam/frame should be in contact with you. It seems like its the two hips + the lumbar area as I feel the sides are only slightly away from my sides, is this the same for you? Thanks guys.
  6. WK vest for sale $3200. Barely used as I prefer front mount. I am 6' 190lbs, 34 inch waist. Everything is in new condition. Comes with extra waist pad inserts. Please call with any questions. Mike (310) 729-6351
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