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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, I've never been able to achieve proper dynamic balance with my sled before (Zephyr). I've operated a fellow op's rig (Shadow) and achieved DB in less about 3-4minutes. So as far as I can tell it might be a problem with my kit. Does my gimbal need to be centred? If so, does anyone have instructions on how to do this? I've noticed that my Zephyr gimbal has some play in it and wondering if this is a culprit... 1. As I shift the yoke side to side I can feel there is about 1mm of play there. 2. As I push the handle in to out there is about 2mm of play here. Is this normal gimbal behaviour? See videos attached. _A.mp4 _B.mp4
  2. Setting up my Zephyr for some at home practice yesterday, I discovered an odd and unsettling sensation in the gimbal. It appears that something has worked loose in the connection between the yoke of the gimbal and collar around the post, to the point where I can freely slide the collar back and forth about a 1/16" between the two points of the yoke. There's no other play to speak of; it's a perfect horizontal slide. Everything else feels fine, but of course if I have the rig pointing along the same line as the two points in the yoke and start a tilt, it will suddenly slide forward or back by a fraction of an inch, and there goes my balance. I popped a few covers off to have a closer look, as shown in the picture, but I'm not really sure where to go from here, or even if I should go any farther, if this is something better left to factory service. Tried Dan Ikeda at Tiffen, no answer yet though. I'd welcome any advice, including "Put the allen keys down and back away slowly before you wreck your gimbal." Thanks, Tom
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