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Found 6 results

  1. Kit has low hours and has been a backup system for C and D Cameras (excellent condition) Asking $19,500.- OBO ***Please Email me at dpsteadicam07@gmail.com if interested*** Inventory and Photos attached HU-3 (S# 1159) HU-3 Left Hand Grip HU-3 DMF Zoom Bracket Digital Micro Force (S# 99321) Digital Micro Force Panhandle 18mm Digital Micro Force Panhandle 3/4” HU-3 Focus Disk Ai HU-3 Focus Disk Bi HU-3 Focus Disk Ci HU-3 Focus Disk Di HU-3 Focus Disk Ei HU-3 Focus Disk Blank MDR-3 (S# 1533) MDR-3 antenna spare DM-1x (0.80M Gear 1/2” wide)(S# 3419) DM-2 (0.80M Gear 1/2” wide)(S# 3844) DM-4x (0.80M Gear)(S# 1062) 19mm Swing Arm x2 (15-19mm bushings x2) 19mm Iris Motor Support (15-19mm bushings x1) 1-Spare output gear 0.80M 1-PV Iris gear 64 1-PV Iris gear 64 1-PV Focus gear 2-Fujinon gears 2-Canon gears Iris Remote (cabled) MDR-3 Mount MDR-3 to PRO Mount f/DB-III MDR-2 to PRO Mount f/DB-II 2x Sony Batteries NP-QM71D 1x Sony AC-SQ950 Charger w/ pwr cable Cables 1-Arri 24V DC #4699 1-DMF to FiZ #4545 1-Arri RS 3-pin #4721 1-Arri RS to Alexa Mini Ext 1-Cinetape #4742 3-Motor Cables #4411 (RA to RA) 22” 2-Motor Cables #4412 (RA to Straight) 22” 1-Canon Zoom #HD/1238 1-Canon Zoom #4496 1-Fuji Zoom 1-Sony-Panasonic #1240 1-PLC940-0029 2-Fi+Z command cable #4400 MDR-2 (25/10 ft) 1-Remote Iris #4450 (4/8 ft) 1-Pelican 1550 Case (custom foam) ***Please Email me at dpsteadicam07@gmail.com if interested***
  2. Im selling my beloved Preston FIZ System. Its in very good shape and working condition. It was my backup on most shoots and beiing honest to myself, I don't need it. It's still 3G and works great as a system. I never had any problems... its Preston, what else to expect. Should you want to upgrade to 4G, Pretson can do the HU3 for about $.300. However you would need to find a new/used G4 MDR Unit. Some of the parts have never left the case. The package contains... Pelcian Case #4060 Hand Unit 3 [w/6xRings, 2xLi Batteries, Charger, Grip #4102 MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Tranceiver Lid, Antenna, 24v #4200 DM-1 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4201 DM-2 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4221 0.80M output gear .50" wide 2x #4240 0.50M gear Canon Video - Focus, Iris, Zoom #4241 0.60M gear Fuji Video - Focus, Zoom #4242 0.40M gear Fuji Video - Iris #4301 Arri 19mm Swing Arm [side rod #4302 Arri/Panavision 19mm Swing Arm [top rod 3x #4320 Step Down Bushing 19mm/15mm Arri #4333 Moviecam/ Arri Bracket #4400 Main Command Cable 30' 2x #4410 Motor Cable [w/straight Lemo connectors 24“ 2x Motor Cable [w/right angle Lemo connectors 24“ #4435 Camera Cable: Sony Hi Def (MDR-2) #4499 Motor Driver Power from Arri 24Volt/Moviecam #4521 Camera Cable: Arriflex 435/535/SR3/ Mvcm 3 pin (MDR Not on Pics but included: 2x GPI PRO Power 9“ for MDR GPI PRO H-Bracket for MDR asking 10.000€ or best offer buyer pays shipping & transaction fee / additional 19% VAT apply for european buyers
  3. Preston FI+Z II Lens Control kit for sale (3 axes) - UK based £ 4,299.00 - Or sensible offer 3 x 1800mAh NiMh batteries (re-celled Jun-17) Brand new RF channel selection hex switches It has been well used, but fully functional. Zoom has been recalibrated All tested & working - comes in a peli case (foam in need of TLC). Please email me any offers at: dan@mega3.tv if you're interested in purchasing - We can email further photos of anything in particular if you wish. Kit contents: Electronics: 1 x FI+Z II hand unit 1 x FI+Z II transmitter (new channel select hex switches) 1 x V+F Microforce control 3 x NiMh batteries - newly recelled (Jun-17) with 1800mAh NiMh cells 2 x fast chargers 1 x MDR-2 motor control unit (new channel select hex switches) 3 x DM2 lens motors Cables: 5 x motor cables (90 degree) 1 x Power cable for MDR-2 1 x CMD cable 3 x Microforce camera/VTR cables (Sony VTR etc) 2 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (1 long, 1 short) 3 x camera power cables (3 x PV, 1 x Moviecam) 1 x neck strap 1 x Peli case Brackets / Accs: 1 x MDR-2 mounting plate 1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket 6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths) 3 x 19-15mm adaptor rings 2 x spare battery locking plates 2 x spare battery mating connectors 5 x iris marking plates 5 x focus marking rings 3 x motor geartooth adaptors (64/48 teeth) 11 x antennae (9 spares, 2 for system RF)
  4. Selling (2) Preston Cinema MDR2 motor controllers. 2 x 12v XLR power cables 2 x Power and Run/Stop pigtail cables. 2 x ARRI R/S on /off cables 1 x 2 pin power cable 1 x Panavision Run/Stop cable Panavision Accessory Power TAKING ANY REASONABLE OFFER.......
  5. Preston MDR-2 For Sale In good working condition...normal wear and tear...see photos. $1,000 If interested, please text or email Gus at (516) 376-3007 or gbechtold10@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. FOR SALE Preston FIZ 3 (G4) MDR3 w/ Single Channel - $22,000 HU3 with strap, side cover & grip MDR3 DM1X 2 x DM2 Digital Microforce with bracket, 6” & 20’ cable 6 x Batts 3 x Charger Cinetape Interface Cable 4 x Motor Cable Arri Run Cable Arri 3 Pin RS Power Cable 3 Pin XLR Power Cable Panavision Power Cable P Tap Power cable Command Cable 4 x Red Bushings 4 x Blue Bushings 3 x Hill Style Motor Arms 3 x D Clamps 6 Marking Rings (5 mapped) 1 iris controller ring 48 Pitch Gear 64 Pitch Gear Inner Space Case Always cared for, serviced and updated. Give me your best offer. Buyer pays shipping or local pick up is available in the New York New Jersey area. POSTING FOR A FRIEND CONTACT - matthewpebler@yahoo.com Pictures soon Thanks
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